Celtic prove it’s all about the Rangers


Let’s face it, Celtic were always lying down today. There was no way they were doing anything to help Rangers finish above Aberdeen, and the players and manager proved that now, just like their fans, they’re more interested in Rangers’ fortunes than their own.

That’s flattering – in Scotland, without a shadow of a doubt, the most important, central, crucial club in existence is Rangers FC.

Celtic were willing to ditch an unbeaten home record just so Rangers didn’t finish second.

We love this. We love just how obsessed their fans and players are about our club that they would do such a thing.

No one is going to say with a straight face that an over two-year long winning streak came to an end thanks to a stunning Aberdeen performance at Parkhead – no, Celtic  just lay down and put far from full effort into this one.

Fair play to them. We mean that much to them.


  1. Fucking too true , and what makes matters worse the working class guy who has had a lucky 15 on the football the scum were 4/7 on, makes me sick last time they won there Nelson had 2 eyes. Aberdeen hung on for grim death Wednesday and produce this today. Welcome Steven to your buddy I will knife you in the back Brendan . Go and fuck his 10 in a row come on Motherwell


  3. Getting beyond obsessed that I would say…. More Like》》》》

    Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) involves intrusive, unwanted thoughts that usually imply some sort of Dysfunction!!

    Honestly if Rangers were going for 2 seasons without a home defeat I would be going fuking mental me!!

    Deary Deary Me Pathetic!!

    • f**k them robbie, we'll probably last longer in europe than they c***s. LET'S GO RANGERS!

    • Said it before stevie,as long as we continue to give them the blue pound things will never change. our loyaty is in some ways our downfall where those 3 clubs are concerned. ibrox under gerrard could be sellouts , we don't need them as much as they need us. c'mon bears boycott these shitholes for a season. i'd rather our club did beamback and watch our youths play before it, where they get the ibrox roar. wn/win.

  4. I figured Celtic would not try too hard and I was right. Our game at hibs proves one thing we can’t keep Cummings I would rather keep Rossiter who was brilliant today and Alves wasn’t bad either.

    • Agreed. Rossiter was superb. Keep him fit and it’s like having a new player. Alves is very commanding. Zero pace. So he needs good midfielders to protect from one-on-ones: but worth keeping

  5. Of course they were always going to lay down to them today . They were the main player in having us demoted to the 4th tier and played a major part in everything that happened to our club through their links in the Government, Lloyds, SFA, SPL
    and the media . Their doing everything they can to make it nigh on impossible for us to recover . This is the club that talks about sporting integrity , something they've never shown in their entire history . The part they played in Gers downfall will all come to light one day .

  6. FFS listen to yourselves do you think for a second we wouldn't have done the exact same? It,s history now forget it. LETS GO!

    • No, were nothin like them. we look after rangers first and don't give a f**k where they finish. Aso there was not the same scrutiny or calls for enquires into celtics near death from the ibrox hierachy,if anything we concede it would have been ba for our game. pity the feeling was'nt mutal.

  7. Never mind the child Lennon can play airplane with Brendan and then if his aircraft crashes he might throw his dummy out the pram and stay at Hibs

    • dempster should sack the c**t, threatens to leave after 2-1 defeat, and then does dambusters ater losing 5 at home despite being three up? could nae see another manager celebratin 4th and losng 5. typical tim! mere interested fuckin rangers up than lookin after hibs?

    • Popcorn must be on drugs,no cunt else acts like that,fanny


      Not long now to the big man enters the building yesss 🇬🇧
      The Countdowns on!🇬🇧

      Bouncy bouncy bouncy🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🍾🍻

  8. It was a disgrace match fixing in a different guise no question ..Rodgers a scumbag who will be found out next season and typical of the obsession Rangers and desire to see us lose out…We need to really shove it down all of their throats next season ..The performance against Hibs was interesting ..I thought Rossiter did

  9. Sporting integrity? You're having a laugh. I am still waiting for the highlights of their tour of Japan. You know the one, the reason we couldn't extend the 2007/08 season, forcing Rangers to play 8 games in 22 days as preparation for a EUFA Cup final!!

    By the way, can anybody explain how Scott Allan didn't get sent off for that? I know these things tend to even out over a season, but when you remember Ryan Jack sent off and Anthony Stokes not sent off in the first game, when exactly is it going to even out? Those two results would have been enough for second. As for the sheep claiming they are the second best team in Scotland, even with the season we have had we took 10 points off them. Some second, take a look at yersel!!

