Do Rangers fans want Allan McGregor back?


So as broke last night, a shock return for Hull’s Allan McGregor now appears to be in the closing stages.

Whether the deal goes through is as yet unclear and unknown, but reports are the Scotland keeper wants to be closer to his family – much like Steven Naismith did hence the ex-Rangers striker ended up at Hearts when Rangers rejected him.

But they’re not rejecting Hull City’s McGregor.

The simple act of sounding the former Rangers stopper out is a huge indictment in the direction of Wes Foderingham – the number one at Ibrox has his critics, and despite a strong groundswell of support among certain fans, he has never won the fanbase at large over.

His debut season in the SPL was unconvincing at best, and while there’s been a modicum of improvement this time around, any fan who would rather have Wes in goal over Allan McGregor, despite the latter’s age, is honestly a way of thinking we struggle badly to reconcile with.

There is simply no competition here, no argument in favour of the former, and while far from disgracing the shirt, the gulf in quality from McGregor down to Foderingham is vast.

The age would be a much bigger issue if McGregor was anything other than a goalkeeper – but we know fine well truly great goalies can even last into their 40s. Well, as long as they don’t disgrace themselves and incite violence against referees while encouraging death threats on them…

But, we digress.

Information is the man is close to signing a deal which will take him back north from the Tigers after being an ever-present at the KCOM albeit nothing has been agreed yet – quite how he would be received as a ‘deserter’ is less clear but we really doubt he would be greeted with much ignominy at all.

There just isn’t the toxicity around McGregor we see aimed at Naismith, Whittaker and, less fairly, Lafferty, and as such a return north would probably have little baggage at all.

Rangers are pretty underwhelming at the back, and a true leader who can command his box is definitely welcome – and Hull’s Nigel Adkins won’t really want to lose him.

It would be a better start to the season than Wes and Jak.



  1. We are not in a position to refuse a keeper of his quality. So much better than Fod and Jak. Hopefully they can learn from him for the next year or 2.

    • Stevie.
      Think Fods will be off to Leeds.
      But I'm with U hopefully young McCorie or Wilson our younger keepers will follow shagger through the ranks!

  2. Yes. Best keeper Scotland have. It will start to move us in the right direction, sick of listening to pundits claiming none of our players would get in their team. Well, shagger is better than gordon. So that's a start

  3. Wes has said he was thinking of going back to England at the end of last season , so if we can get some decent money in for him and get Alan McGregor as a replacement it would be great business , a no brainer .

  4. Shagger is still a class act just look at his last performance for Scotland. He’s twice the keeper Foderingham will ever be period. Young McCrorie could learn from him as Shagger had come through the youth too..

  5. I don't know or understand why he is not bracketed with the TBs (Traitorous B*st*rds) but for some reason he isn't – even by me. Go figure
    So I would take him back on the grounds of ability. As long as his wages are at our level, not his.

  6. We are Are joke. McGregor,Bartley,Gerard and McAurthur. We will be going backwards. Same old Rangers buy older players with no resale value.Lets build a team to stop 10iar. These signings are just a final pay day if they are true. Shambles.

  7. YES! With the Young Stoppers
    (McCrorie, Kelly as his no.2)
    Buying another GK as a No.2 to McGregor and who can replace McGregor as No.1 for the Long Term

    …and Sell Alnwick & Fodringham

  8. No problem with McGregor but I wouldn't sign him. Also, a bit of selective memory in the article – Fod was almost single-handedly responsible for keeping us in the top three last season. If there's money to be made and a view that an old-timer will still be able to do a job in the SPL for a couple of seasons, fair enough – but let's not fool ourselves that this would be an upgrade.

  9. Yes but keep Fod and have the two of them pushing each other for a place. We need competition in every position if we want to win the league

  10. Baffled why wes doesn’t get the respect he deserves,both of them are very very similar so why swop a 27 year old for a 36 year old. Unless wes has said he wants to leave & (who could blame him)
    i just dont get it. ????????

  11. Out of all the keepers in the world. We may chose a has been that never was! Hell no!!
    He is no where near the keeper he was. Some have short memories here,, he is absolutely gash at cross balls, he plants himself on his own line and has never commanded his 6 yard box. 36 year old?!! FFS, do we want to stop the beggars winning the 10 IAR???? or are we just going to keep signing shite until they win it!!
    It's a lazy and nonsense signing that will kill us next season. Where are the centre halves FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anybody at Ibrox feckin realise that our defence is absolutely gash!!!!!!!!!! And we want to sign McGregor??!!
    Next season is going to worse than this one, mark my words!

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