Dangerous Ground; SFA’s action against Rangers…


 Article by: Robbie

Have been talking to a few of my contacts about the recent charges set out against the club in reference to what happened seven years ago.

My understanding is that Rangers FC are now considering their options with the legal department on which avenue to follow. (I honestly don’t know any more than that)

What I do know we are very close to Enough is Enough.

Don’t know how you all feel about it? All I will say it would harm them a lot more than us, of that I have no doubt!!

What are their options?? Call the SFA out and start legal proceedings against them?
If so “NO” Scottish team would be allowed to play in any European competition until the court case has been resolved, Then you would have the European powers that be having their very own investigation into the court rulings & findings.

Another option being touted by our very own support is to boycott all away games and hit them all where it hurts. No more Blue Pound!!!

Let’s get this one straight off the bat before we go any further; the police have confirmed that there has been no previous investigation nor any live investigation over claims of abuse against Gordon Neely.

I don’t know how you feel about this but for me it’s time to call these people out and prove their allegations.

Where this should happen is in a court of law where they are accountable for their allegations, not spread all over the back pages of the tabloids.

Funny this all comes out of nowhere on the back of Jim Torbett going to trial next month on alleged sexual abuse charges.

There is a lot more I would love to say about a certain 3rd parties influence over the SFA and one corrupt individual with absolutely NO sporting integrity.

Alas for legal reasons I can’t do so. Pretty sure you can fill in the gaps.


  1. The SFA are stupid beyond belief. They should run themselves like a business. They don’t. Employing lawyers suits lawyers above all others. And justice does not always follow. Scotland’s football team is a joke. Sending Rangers to bottom rung was a disaster for Scotland. And we still don’t know who decided to have HMRC target Rangers when they brought big Tax Case. They could have chosen thousands of others. And they lost two cases and still proceeded. So lawyers made a fortune. So two sets ofjudges have been made look like numpties by a third lot. Get my drift? In my opinion EBTs were morally wrong but they were in common use and recommended by one group of lawyers. All this was triggered off during a Labour government with John Reid a minister and Gordon Browns right hand man, McBride- a Celtic season ticket holder. I am not saying of course. However SFA need Rangers, and indeed Hibs and Hearts to do well. Scottish football is a joke.

  2. Good article guys…we all know who these aresejole are and what the motives are…Its hard to rise above it but there are only a couple of ways to get at these disgraceful disrespectful jealous Bastards..Boycott Away Games Boycott all Scottish Cup and Internationals …Take them to court all the way

  3. Yeh enough is enough iam sick to the back teeth with this septic funded smear campaign
    Call the bastards out,all scottish teams out europe,they've got more to lose than us
    And boycott all away games,beam the games live back to ibrox fuck them,
    The quicker we out the septicpl the better

    LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Spot On Article! 👌
    Boycott All Away Matches and they will come running back because Everyone Loves The Blue Pound 👍💙💰
    Sick of Everyone taking a shot at us!

  5. Part of me wishes we applied to join the English leagues in 2012 and worked up from there. Scottish football has been ruined since the late 90s. With constant conspiracy claims from one side that can't handle being beaten. Now this shit running on since 2012.

    I'm glad i remember a time when the chat was just about our team's better than yours. Your players shit etc. Basically about fitbaw. Imagine that world, when fitbaw was just about fitbaw. No wonder we have one of the lowest paying TV deals in Europe

  6. I have been saying it for years boycott away games but you know what we have got too many fans that will say don't tell me what games to go to I do what I want,we are not together and I hate to say this but that other lot are together they are organised and if they were getting the same treatment and they put the word out to boycott games they would do it,we have sat back and accepted this treatment for years and done nothing about it,that mark daly from the bbc has been hounding us for years and now he comes out with some complaint from some nameless character who pops up from nowhere,but as I said before we just sit back and take it.

  7. I would like to see our board put people in place to find things that have been done by other clubs and the sfa and hold them to account. But boycotting should def be done. Just instead of sending no one send a smaller number and cover seats In flags etc. Plus cause there is still two sets of fans it will cost them the extra in policing etc

  8. Call them out. Fuck them all. We’ve had 7 years of abject pain. We can surely handle a tad more.

    About time others had a taste.

    Let’s go.

  9. Names do need to named.

    Which ever team or teams raised the complaints with the SFA is/are now sitting back knowing the SFA will run up large legal fees doing their bidding at no cost to them.
    Rangers will be further distracted by this and also incure legal costs.

    So it is a win for them even if nothing comes of these two complaints, like the last one.

    All the time hiding behind the curtain while manipulating the SFA puppet with their best hope of hitting Rangers with a huge fine.

    The new SFA Chief Executive said he wanted to unite all factions and supporters in Scotland.
    How is that going?

    Never will I pay to watch any football match that in any way would give funds to the SFA, that means all Internationals and Scottish Cup matches. Nor will I even watch them on TV to avoid giving the SFA sponsors any exposure in my home.

  10. I think we should sue the SFA, on principle. A boycott is deserved, but they would inevitably boycott ours, we might come out only marginally better. There does need to be some serious retaliation against these RFC-haters, though.It's smelling more and more, like vindictive targeting of RFC by a hibs/celtic heavy, SFA.

  11. I'm going against the grain here, but maybe we should just accept the charge pay the fine and move on. At the end of the day it was shown in court that Murray and other Directors lied to SFA when they said all taxes were paid on time. Maybe SFA should have a 5 year time limit (like UEFA) but the more we try to defend it, the more damage that could come our way…

    It won't be a popular view and I don't like it one bit either, but might just have to take the medicine on this one.

  12. How much medicine? Said in 2012 we should up sticks and apply to English lower league. Just think where we could be now. This will never end I'm afraid

  13. Aye that’s a great idea let’s stop going to any away games! Yes until we win our first 12 games then were up an arms again that they won’t let us in, then we change our mind and want to go and see a winning title challenging team. Grow up ya fanny we are Rangers it’s simple win and the rest means nothing

  14. We could certainly start by fans issuing a notice of complaint to ofcom in the thousands regards the said reporter and his employers. get them out! As regards the others, u know who! A 50,000 storng petition presented by the RANGERS board to holyrood for the minister for sport highlighting the continued onslaught of an institution by mindless self serving bigots.

    • While the current bunch are in power at Holyrood I doubt that they would entertain anything that we put to them. Like the team in the East End of Glasgow they are filled to the gunnels with Republicanism just as the trouble makers that stirred things with the SFA. Yet again the majority being controlled by a small and rather disagreeable minority.

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