A deeply worrying influence at Ibrox


There is a worrying trend at Ibrox these days, and it isn’t what you think. While the quality of the team and calibre of manager isn’t at the level we expect from our Ibrox finest, something else deeply concerning has started to emerge within the bowels of the club and it needs rooted out.


From an Auchenhowie youth player (who will remain unnamed) actively supporting Celtic yesterday and making it public, to the fact the last two managers have been Celtic minded, we at Ibrox Noise are deeply concerned that far too much influence is being had on the club by those who are more inclined towards the Celtic way than the Rangers one.

We said yesterday how the performance proved Rangers men weren’t necessarily critical in the stages of growth of this club – that starting with four born Bears in the team saw the worst Old Firm display maybe of our lifetimes by an SPL Rangers – and this shows how we need the best men for the job rather than it mattering that they are Bluenoses.

But having a small and growing influence at the club which is more green and white than blue is simply wrong.

The stink deep in the corridors of Govan is becoming a real problem, and the board is doing a pathetic job of finding men who are worthy of the positions that matter at Ibrox.

Caixinha as we know vaunted his ‘Celtic Brothers’ a few years ago, while Murty was ‘proud’ to get Celtic for his testimonial and his whole father’s side of the family are Celtic.

And frankly we’re sick of all this.

This is not the days of exceptions like Mo Johnston and Neil McCann who were raised as Celtic fans but who were mighty for us as players, or Kenny McDowall who was a Celtic youth coach but stellar as Walter’s assistant.

No, we don’t mind individually great players etc – we don’t care who they support if they’re great for us.

But these days much of the fare coming in or being appointed is considerably below average, and if we’re going to have rubbish, we might as well have Bluenose rubbish than filling our rafters with mediocre men who have more in common with the East End than Govan.

Enough is enough. And the board really needs to vet better.

NB: We feel compelled to update this in light of some of the absurd replies we’re getting. Apparently being unhappy at sub-standard Celtic-minded men at our club is ‘gutter’ behaviour. 

We are deeply worried about our modern fanbase if sites objecting to sub-par Celtic minded men who bring the overall quality of the club down at our club are ‘gutter’.

To those who understood our point, well done, you appear to be in the minority.


  1. I really do not care who plays for Rangers or works for Rangers as long as they do their respective jobs properly.Unfortunately our club seems to be populated by incompetents from top to bottom.

  2. Sorry this is the kind of thing I’d expect on a Celtic page. Didn’t we bring in two new ex players youth coaches in January (Thomson being one can’t remeber the other) plus another ex coach as number two… that’s 3 new auditions since January who are rangers men

    • Gregory Vignal is the other coach, in all most of the backroom coaching staff are ex Gers players; JJ Johansson, Lovenkrands, Kirkwood, Thomson and Vignal plus others who assist in the day to day running at Auchenhowie.
      If the article is sound, I don’t have my doubts that it isn’t, then no matter what team you supported as a youth, you should be supporting the team you play for, pays your wages and gives you the coaching helping you develope your career.
      Players from the past like John Greig and Sandy Jardine were big Hearts fans, I certainly couldn’t have ever imagined they wanted Hearts to beat us. The same goes for Willie Wallace ex Celtic player grew up with photos of his heroes ( Rangers ) on his bedroom wall with Jimmy Miller his favourite and you can say anything you like but there was no way he would have wanted us to beat them. One other name comes to mind, Kenny Dalglish.
      We need consummate professionals playing for us, dedicated to the club for the duration of their Rangers career, if they aren’t supporting us, bin them.

    • To me there is a good core of rangers men around. As long as the rest give 100% I don’t care who they used to support

  3. There were a few celtic minded men when we were winning 9 in a row, difference is they were good at their jobs. This is the least of our problems right now !

  4. I agree with the general comments above.

    We have so many problems right now, this is not a fight worth starting

    • Dave King promised us £30m up front and more if needed out of his personal fund , he hasn't delivered , so he has lied for the 225th time , South Africa let him off with 100 plus charges .we are saying we need £20 million to win league ? Tierney is worth that alone and will go to man utd . They got that and more cl money , they aren't great but we aren't good , we need a new board .

  5. This is embarrassing. You're looking for any reason other than facing up to the obvious – there is no money. As a result the players are average at best and in a fight for second place with similar squads, but miles away from Celtic.

    There is no quick fix. Celtic will dominate for years.

  6. Who is the youth? 🤔⚽💙
    …whoever he is …Release him!

    The Myth that we need Bluenoses at the Helm got truly Annihilated yesterday

    We dont need Bluenoses
    We need a Professional manager who wont accept slacking and wont be pals with the players!
    We need someone to get us winning again! 🤔⚽💙

  7. Another dumb article. We have signed weak, old Rangers supporting players for way too much money as part of the latest knee jerk strategy which is a response to the last failed knee jerk strategy. Look at the overall cost of that Celtic team that ran over the top of us and humiliated us again, it is not that much. We need to use common sense, we should have signed Brown not Thompson back then and should try to sign John McGinn. Years in him to get better and he's a tiger in midfield with talent. Sign less at higher quality with less risk. Simple really

    • We did try to sign Brown if I remeber. Didn’t we have a bud accepted for £4million but then Celtic came in and offered £4m Just for brown and hibs shoved him there

    • Craig, for someone accusing the article of a lack of intelligence, your willful misunderstanding of it is worse. At no point in the article did we complain about the lack of Rangers men, indeed, we pointed out that didn't mean much. what worries us is the amount of Celtic men at our club who aren't helping to make it better.

  8. If we seriously want to fix the back staff I’d have Barrie and muculloch back at training on Coach contracts tomorrow. Think they would tear some of the players new ones…

  9. Ibrox noise,your words were graeme murty was 'proud' to get celtic for his testimonial!So i'll reiterate again,in graeme murty's testimonial he didn't get celtic mate!

    • Correct. We didn't say that's who he ended up getting, we just said he was delighted they were lined up.


  10. What concerns me is the apparent disrespect of Halliday and Candelias towards the manager in full view of supporters. It could be interpreted as a measure of their intensity and playing for the jersey, but implies that they have lost respect for Murty. These scenes should be kept for the dressing room debrief.

    • I don’t think Candelas was angry at the manager, I think he was annoyed that he was taken off after the red card.
      Halliday now there’s a different story, I don’t think kissing the badge is enough, the lad just has not got the talent to be a rangers player. Aye he can play football but not at a high enough standard. We can’t afford to have people like that at the club EVERY sub on the bench MUST be able to come on the pitch and do a job for the team.
      As for showing disrespect to the manager well that’s totally unacceptable in my view, yes Murty got it all wrong on Sunday, I don’t think he’s now the man for the job just now! He seems a good guy but the job is just far to early in his managerial career. BUT remember he was FORCED into the position I picked up the challenge put in front of him done what he could so I’m not going to slate him to much.
      I’m gutted we lost to them hell im gutted EVERYTIME we loose, the next manager or players we sign MUST be the right fit, we can’t afford for it not to be, financially and for every Rangers fans nerves.

  11. So are you suggesting that Murty and this unnamed youth player are actively undermining Rangers? Lets leave the paranoia to the other lot. Joke "article"

  12. Ibroxnoise my point was that we need winners at the Club it shouldn’t matter a rats arse what Team they’ve supported as long as we win… By all means complain about the standard but a Celtic conspiracy at Rangers – I’d expect that aff them lads….

  13. no one at 20s level respected murty he was a yes man for craig mullholland could not choose a team unless it was vetted could not sub a player unless it was sanctioned by craig mullholland and his influence over murty a disgrace

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