  10. The only players & coaches responsible for us not finishing second was our own ffs.. Aberdeen draw is what cost us most and the 7 games lost at home over the season.. Stroll on Stevie G getting his hands on this mob and getting rid of those not fit for the Club..
    Two plus points from the day Rossiter is back and the season is over…

    • take ur point billy, but could not imagine walter showing the lack of profesionalism that rodgers accepted. lost the littlest respect i had for him, thought he was a class above the hatred.

    • Can't believe I never hit 11/2 fuking raging now.
      Hit HIVs at 9/2.
      That would have burst a good few coupons yesterday

  11. Knew it was gonna happen!
    Absolutely Pathetic!
    We will get them all next season with Stevie G at the Helm! 👊⚽

  12. Well i will sign off with this for the summer. Celtic, Sheep and that lot we were playing today, dont remember who they were but in the words of Jack and Victor. Get it right round yer. Better days are coming. With a motivating manager, on today's performance who knows????? Good times are ahead.

    • tell u what! when that day comes it might just be our sweetest title outside no.9 and HS. I want the biggest street party in paisley rd since manchester! bands the lot.

  13. Look, we played pure pish this season and still ended up 3rd,just shows you bad the diddy league is,next season its a fuckin canter for us,all we need to do is turn up Watp🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Lets go!🔥🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

  14. Forget todays game involving Celtic. Look at it across the season. They say they turn up they win. Well they failed to turn up 14 times in tbe SPFL alone. A win rate of just 63%!!! Ours was only 55%. Seems they only really turn up against us. A shocking attitude that should concern all involved at Celtic far more than what Rangers are up to considering the cash and squad they have. Obsessed?? Of course they are.

  15. As said in an earlier post can't believe anyone expected anything else. We are up against 3 teams not 1. The cunts are all in cohorts but never mind it will feel so much better when it happens. Fuck them all. Oh and that bloke the other day???????

  16. They're ALREADY denying it online, but this just fuels my conviction that they DID, lose on purpose. Blatant!

  17. 1.chris sutton (prick) conspiracy ? 2. peter lawell (prick) integrity? remember yer words always come back and haunt ye @ some point.

  18. did anyone notice griffiths beng handed bit of paper? wonder what was on that 3-4 rangers! we'll never know!

  19. No matter what happens always remember that we are who we are they will never ever be any where near that they are epitomised by Lennon and half wits like Griffiths brain dead and incapable of thinking for themselves destined to forever be halfwits or less

  20. The reason we finished 3rd is because we have conceded 5 goals twice in three weeks. Nothing to do with Celtic. We couldn’t beat Aberdeen or Hibs in the last two games. WE ARE 3RD BECAUSE WE HAVE THE THIRD HIGHEST AMOUNT OF POINTS. Get over it clowns!Forget this season and look forward to next.

  21. mabye that mob thought we were winning, as they learned we drew realised we took any favour out their hands? had hivs been winning comftably i reckon they would ave upped the ante as it would ave become irrelevant.

  22. As we all know…. There is no sporting integrity at Parkheeed. No there is no sporting integrity at Parkheeed. There is no sporting integrity, there is no sporting integrity, there is no sporting integrity at Parkheeed. (Sung to the tune of "Oh Ye Cannae Shove Her Granny Aff A Bus). Those who invented that term to suit themselves should now be pilloried for it. How about singing this song next season? It's true after all.

    • BGT mate1 on yersel they'll no know wit the songs aboot.athough i prefer oh ye canny get a tim tae hiv a bath. oh the soaps aw finished over there.

  23. Bigjim1872 hits the nail in the head, they might be obsessed, some of the replies on here are equally obsessed, thing is, you play who you play, the rules are fairly simple and the rewards straight forward, whatever way you look at it, over the season, we were third, because we did not get enough points to be first or second. J

    • I think we all accept that j, it was just the manner of their defeat. They would be foaming at the mouth and sommerville drive if it were them, that's what they do best.

  24. If I was a sheep I would be worried that Mcinnes actually said they are the second best.Definitely a severe lack of ambition and a very well dodged bullet.As for Mhanky Mhob what goes around comes around.Lets see what next season brings with Stevie G

  25. Only ourselves to blame for not finishing 2nd. Not Aberdeen or Celtics fault. We have been piss poor this season. But hey ho lets go on the Gerrard express. Cant b any worse. Can it???🙄

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