Pre-contract deal imminent for EPL midfielder – Sky Sources

Pre-contract deal imminent for EPL midfielder – Sky Sources

Sky Sources have tonight confirmed Scott Arfield will join Rangers in the summer on a pre-contract agreement and the deal is close to being confirmed imminently.

The 29-year old Burnley midfielder, who came through the ranks at Falkirk before becoming a fixture for current manager Sean Dyche’s men in 2013 has been linked with a move north from Turf Moor for some time, but this would present the first tangible confirmation of a deal being done.

The ex-Huddersfield player was heavily linked within the past day as moving on from Burnley, and now it appears the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been scored and the contract has been fast-tracked forward with the dotted line to reportedly be signed in a manner of less than a week.

It is the summer’s first major signing for Rangers, and presents an outstanding capture by Mark Allen, who has managed to secure an English Premier League level player on a free contract from the Clarets.

This was an opportunity Rangers couldn’t miss, and they have taken it with aplomb.

Well played.

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  1. he's mates with my Wee brother. he's not interested in coming back to Scotland. Who can blame him, money is too good down south & you are playing against better players week in week out.
    Why would we buy/sign any players until we have a manager sorted.

    • Because the manager doesn't sign the players these days. I'll take the experts at Sky Sports' word for it rather than your wee brother's. Don't suppose he's mates with a couple of centre backs by any chance? We could do with those.

    • Any good manager would ask for players and if they could get a player then they would sign him for manager,so did Murty ask for him or the new manager?.

    • Fulham John, I have spoken to him myself. So if you fancy a bet I will happily take it. Sky Sports 'sources' over the player himself saying he's not coming back to Scotland.
      Plus he's a celtic supporter

    • Would be A Huge Move but cant see it Happening 😏⚽

      Suprised Dyche hasnt been Linked to the Arsenal Job.

  2. I would say Sean dyche is a load of BS.
    These stories are coming out now to drive season ticket renewal.
    I won't be renewing mine until I know who the manager is. If we get another Pedro I will just get tickets per game.
    Totally fed up with the shite we have been hit with these past 2 years

  3. Why are players being acquired without a manager?

    And why are more midfielders being signed into the bargain? Madness.

    • Good God if next seasons manager and Allen ain't behind the scenes now sorting everything out were in deep deep shit.
      Hopefully announced very soon if possible!!

  4. Yas! …Buzzin for Scott to Sign Now! 😀👍💙⚽

    We just need to get rid of a few mids MOH, Rossiter, Pena, Dodoo, Dalcio etc

    And get some Centre Backs!

  5. Why do so many people sound upset on the comments on this story.

    We are looking at bringing in a player on a free. A player who is likely to improve us and doesn't pose too much of a risk.

    It's like you are always looking for a negative in a story and wanting to whinge.

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