Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Week from Hell

 Article by: Robbie
Well Well...

In all my life as a Ranger supporter I don’t think I have ever seen a week like the one we have had the misfortune to witness.

First an ex-player is slating us in a red top about the drinking culture at Ibrox.

Quickly followed by our ex captain and assistant manager David Weir also in the tabloids taking sniper shots at the club & team.

Barry Ferguson & Kris Boyd also having a dig at their former club in some shape or form; if they have nothing good to say about the club, say nothing!!

Only one I have total respect for right now is Ally, his silence is deafening, all he’s interested in is getting us back to where we should be.

Sunday; Wow what can I possibly say about the result that has not already been said? After 10 minutes I said to my mate something is seriously seriously wrong here. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching, dreadful!! Again turned to my mate and said well can’t get any worse than that can it! Oh dear how wrong can one man be?

Fast Forward >>>>>>>>
Tuesday; Two players suspended pending investigation for a heated argument with the manager at full time. I have heard a few different accounts of the events that unfolded, some suggesting it went further than words. We won’t comment on any of that as it is speculation, we will readdress that when there is confirmation of the facts at a later date. Rewind <<<<<<<<<

I have spoken to a few pure Rangers men with connections about it and one thing has come apparent from talking to them is the spat originated pre-lunch when the team was announced.

You all know where I’m going from here. Kenny Miller fully expected to start the game and when he didn't get his own way the seeds of chaos were sown. Again there’s a few stories what then took place but again speculation, and I will leave that to your own imagination.

For me, and I speak only for myself, Miller is a trouble maker and I have no doubt he contributed to causing unrest in the dressing room before a ball was kicked. Miller is now arguably finished as a Rangers player.

Wallace, what were you thinking? This incident in my opinion has no doubt put you on the transfer list. Staying in the stand would have been Dilly Dilly, allegedly backing him up was Silly Silly.

Murty; We all know he got it wrong BUT he’s a first year apprentice, they all make mistakes.

No man alive is bigger than the Famous Glasgow Rangers.

Let’s all draw a line under this and move on, big game coming up at the weekend with Hearts.

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