Are Celtic fans thankful for Steven Gerrard’s Rangers?


Ibrox Noise is hardly ‘proud’ of the fact we don’t talk much about Celtic on here, because we are a Rangers site for Rangers fans who talk about Rangers.

We do discuss the SPL occasionally, the SPFL and the SFA now and again, and yes, Celtic do crop up, but 99.9% of this site is Rangers.

So when we do have a Celtic topic to discuss, it certainly stands out. And in this piece we are going to take the honest and pragmatic approach to the subject:

Celtic fans and their club miss a strong Rangers.

While there is plenty of mentalism online with sevco this, liquidate that, and newco this, there is no escaping how bored Celtic fans are with winning the league every season with something to spare.

We do know Celtic fans on here, of course we do – Scotland is essentially Rangers V Celtic so avoiding crossing paths with Celtic fans is impossible – and the majority, in fact pretty much all the real ones in the real world away from the cesspit of the internet really do miss a competitive SPL with exciting Old Firm matches where either side could win.

There was no coincidence that when the ex-manager fluked a patch of purple form in February, Celtic fans were as excited as we were about March’s Old Firm – raging Celtic fan Chris Sutton admitted it was the first Old Firm match for years, a clash where, for once, he couldn’t actually foresee the outcome.

And quite honestly for a while Scotland looked to have an exciting game again.

And that is what Celtic, and Rangers fans have missed these past six years.

Call it pragmatism if you like, but whenever we chat to those of a Celtic persuasion away from t’internet and in that weird thing called the real world out there, the contrast between the bitterness online never fails to amuse – the real ones always pine for a real title battle, a real exciting SPL again – because that’s the lifeblood of Scottish football.

Without a strong Rangers (or Celtic) the domestic league is a complete joke – a non-competitive cakewalk for Parkhead to lift the league by default.

And their fans know it – and while they enjoy winning these titles, they aren’t taking anything like the satisfaction they did when they beat an equal Rangers fair and square.

That is why many of them welcome Steven Gerrard – the unknown quantity of a rookie coach and a legend in the game who could restore Rangers to what we should be. We hope he does.

And while bitterness online tries to laugh at it all, in the real world Celtic fans hope Rangers will put up a better fight next season. That they will have excitement domestically again.

Even Martin O’Neill, their admittedly excellent manager of the 2000s says it as it is – that a strong Rangers is good for Rangers, Scotland and Celtic, and he welcomes Steven Gerrard in the hope the strength of the league is improved.

Even if those crazies online foam at the gills and appear deranged, in the real world it’s quite a different place.

Let’s hope Steven Gerrard delivers the Rangers we all want.


  1. Stevie will deliver🏋️‍♂️,it benefits the whole scottish football not just one team,

    WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Thankful 😂😂😂,theres no seats left for them😂😂😂🍾🍻


      LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Brave post but a sensible one. Only thing I would add is that in order to get our European coefficient back to where it should be in Scotland a strong Rangers is important. Aberdeen fail miserably on this front and is a reason I am glad the sheep kept their manager. Celtic go from playing average Aberdeen and Hibs squads to then try and up their game to Barca or PSG. We all know the trouncing they got in Europe. The level currently in the domestic game is mediocre at best and I believe it is upto Rangers to fill, no disrespect to the other teams but they just don't have the fan base size to compete. Sponsorship and prize money don't help with this either. The SPFL are shocking and having two associations is just plain and outright stupidity.

  3. dont go along with most of that celtic fc and there fans want to see us dead and buried ,mr oneil said a strong rangers would only make celtic stronger they can get stronger as long as they dont overtake ,lawell continues to call us a new club ,these guys pick there words very carefully ,watch the shite hit fan if mr gerrard does the biusness celtic dont want a challenge they want champions league money every year , 90 percent celtic fans want us dead fact ,

  4. They all hate us and everything we stand for.
    They are everywhere preying that anything & everything goes pear shape for our Club & Supporters.

    We all know IT!?

    ME I'm a great believer in Karma, the appointment of Stevie has sent every last one of them into obsessive meltdown.

    There stadiums falling apart, hope it falls down.
    Hope they get fuked out of the CL early doors.
    Hope the name of their club is smeared all over the tabloids for the ongoing Pedrophilia case.

    Time to start fighting back and stop taking it on the chin🔥.

    As for next season they will be chasing us not the other way about.
    Miles behind my dung funnel, we will be twice the team we were this season. With someone who actually knows WTF there doing at the helm!!

