Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Has massive Rangers signing turned into a dud?

There is little question few in the Rangers team right now are able to walk with their heads held high.

Even the previously brilliant Jamie Murphy has struggled recently, which is not surprising such is the devastatingly poor form the team has shown.

Greg Docherty and Sean Goss have found themselves axed, despite how well they did up till the Old Firm match, and in many respects have found themselves scapegoated by their ex-manager.

But one player has come under heavy fire for never having delivered in the first place, and while we have consistently made excuses for him, with regards his being played out of position, at the end of the day, Graham Dorrans has not delivered 10% of what fans hoped he would, including us.

The man’s CV is impressive, no denying it, but increasingly now we are starting to think this was a dud signing.

Sure, he had a long term injury, but even before it, he simply did not have impact in anything like enough matches.

He has really only delivered in one single match – the Perth trip under Pedro – but even Carlos Pena played well that night so we’re no longer sure how seriously we can take that one.

And fans on social media have been quick to castigate the ex-Norwich man, pointing out, with worryingly-increasing accuracy that he simply has not performed in our shirt.

Some call him a wage thief and that his legs are gone – we wouldn’t go as far as the former but the latter seems plausible.

For whatever reason, Graham Dorrans has not worked out in anything like the way we expected.

If we remember back to last summer, one analysis from a few Norwich fans was that he was all-too-often a passenger, and went missing. They even alluded to him being a ‘luxury’ player who might have talent, but is patchy and inconsistent and far too infrequent at imposing himself.

Indeed, most of them really didn’t seem that bothered about him moving on at all.

And that’s the most worrying indictment.

We honestly felt that his being at Ibrox, his boyhood team, would give him the urge to fight tooth and nail and produce great football.

The blunt truth is it hasn’t.

We hate saying this about a player we had massive hopes for, but little about the signing of Dorrans has worked out like it should have.

He’s not alone in underperforming, that is true, but when it’s ‘one of us’, you expect more.
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