Two ex-Ajax managers interested in Rangers job

Two ex-Ajax managers interested in Rangers job

Rangers have this morning been linked with another ex-manager of Ajax, in this case Marcel Keizer, on top of the existing interest in Frank de Boer.

The 49-year old ex Cambuur midfielder has had a strange career in management, with mostly time in the country’s second tier, but when he got the promotion to Ajax’s senior side following a fair record with the U21s he struggled to continue that level of success in the Eredivisie, winning a still reasonable 14 of 24 but was still second in the league when he got fired.

The former Telstar boss was manager at the Amsterdam arena for around six months but would surely be another left-field appointment. The man’s agent has said:

“If the club approached Mr Keizer then, yes, he would be interested in talking.”

Meanwhile Rangers continue to be linked with his predecessor this summer and we can fully expect more names to appear as chances slim further of Graeme Murty getting the permanent job.

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  1. If we could get a top manager then that would be great i would like a Scottish manager or a uk manager or some one who knows all about our club.

    • Agree 're Comment about 'ideally a Scottish or UK manager' but more than happy with FDB. Such an appointment would send a clear message to the football world that we mean business! As for Keizer, no thanks – absolutely no pedigree the job. And yes, I think Jack Ross is a very good shout!

  2. We should be moving heaven and earth to try and get Steve Clarke (this is not a recent view – he was my choice when we got rid of that clown Caixinha). If this is not possible, I would go for Jack Ross.

  3. Would not take De Boer or Keizer or Clarke to Ibrox!

    De Boer – Failure at Inter & C Palace
    Keizer – Failure…Another Caxiniha

    Clarke – A Tim…A Prick
    Spent the Season Slagging us Off.

    Spent the season crying about how unfair the world is and how nothing goes kilmarnocks way and blaming everything and everyone else the few times their have been mistakes made

  4. Jack Ross ???? Are you fucking joking ???
    l would take FDB and Clarke even supposedly a Tim in a heartbeat
    Keizer…. never heard of him and would be another caravan man train wreck
    Murty already is a train wreck
    Need a change of board, need major investment and l could not give 2 hoots where it comes from as King the clown wont deliver, Dougie Park sitting on over 500 Million wont part with a dime, we need a miracle to be in with a chance of stopping the Mhanky Mob, and it will not happen with season ticket money

    • BB, although I Disagree with you about De Boer and Clarke,

      I am of the same opinion about Keizer
      ..another crap LF appointment

      I also agree that we need to get the board out as King&Park wont do Squat.

      But like the millions of fans all over the world …
      I just want what is best for our beloved Glasgow Rangers! ☺💙⚽👌

  5. We have to get real. Most Rangers fans say we need someone who knows the club AND Scottish football as it stands at the moment. That rules out Keizer, de Boer knows the club but has no idea what the Scottish game is like nowadays.
    Clarke is a self confessed Celtic fan, from a Celtic supporting family. He probably eliminates himself, but I would bin him anyway, although I think he is a good coach.
    There are few managers around that fit the bill at Ibrox. We must not make the next appointment another mistake.
    There are no candidates that I can think of to take the managers job at the moment, the board have a difficult decision to make and they have to make it 3rd time lucky.

    • I did hear that about Clarke,would he be 100% with us when playing Selltic i would think he would be with us,but what would happen if they won his ears would be ringing,would he be wroth the risk would he even take the job?i would look elsewhere as there are to many ifs and buts and plenty unknowns.

    • It's an understandable concern but plenty have done it before him. Neil McCann, Mo Johnstone, Kenny Miller

      All very professional playing for one half of the old firm that they may not have supported as a boy…it's why we call them professionals and Steve Clarke is a professional…

  6. I’m going to upset the apple cart here and go for Stephen Robinson at Motherwell as he’s done a fantastic job at Well…

    He’s done a number over both Rangers & Celtic and he’s got them hard to beat. A physical presence that this Rangers has poorly been lacking..Motherwell now into the Final you can’t argue with his record at Well so far..He knows the SPL and will know the demands and standards that are needed at Rangers..

    Pardew & Allardyce you can ram them…

    • Hi Billy, you're not upsetting any apple cart on here with the Robinson suggestion – we've thought highly of him on the site for a long time.

