Steven Gerrard’s Rangers blueprint


 Article by: Robbie

Well we have gone down a proven route with our famous club in the shape of Steven Gerrard. Before our very own dark cloud brigade start with ‘he’s not any better than Mr Murty he’s a youth coach’, seriously have a word with yourself!!

We are getting the same thing we got with Mr Souness, a wealth of experience at the very highest level, Champions League winner, 114 caps for England, played for them in World Cup finals with European Championships also to add to that tally, also captained them in many of those tournaments.

Everyone will be saying just because you’re a great player doesn’t mean you will be a good manager, honestly I couldn’t agree more. For that argument my only response is Mr Souness Mr Guardiola and closer to home Mr Lennon. (Lennon’s Quote; “if Gerrard’s anywhere near as good as a manager as he was a football player, none of us has a hope!”)

What does Steven bring to the table? Apart from his experience obviously, big names attract big players it’s as simple as that, we all saw what happened in 1986 and the rest is our club’s history.

We have all been screaming for ‘changes at the club’, ‘a manager we have all heard of’, ‘get rid of all the dead wood’, ‘better players arriving at the club’. Guess what, it’s happening before your eyes! Please open them!

The appointment of his assistant is very important to his success, again let’s go back to 1986 and Walter and even more history of our famous club. Looks very much like it will be Gary Mac, My personal choice would have been Terry Butcher.

The Blueprint we are now following is tried and tested unlike the recent stabs in the dark with dismal results and failings.

The penny seems to have finally dropped with Mr King and the Board. Don’t make any football decisions, leave that to Mr Allen and now Mr Gerrard.

Can’t wait for the summer with the influx of players & staff arriving at our famous club. Exciting times ahead!!

One thing that I just can’t get my head round is the Celtic supporters are in meltdown about his arrival, yet some of our support can’t see what Steven brings to the club. Crazy!!!

Two ways you can go here; jump on the Gerrard bandwagon which I am driving or stand at the bus stop with the dark cloud brigade and get your umbrella up? Your choice!!

Robbie’s Bampot Predictions:

1: Fernando Torres is one of Stevie Ger’s many recruitments. Likelihood- 6/10

2: Rangers are five points clear come the New Year game. Likelihood- 7/10

3: If one and two come to fruition Timmy goes into total and utter meltdown. Likelihood- 11/10  

The tide is IN!!!


  1. Well said Robbie. Everyone needs to get behind the guy. (Hope we're not jumping the gun though!). No more negativity – that's what the Eastend scum feed on.

  2. I am behind whatever RFC decide to do – we humble supporters do not know what goes on in the background. PS – those cfc supporters who are condemning the Murty sacking should really know their history. 1. Club captain being sacked by text. 2. John Barnes sacking, and of course 3. Jock Stein humiliation.

    • 4. Not to forget sacking Billy McNeil sitting in his car in the car park as his successor David Hay walked past the car entering the front door at The Piggery.

  3. I like the change of tonne. I’ve always thought it could be a great idea. Finally a guy that will stand up,
    Warburton didn’t even like a media fight so no doubt was the same with the players
    Pedro couldn’t speak much English
    And Murty was also bad at standing up to the players.. let’s just suspend those that don’t agree with us

    Exactly what we need at this point in time. Most players play for money end of so we need someone that will wip these premadonas into shape
    That’s exactly what Guardiola has done. Even Xavi thought he was gonna get sold if he didn’t do as told.

  4. Robbie, make sure you have a tin hat at the ready. There is good reason to be positive if you believe Gerrard can do a job, but you have really gone OTT with your predictions.

  5. It would be more promising if his U18 team were doing well, but since they are only 1 point ahead of the Stoke U18s in 4th place…imagine rangers were appointing the Stoke U18 coach, and how angry this author would be!

  6. I’ve been against the Gerrard thing for quite a while but I’m not so sure now. Everyone agrees that what we need is someone with experience, knows the league, knows the club, can attract top players and work within a budget… that person doesn’t exist. So who can we realistically get that can take the club forward? Come on now, speak up. Might as well roll the dice with Gerrard. I’m just hoping he doesn’t turn around and say no now like McInnes.

