Has a future star at Ibrox been reborn?


Today’s match at Easter Road goes down as one of the legendary SPL epics. It was an absolutely staggering match of football, and covering everything from it could take days.

But if one thing stood out (and let’s face it, a lot did), it was the magnificence of recalled midfield anchor Jordan Rossiter.

As we suggested after the Gerrard announcement, Rangers’ new manager could be the man to finally unlock Rossiter’s potential, and today, given a chance to show what he can do, put in a defensive midfield display which honoured the shirt and showed just what Rangers fans have been missing in his absence.

Fire, tenacity, pace, mobility, strength, spirit, fight, plus a sportsmanship dignifying the true nature of the proper Ranger (Allan deserved a punch in the face, Jordan showed astonishing class), Rossiter was truly taking his chance with aplomb and his goal helped spur the comeback further.

When one sees this kind of grit, fight, technical quality and sheer enthusiasm, it makes you wonder why fans settle for lesser models.

Rossiter was everywhere, and one prays his injury isn’t too serious but given his chirpy post-match interview he seems in excellent spirits so it may have been borderline precautionary.

Nevertheless, it delighted us to see a player of Rossiter’s undoubted quality prove us fools at Ibrox Noise wrong and return from injury. He was always one of our highest rated players, and we were sad to feel like we were giving up on him, but if today’s immaculate display is anything to go by the future of Jordan Rossiter is at Ibrox and we’re a richer team for it.

Welcome back son.


  1. This young man has it all. A future Rangers captain. A competitor to the end and an abundance of skill. Solid gold for Rangers next season. An inspiration to everyone around him. When match fit can be the best in Britain.

  2. Him, mccorie and Docherty should be our 3 main midfielders next season. I’d actually like to see us play with 3 at the back… need 3 brand new defenders though

  3. Convenient how his return from Injury coincides with Stevie G becoming our Manager? 🤔

    But fair play to him,
    He Played Well and showed us a small part of what he is capable of

  4. The lad said "Regardless of who the manager is, I want to be here". Given what the lad has been through and the stick that he has taken from some sections of our support at the length of time he's been out he showed great dignity and maturity in that interview and we need more Jordan Rossiter's in our team moving forward. If he can keep himself injury free, I think we have an absolute gem on our hands. Thank God we stuck by the lad. 🔴⚪🔵🇬🇧

  5. Did anyone see much of McGinn today?
    Nor me, Stevie boy will get him ticking over just nicely.
    No wonder he came off he took a good few heavy hits today, never batted an eyelid all the same.
    Can't wait for him to get a good run after a what will be a nightmare pre-season for the lot of them, that fitness trainer Stevies bringing is meant to be a pure animal🚑🆘️.
    No more Burger Kings come Pre-season for these fukers!!

  6. thought he was superb when he got up to speed then off injured he's got it all if he can stay fit,,multi million pound player when fit

  7. Remember, Liverpool were looking for £8 Million from an English team for him. If he can stay fit, he will tear the EssPeeEll apart.
    Lot of young lads have growing pains as they develop in their late teens, early 20s. I didn't because I didn't grow much, and you would never have noticed because I am shoite at sport, enthusiastic but shoite.

    Fingers crossed his injuries are behind him. he did say today he has been waiting to start for a couple of months.

    BTW, Docherty really shouldn't have been caught sleeping with Jimmy Nich's daughter, wife and mum all in one week – no wonder he doesn't get picked. I mean, he must have been caught. Hodson for Rossiter when Docherty is sitting there? Try telling me he hasn't done something like that!!

    Unlike Rossiter, I am so glad this season is over. But, I cannae wait for next season. Doubt we will have today's teamsheet in our first game for 18/19

  8. Rossiter looked class once Rangers got the ball down and started passing but like the rest of the midfield Hibs ran all over him for the first 20 min. He took his goal well and would have come on to a real game if it hadn’t been for a shocking tackle by Allen. How Dallas did not send him off beggars belief.

  9. Another disgraceful performance from a referee Allan should have been shown a red card for his tackle on him and also another blatant hand ball by Whittaker went unpunished clear penalty again we had a raw deal from the officials as for Lennon he is heading for a room in Leverendale he has lost the plot also it was a certainty that the paedoes would lie down to the sheep we need someone to come out and take up the cause for us

  10. It was pleasing to see Rossiter play today, it took him 20 minutes to get into the game and it was cut short by his injury, luckily not a broken leg due to the horrendous challenge from Allen. Like many watching the game everyone except Dallas though it a straight red card, his Dad would likely be disgusted by his performance today. If you look at the crowd reaction to Allen’s challenge one Hibs fan looked shocked and disgusted by it. It was great also that Rossiter scored, all five Rangers goals were well created, just a real pity the four out of the five were dreadful defending.
    There were a few positives to take out the game today, the attitude after going down 3 – 0 was superb, also the fact Nicholl made his tactical change too. The much maligned Jason Holt was also instrumental in two assists, a goal and worked his socks of knowing he had quality in Rossiter behind him, he blotted his performance in getting sent off. I am not in any way saying Holt is the end product for our midfield but he seems to always be on the ditch list of Rangers fans, I believe he is a good squad player who showed how well he can play with the likes of Rossiter in the team.
    My final point on today’s match is, today there is no doubt Allen should have been sent off, we should have had a penalty. Had we been given the penalty and scored, even with Allen still on the park we would have won this game today. On this game alone we still would have come third in the league, but had miscarriages of justice on our team by damning poor refereeing decisions, Ryan Jack being sent off, twice rescinded, Stokes not being dismissed against Hibs at Ibrox. The dismissal of Jack against Kilmarnock when it should have been Broadfoot sent off, those two games alone would have given us at least 3 extra points. It is said it all evens itself out throughout the season, this season for us it most certainly hasn’t. We know that most of our home performances have been below par costing us dearly, but when the match officials get it so wrong so often, it makes you wonder.
    This season we have achieved no silverware, but we have gotten closer to Celtic, we brushed Aberdeen aside three times and drew once, our downfall was failure to dominate the likes of Hamilton, Partick, Kilmarnock, etc at home.

  11. Why do we always have to go down, to then come back?? I hope that gets sorted and quick. If we had just been able to sit deep and defend properly, for five mins we could have prevented ol popcorn teeth's un-professional display. We need the rot cutting out of this team, ready to start, next season. This season has gave me even more grey hairs.

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