    Let's Go 》》》》》》》

  5. They don't miss us one little bit,they would be quite happy to sit and take free league titles until they get 10,only after that they would get bored and talk about joining the epl,i cannot understand why you and other Rangers men on here actually use their name because that lot from their directors down will not say our name.

  6. Anybody with any intelligence must see that without a Strong Rangers Scottish Football's coefficient is always going to be garbage as is the quality and challenge as is shown every season since we were jettisoned to league 3 . It'll be that way till we change it. I know plenty of Rotten Mob fans ?? Who hate us and are happy in this state of winning at any cost . There are those who agree that the challenge can only come from Rangers. The SFA et al will do everything in their power to put obstacles in our way assisted by the so called Scottish Lying Press …As STRUTH said We Welcome the Challenge BRINGITOIN

  7. Who cares what they think, want, need. F**k em all, every single team in Scotland, they are all due a tanking and Stevie G is the man to oversee it, I just hope we rub it in as much as everyone else has taunted us over the years. WATP and We don't forget!
    8 days until Stevie officially takes over! Countdown I.N? Everyday a new reason why we will be back to where we belong! Lets Go!

    • Yeh 8 days🥁🥁🥁🥁 not long now📣🍾🍾🍾

      Bouncy bouncy bouncy🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. Sorry IN, but you have scored an own goal with this article!!!
    They/Them couldn't give a shit about wanting a challenge as the Hatred since we came back up from lower divisions has got worse and I'm not just talking about online abuse/obsessed comments towards our Great Club/Supporters as I work with some of Their supporters and come into contact with others on a daily basis and who are not young Ned's but are actually grown men who couldn't give a toss about our existence and as Stevie 1 said earlier, They want us Dead and that is a Fact……

    Can I also say when the matches are being played,All I want to hear/know is that
    Them are getting pumped in every match they are playing so that Our team/club wins the league no matter how easy it becomes through the years, just like 9iar
    I can assure you I didn't get bored/fed up ? watp Helicopter 2005

    • brilliant dave ,lets sicken that smelly mob get another 10,000 seats in our magnificent stadium a area for the union bears put the smellies in a corner when they come visiting ,lets landscape surronding areas of ibrox then we will be flying , r,t,i,d

    • Or we could call for the next Commonwealth Games to be held in Govan and get Glasgow City Council to do all the work for us.

  9. We have taken a lot of hits from other teams and the media in the last few years. All I’ll say is taking a shot at Rangers now, means taking a shot at Gerrard – which is difficult to do. That’s the only reason Celtic aren’t keen on his appointment.

    • Yeah. All the small fish in scotland can't wait to rub shoulders with a legend. Shamefully pathetic

  10. It’s fair points you make. However I’m not interested in anyone or anything beyond our own club, most certainly not what any of the haters think…and they make up the majority of Scottish football, club officials, players, fans and media outlets of all types. We have our own shit to sort and get our own house in order.

    We need to only be concerned with Rangers. Fuck everyone else. Don’t care 💪🏻😎

  11. We need a stronger/competitive league. I hate playing teams 4 times. We could easily have a league of 18. If Aberdeen hadn't lost to us and celtic 3 times they would be closer to the top. Once we're back to full strength we'll see third place team back to being 20+ points behind. If the rest of the league only had to play the old firm twice they would only have 12 points max to drop as apposed to 24. Win one game each against the old firm and as long as you beat the rest you have a chance. But in it's current format only ourselves or celtic have a hope of winning it.

    • The only way we can make clubs stronger and have a bigger league set up is with TV money am not saying BT should pay us a billion a year like down south but a much better cut up of the money would see all the Scottish teams grow may be on a par of what we are today just think if Dundee got 50 million before they kicked a ball in next season,that would change everything just a dream but maybe one day Scottish football will get a bigger share of money.

    • Scottish football fans would need to organise a Sky/BT ban to get more TV money. What we receive is way out of kilter to what even English Championship teams get. They may not value our football, and they'd be right not to, but they certainly value our money. But the SFA/SPL are too weak to face up to them. Maybe a season of pain with no televised Scottish football would bring them back to the negotiating table with a realistic offer. And it may improve gates around the country everywhere.

    • Robrob57 you are spot on. I have thought it for years. We get the league we deserve. if we all stopped watching English football and talking down our game, we would bring Sky/BT to heal. Across clubs coordinated boycott of EPL games is urgently needed

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