  7. Gerrard wouldn't have been my first choice, I would have gone for Clarke or Alex Neil.
    But I will support him and can see the positives. As above, I would have preferred an assistant with management experience in Scotland, like Terry Butcher.
    I also have concerns as to 2 board resignations, one of whom was only recently appointed. Something is going on behind the scenes and we don't know what it is. Some clarity would be appreciated.
    But at least we are annoying the hell out of the scum.

    • Not sure if you realise Clarke and his family are out and out Rangers haters, no matter the money, he would never become our manager and I believe Neil is of the same ilk.

  8. What young footballer wouldn’t want to learn from Stevie G?

    What Manager wouldn’t want their young stars to go learn from him and G-Mac in a big club high pressure environment?

    Not many.

  9. I would definitely be up for him being a player manager for a season with a good assistance from Gary mac do like the shout off getting butcher involved would be no nonsense like Wallace and miller or anyone calling the manager a bawbag.with his draw and experience think this can work with Gerrard that's why the Tim's are in meltdown there worried for the first time in a while about what's happening with us hopefully things are starting too look up

  10. Its about risk. This is about 90% risk.

    Also surely he has some guarantee from King etc what money he will be give to spend. If he wasn't then we will be looking for an actual manager by Christmas and they will have 8 in the bag.

    The best thing is that 2 directors have resigned today. This looks like them making way for new directors to come in…lets hope they are bringing at least £30m with them.

    Good luck Steven Gerrard…'we need it'!

  11. stevie ger will fall in love with our club ,we have the best stadium in britain ,would love to get up to 60.000 give seltic small section in corner standing room for bears ,we have best support ,most succesful team in world ,dont think we are taking any sort of a gamble with stevie .brilliant cant wait to see wee brendas face when hes not got it his own way, w,a,t,p

  12. I respect every other Bears opinion on this matter but cant help thinking that YES! it could be a masterstroke while at same time asking if this is the right time to take this potentialy major gamble,

    He certainly would attract decent players simply because of who he is but decent players dont work for thirty bob a week no matter who the gaffer is and unless there is big investment we will still be snookered on that front (unless we become the unofficial nursery for Liverpool FC which is no use to man nor beast going forward as far as we are concerned)

    But I can assure you that if he does indeed becomes our next Manager then I, like vast majority of bears will support him 100% while keeping my fingers (& everything else) crossed at the same time

    Has to be said though – He has not accepted yet has he? & the longer people drag their feet the less likely the ultimate outcome is going to be a positive one in my experience, theres somethin no right somewhere I suspect!

    Anyway R.T.I.D. is living fact and will NEVER diminish so on-wards & upwards!

  13. Comparing the Souness appointment to Gerrard is utter madness. Souness was given more money than any Scottish club had ever spent at a time when English teams were banned from Europe. He could sign half the England team including their captain. He could outspend Celtic many times over and on top of that he was still playing himself.
    Gerrard would be given a fraction of what Brenda will have at his disposal. We'd currently be struggling to pay most England players wages for a month never mind sign them and Gerrard unfortunately will not be bringing his boots with him. Any quality players which Gerrard might be able to attract to the club would be far too expensive and the players he is currently working with would have no more potential than Rossiter and Dodoo, (that said I still have hopes for Rossiter) and half the kids in our development squad.
    There I no blueprint that is being followed here. We're about to sign a man who has exactly the same amount of inexperience in managing a first team squad as anyone posting on this web site. The time for taking risks has long gone we need an experienced manager with a good tactical understanding who knows how to get the best out of players and has an eye for a bargain.
    Ironically it's usually you slagging the board and me defending them but on this occasion things are the opposite. For once I hope your right.

    • Donald, 100%. 1986 was a different era where British football was on a level financial scale. It is frightening to even think about Gerrard getting this job! It just won't work!!

  14. Great positivity IN I'm getting quite excited by the prospect it will good times again I see Brenda the disrespectful has panicked and tried to sign young Brewster at Liverpool before SG comes !

