£3M tug-of-war over Rangers striker


With the breaking reports that Cardiff and Burnley are said to be looking at a £3M (and counting) bidding war over the services of Josh Windass, the sale is an absolute no-brainer.

While it took him a long time to get going, when Windass was on form he was on fire – the guy could not stop scoring or assisting.

When you look at those stats, and the intensity of his form periods, £3M in fact seems well below market value for a 24-year old English attacker in the prime period of his career.

And yet, as a £2.95M profit on what we paid, it would go down as an outstanding piece of business.

Of course there’s the downside of him – he often plays for himself, forgetting he has team mates – think Alfredo Morelos inside the box, and you’ve got the idea.

But he is not like Morelos outside the box – the Colombian is two players, the selfish and uncool striker who lately often makes a hash of things in the area, and a tank-like work horse who brings his team mates in, grafts for them, and holds the ball up outside it.

Windass doesn’t have the latter to his game – he is about attacking attacking attacking. Which is theoretically fine but he’s a man down if the team is up against it and if he is to become a fully-rounded player he needs to stand up to his defensive responsibilities.

But regardless of his merits or otherwise, Windass is a valuable asset. We on the site were derided recently for pointing out we could raise £15-£20M through a dozen sales of players. Only a few sensible replies backed us up (we saw you SWH) and saw sense – well, guys like Windass going for £3M or more is a hefty chunk of those funds and two or three more like that and Steven Gerrard’s budget soars.

Do we advocate the sale? Yes. It’s a no brainer. Windass is not the future of the club because he doesn’t fight like Gerrard needs.

That’s money better spent on players more in line with the new manager’s vision.


  1. Agree – absolute no brainer to sell for anything over 3 million. Windass has gone missing too many times in big games and is one of many serial losers currently at Ibrox.

  2. The keep list is shrinking by the Hour.
    All the young team should be fine.
    Might be safe.
    Candias might tick Stevies boxs with his work rate.

    Windass looks nailed on to go with now 3 teams after him.

    Morelos to China now getting touted.

    No loans in negotiations so RTS looking most likely at this stage.

    Money to be had for Tavi & Fods.

    Souness binned 15 in 1986.
    UR getting there Stevie Boy!!!

  3. Josh , good player as he is , just doesn't have the guts of his old boy Dean , who was a right hard wee fucker who got scabbed right in . When the going gets tough , Joss disappears and that's no good for a Gers player. Think we can get more than £3 million for him though . Let the bidding commence !

  4. I'm i the only one that thinks we need too keep are better players too build a squad and no just cash in at every opportunity hes just signed a long term contract and has got goals and assist too him name get rid off the guff like herra Hodgson and the likes and build a really good squad that can challenge the unwashed and no get embarrassed in Europe

  5. McGinn isnt how I want to see us spend our cash. If we're selling Windass lets use the cash and look lower down the leagues in Holland, Germany and Italy. Tired of players that dont really match up to what Celtic have. Also 1st things 1st, DEFENDERS!!! We have 2 goals less than them this season and almost double conceeded.

  6. I'd give him one more season. See what Gerrard can get him playing like. He's improved since last season, i can only see him improving again. When was the last time we had a 17 goal midfielder? At only 24 his best years are coming. If he starts scoring in the Europa league we could be close to £10m even by xmas

    • Id Sell for £3.5m minimum but if it turns into a bidding war…Happy Days! 😃😎💰👌

      Windass is not the type of player we need we should cash in!

      We should Buy
      1. New No.1 GK
      2. CBs …Skrtel, Bartley etc
      3. John McGinn
      4. Cummings & Murphy on a PD
      5. McBurnie

  7. I agree with selling Windass IF we get the right offer, but it is not £3M. Has to be £5M+. As Gav E says, good display in Europe could push it higher

    We have a significant restructuring job to finance and we are not going to find someone significantly better than Windass for a lot less, otherwise the teams looking at Windass would go there instead.

    We have to develop and bring through young players then sell them on at a profit. Not everyone will work out. Some will go for less than hoped, others will bring in nothing. So you have to make the most of what you have. The third highest goalscorer in the league is worth more than £3M. Remember he started off out of position on the left wing, so it is less than a full season.

    It is wrong to say "I don't like XXX, so he is only worth 25p" We have to maximise our income. I would be happy to play Windass against any team except Celtic. He has the skills, but right now he lacks the fight. He may gain that, or not, he is still young.

    But we can't rely on getting freebies like Arfield every time, so we need to be bringing money in.

    Bidding starts at £5M, wallets out Chairmen 🙂

  8. Id Sell for £3.5m minimum but if it turns into a bidding war…Happy Days! 😃😎💰👌

    Windass is not the type of player we need we should cash in!

    We should Buy
    1. New No.1 GK
    2. CBs …Skrtel, Bartley etc
    3. John McGinn
    4. Cummings & Murphy on a PD
    5. McBurnie

  9. We arent getting mcginn. Celtic will outbid just for sake of doing so and id be happy to push up that price costing them funds. Ffs guys…typical Scotland…theres bo other player as good as mcginn across uk? Really? We seem to have this narrow mindedness….if he was THAT good he'd be in England

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