Is this the REAL reason Alfredo Morelos has dipped?


Eagle-eyed Rangers fans may have spotted something amiss when substitute Alfredo Morelos came on in the second half yesterday afternoon:

His boots were no longer the dayglo green standout kickers he usually has, but were instead plain old bog-standard black.

Which begs the question:

Is Morelos current poor form/attitude down to losing a boot sponsor?

Don’t forget the impact sponsors have on a sportsperson’s career – and losing both the money from them and their interest in you can have a major impact on your mental attitude and form.

The fact you are sponsored by a Nike or Adidas is a fantastic endorsement itself from a huge company in your ability, reputation, and exposure, and the loss of that is a huge deal to any sports person.

Of course, there might have been an entirely innocent reason for the dramatic change in Morelos’ boots, but there is no question the kid was sullen even by his normal moody standards and those boots stood out a mile.

If we’re off base, no problem, but we cannot think of any other reason Morelos would not wear his trademark boots.


  1. Who Knows..?
    Think we should Sell him this Summer Anyways! ⚽✊

    His Head is Gone
    He doesnt care about Rangers 👊

  2. He looks very sullen at the moment and I think he sees his wage demands and chance of PL football dwindling with every chance missed.

    Would liked to have seen two upfront rather than Windass with Morelos bullying the defense and holding the ball and Cummings in the advanced striker role. Could have been a promising strikeforce worth £20m if they clicked.

    • Keep in mind he is from Latin America and he's probably hating life here. Different weather, culture and values. UK is not an easy place to live for some. He will be a billionaire in Columbia by now, assuming he hasn't squandered his wages.

    • Look I agree but there is NOT one team in a major leagues that plays with two up front: no one! Morelos doesn't deserve to be in team right now: End off!

  3. should have scored some of the chances he has had with no boots and I think Leigh Griffiths is a prick

  4. Could be that he is superstitious due to the amount of chances he has missed recently and therefore felt the need to change them and even though he looks a bit sulky I truly believe this guy will only get better with a proper manager in place for next season,and yes his misses against the unwashed were unforgivable but let's stick by him and see what he brings next season…watp Helicopter 2005

  5. don't matter lets keep him an he will be ok next season an talking about next season we need a manager for that an arsene wenger is free lets look at him an then win the trebgain some respect

  6. Morales in my opinion is just going through a plip. Name me a top strcker that has not been there. The lad still tries and was unlucky not to score in celtic and hearts game. Give him a break. He's still young and learning

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