13-player Rangers exodus in the works at Ibrox

13-player Rangers exodus in the works at Ibrox

Reports are breaking tonight that Rangers have begun a mass clear out and up to 13 players are for the chop.

Mexican Eduardo Herrera, Michael O’Halloran, Lee Hodson, Joe Dodoo, Andy Halliday, Norwich’s Russell Martin, Bruno Alves, Kenny Miller, QPR’s Sean Goss and Benfica loanee Dalcio are all likely to move on with Lee Wallace staring the exit in the face as well.

It does appear to change by day, with Gerrard saying initially that all the players would have a chance to prove themselves to him, but if Mark Allen’s sentiments tonight are anything to go by, a huge cull is on the cards instead.

Herrera, O’Halloran, Hodson, Dodoo, Alves, Wallace and Halliday are all contracted – we believe ‘mutual consent’ ala Niko Kranjcar is on the cards if buyers can’t be found, while Miller, Martin, Goss and Dalcio will either leave at the ends of their deals or return to their parent clubs at the end of their loans.

It suggests a ruthless start to Gerrard’s time in Govan, and while he said he would watch all the matches till the end of the season, evidently the new manager has seen enough to know the standard is just not high enough from a great number of the players.

Carlos Pena is also at risk of being cut loose too, but due to the cost of the player, such a decision would not be taken lightly, and David Bates has already departed for Germany.

It’s going to be a summer of gravity at Ibrox.

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  1. Agree with Getting Rid of All Them apart from :

    1. Wallace
    Our Captain…Been Hung Out to Dry
    Deserves to Stay 🙂⚽💙

    2. Alves
    Ok Yes, We can all agree he didnt quite hit the hype but come on
    …Its Bruno! #TheTank
    Would be a good Teacher for a Young CB 👌

    3. Halliday
    …I Am a Fan (I Admit It!)
    And I know he aint no Lionel Messi and I know that 93% of Rangers fans think hes shit but I dont care, I think he should stay even just for a Squad/Utility Slot
    …One of Our Own! 😃👌💙
    We need players at the club who care about the club Hence LW & AH

    4. Herrera & Cardoso
    For some unknown reason…
    …I have a soft spot for these two.
    I also dont think they have been given a fair chance or managed correctly…(just an opinion guys!)
    I think if given another chance under SG and given a run of Matches, I think they would come good! ☺👍⚽

    …The Rest can Fk off to Kazakhstan for all I care 😂👎

    • Mate with the best will in the world, AH and LW are both dire football players who should Never have Been signed, never !

      They are both sub-standard, you will probably realise this fact when you see the proper caliber of Rangers Players brought-in by Steven Gerrard.
      No harm to LW nor AH, both are just no where NEAR good enough tbh, imo.

    • You want to keep Herrera,Cardoso and Halliday? – it's these calibre of players who keep us languishing behind Aberdeen and Celtic. They aren't good enough for the Scottish Championship let alone the spfl!

    • Thanks Andrew 😄👍⚽

      Alan63 …I did say in the post that most of us think AH is shite and fair enough, However LW is Not Shit! LW is a Good Solid LB!

      William …
      How can they keep us behind they dont get on the park? 😂😂
      Its the ones on the park playing shite keeping us behind Aberdeen! And like i said i dont think Herrera or Cardoso have been given a fair crack 🤔…Just MY opinion

  2. Oh my goodness, let's Hope so, get rid of them all as All are wage-thieves.

    Not one of the aforementioned should BE anywhere Near RFC, None !

    It's no wonder we cannot even make second place with all of these duds, truth needs saying here for sure.

  3. Funnily enough I agree with the above except Wallace. If he overstepped the mark as reported he needs to go. Anyway Declan John is a better player

  4. All can go never good enough.
    U can add Holt & Dorrans with all 4 loan playears on my list.

    Stevie will attract so so much better than that pile of mediocrity
    🔥 Baby 🔥

  5. Wallace apart -who I think has been treated appallingly after the sacrifices he’s made for the club -I’d get rid of them all + add Candeias, Holt, to the list – and accept offers for Windass, Foderingham, and Morelos. Cummings back to Forest for me.

    • Candeias certainly didn’t give 100% in the semi against Celtic or at Parkhead and didn’t kick a ball for the remainder of the season. As for player of the year – he can shove the award up his backside. Rangers did not have a player of the year – end of!

  6. Agree with getting rid of the lot
    Ive had enough of 4-0 5-0 shite no more embarrassment please
    Clearout start fresh


    Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. Sorry bud your list of players would be the first to go in my team there either done overhill and just not good enough

    Clearout needed fresh start


    Lets go🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🍾🤸‍♂️

  8. Surely Jason Holt is for the bullet. Can barely strike a shot or pass 40yards. Too weak & feeble. 5ft 5 on his tiptoes and 5st 5 soaking wet. A boy in a man’s team.

    Get him to fuck.

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