  15. Actually IN what you have been screaming about for months is for an experienced manager with proven pedigree to take over in the summer, not a complete rookie like Gerard! Yes – Souness, Guardiola and Lennon were successful at stepping up to management, but the circumstanaces cannot be compared with the current clusterfuck around Ibrox. Guardiola was steeped in Barca and inherited an extablished team that was already successful. Souness was given a blank cheque(courtesy of RBS) to build a new team, which he used to bring in highly experienced internationals. Lennon at least knew the SPL environment very well, was backed by his board; and also benefitted from the fact that our club was on a downward spiral at that point in time.

    Gerard really has no clue what kind of shambles he's walking into – an unstable club with a twitchy chairman who cant be taken at his word, a squad chock full of utter pish that nobody wants; and god only knows what his operating budget will be. Look at this way – Rodgers has been coaching professional footballers for 15 years plus, with 10 years as a manager in his own right. He's clever, has managed at the sharp end of the PL, has the best squad in Scotland by a country mile; and if he feels the need could outspend us 3 or 4 times over. So I don't see what there is to be positive about here – Gerard may have a big profile but money talks loudest in football, and we don't have much of that.

    THIS IS PURELY A SEASON TICKET SELLING INITIATIVE – Gerard is undoubtedly one of the greatest players of his generation, but as a manager he's nothing, he's at square one. If he accepts the job(which I doubt), he will be taken to school by Rodgers and be gone by XMas.

  16. Buzzin for Gerrard to come in! 😀👌⚽ but cant see Torres Joining 😂

    But Love that those in the Green End of the city are shitting themselves 😂😂

  17. Keep me a place on that SG Bandwagon! I’ve had enough of the negativity and black clouds. Let’s hope that SG will agree to a deal with Rangers and sow the seeds of a new dynasty.

  18. The article must have been wrriten by a guy on hard drugs or something. Seriously, you are so out of touch with reality that its beyond me

  19. Would still have preferred Neil Warnock . An old school proven winner who doesn't take s**t from anyone including the SPFL . Would certainly kick some arses at Ibrox,which is badly needed

  20. For those saying you can’t compare Souness with Gerrard as a different era regards spending ok. Here’s one for all the negative Bears how much has Celtic spent on players since B Rodgers took over? Celtic have had loan players that are pure quality it’s that simple!

    Gerrard isn’t going to be outspending the Souness era that said he doesn’t have to either. Young good players will want to play for him and Rangers that’s a given. Furthermore we were not that long ago only 6 points away from that mob – not 30 not 33. The outcome of that Ibrox game has haunted Murty and the players ever since..

    Gerrard has more going for him than Warburton Pedro and sad to say it Murty. Instead of looking at ways for him to fail before he signs here’s a thought try being positive and support him…

    Sick to fuck with all the negative vibes

    • It really isn't that simple at all – actually the only loaned players that Celtic have on their books are Roberts, Odsonne and Musonda; these have all been bit-part players who have contributed little this season, so you can hardly say these guys are the reason for their success. The fact is these guys cannot get into their team. You are right that we were only 6 points off them a while back, but consider the fact that they've played around the best part of 20 games more than us, and have had a lot of their main mean out injured for much of the season. Even at that we still havn't been able to lay a glove on them – it was no thanks to our own efforts that we got that close. Head to head is a better guage of where we stand in relation to them. Only thing that's simple around here is yourself!!

  21. how can you even begin to compare him to to Souness ?? Souness was still playing and some excellent football at that, he had passion on and off the field, He had a massive budget and offered players a chance to play in Europe as English teams couldn't offer this due to the ban, so the likes of Butcher, Woods, Roberts, some massive names in UK football jumped at the chance, players that would come and give 100% for the club, Gerrard will not have the same pull, the same money ans the same influence on the pitch, there is no way this is like for like, Rangers have went backwards here and went for a name, an unproven manager, someone that in an interview today in liverpool said "who wouldn't take this job, its could lead to bigger and better things" now read in to that what you may, but he has nothing to loose, Rangers have so much, honestly a backwards move in my opinion.

  22. It can't be any worse than this years "anus horribilus" season. This has been the pits, to end all pits. We are due some good luck.

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