    • Can't disagree billy,Mwell played well today and especially at the back were the big fella kipre was outstanding winning/cutting out every ball played into their box and if Robinson did get the opportunity to be our next manager,then he can also bring kipre with him as he is much better than what we have just now…..watp Helicopter 2005

    • The more you look at his record he’s done a sterling job at Well. He saved them from relegation at the tale end last year. Basically rebuilt the Team this season while losing Moult and brought in Curtis Main who nobody had heard of. While in a transition period he believed in the players he has – robbed in one Final and through to another Final and in the top 6 going into the split… I like Murty and have supported him as you know but for me Robinson is the safer bet…

    • Scratch my top six pre split remark I forgot Killie had pipped them to the 6th placing ☺️

      Either way we won’t know who the new Manager will be until after the last OF game I reckon…

    • Only three for me: FDB, Jack Ross and Robinson.I don't like how they (Motherwell) play but boy are they effective? And he can only work with what he's got. Had a 17 player turnaround and still takes points of the Auld Firm and gets to two major finals – that's no fluke! Clarke? He wouldn't be interested and, I'm not interested either. End off!

    • Aye there’s a good case for Ross & Robinson as both are proving what’s needed at smaller Clubs. Clarke I think wouldn’t take the Rangers job just a hunch..

  7. Obvious choice has to be Clarke given his record in Scotland and success in England (albeit as No.2)

    We have failed to go for the obvious choice since Ally was sacked and we have paid the price. I won't forgive the board if they ignore the obvious this time.

  8. Holy f**k!!Jack Ross or Stevie Robinson,We are in big trouble if this is the type of manager we want. We are trying to stop 10 in a row ffs.

    • Enlighten us then 1872 mate! I’m only going by his record in the SPL so far it stands in good credit.. If you’ve got a better Manager then let’s hear it ? Nigel Pearson from RW64 ain’t a bad shout as both Managers aren’t afraid to have players from lower leagues dig out a career in fitba…

    • Aye not a bad shout Bigjim he’s got PSV flying at the moment… But be realistic can you honestly seeing him leave for us?

  9. First choice Stewart McCall, second Tommy Wright. No nonsense football. F De Boer? Why is his name even being mentioned? but really?

    • Let's not mention FDB, world class footballer and 4 times title winner with Ajax. But let's mention Tommy Wright in his only managerial position and barely keeping St Johnstone above the relegation zone. And you thought our defence was bad have you seen theirs!!!

    • What, seven winless games and sacked makes him the ideal candidate. I dont think so. We have been through the Dutch phase. No more.

  10. Nigel Pearson would drag us up by the bollocks. No nonsense . No bullshit. Not my favourite by any means but i think he is the type of manager we need British and no talking absolute crap trying to kid our support on. WATP

    • He’s not a bad shout… It was his Foxes Team that Ranieri basically used to win the EPL..I would have him or Robinson as both are not afraid to work with players from the lower leagues not just show ponies..

  11. I honestly have no idea who I would want. What I really don’t want is one of the new method tippy tappy managers just like ped and warburton… and that rules out de Boer for me and that type of manager. We need a good old fashioned manager who will build from the back and not forget the defence until the last 24 hours of the transfer window. People will hate this cause both hate us but there teams are always hard to beat and fight for everything. But a manger like Lennon or Houston is what we need. I wouldn’t be upset with either as long as they put 100% in. But that type of manager is what I want to stabilise everything. Really we are only need two center backs to be a much stronger team in my opinion

  12. We need a Manager who understands :
    1. Rangers
    2. Scottish Football
    3. The Standards/Expectations/Pressures of being our Manager

    And for those fans bitching about
    Jack Ross…
    Hes a young scottish manager doing a good job with Saints
    Although I dont think hes ready for an OF Job yet if he keeps to the track hes on he will get there in a few years 👐

    We need a Boss who isnt gonna be 'Pals' with the players and who isnt gonna take any nonsense or slackers!

    …we need someone to come in and take the bull by the horns and give our club a serious shakedown…Like GS in 86'

    I Suggest we take Rangers back to the sands at Gullane and Run them til they puke and someone like Doche or Halliday will show them what it means to play for Rangers! 👍💙⚽

  13. "Rangers have been linked". Do please tell who has linked this loser to Rangers? It really wasn't worth writing the article. As for names mentioned WTF? Wright, Lennon, Houston, Ross etc. What chance do the board have of making the "right" appointment when fans are prepared to accept such diverse and ridiculous options.

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