What on EARTH is going on with Graham Dorrans?


This one has Rangers fans tearing their hair out in frustration. And the curious irony is Graeme Murty wasn’t the first manager to be guilty of it. Pedro was at it too.

Why do these managers continue to waste one of Rangers’ potentially most potent assets by shoehorning Graham Dorrans into defensive midfield?!

We are completely, utterly, totally, absolutely and entirely at a loss as to why Dorrans has been forced into a role he is clearly terrible at and is simply isn’t allowed to sit in the attacking areas.

This is a guy who has done it for Scotland a dozen times, who has done it at the highest levels of English football for years, and who clearly is a cut above in quality.

If played in the correct position.

Like Pedro before him, Graeme Murty has brought Dorrans back and plonked him straight next to Greg Docherty, which has not only disrupted Dorrans’ own game, but absolutely destroyed Docherty’s too.

Docherty is deeply struggling right now, and misses having a proper DM next to him as Sean Goss was.

Instead we have Dorrans looking lost, and his only meaningful contribution yesterday was an attempted hatchet job which he failed at and got booked for.

It is simply impalpable to watch a high-quality £1.5M signing worthy of the EPL being absolutely wasted in a terrible position.

The worse irony is even when Josh Windass got injured and we at Ibrox Noise assumed Dorrans would just replace him in the number 10, he didn’t! He remained where he was, isolated and out of touch, and instead it was Kenny Miller who got that place!

It is simply unfathomable logic, inexplicable stupidity, and a perversely dreadful use of resources which are being completely ruined by horrendous management.

We don’t expect Dorrans to be Messi, but we do expect him to have the chance to play in his best slot – he can do nothing behind the centre circle, and it’s ruining him, Docherty, and Rangers as a whole.

But hey, what do we know?


  1. Dorrans,what about the f*ckin rest,this shower of shite isnt worth talking about,waste of space,they can all go tae f*ck,i think we should ask for our money back,they all need a good boot in the baws embarrassment they are,next manager better be a hardman no more fannies

    • Could it possibly be that, now the wrong side of 30, Dorrans no longer has it in him to play in more forward roles. While at WBA and Norwich (and also for Scotland), he played mainly on the right side of midfield – he was never a number 10. There seems no other logic why he plays as a deep-lying defensive midfield player – a position he clearly cannot play.

  2. Totally agree. Like Murty, but its time he moved aside. Decisions of his, like this one, don't do our team any favours. We need our best players in their best positions.

    On a slight change of tack, can someone explain to me Wes Foderingham's impunity?
    When is the last time any one said that he has saved us from conceding a goal, or won us a point? I don't understand why he's touting himself for an England cap! Rogic scored the same goal against us each time, Wes is nowhere near it. He's a liability when the ball is crossed in, his shot stopping is his best asset and it's still not even that good. He's played with numerous defences and nothing has worked. He's good with his feet though!

    Usually don't like moaning about our players, especially when you see how it can affect their confidence. Feel that Josh Windass would do better with our support. But we need to improve our goalkeeper.

    • I’ve never rated him.. He’s cost us more points than enough that said the whole defence is utter shite which doesn’t help him either..

      I’d have Shagger back in a heartbeat and young McCrorie next season as his deputy – who better a keeper to learn from..

  3. i agree 100%….. It's absolutely bizarre. Hopefully if we one day get a proper first team football manager then these types of strange things won't happen!!

  4. This just isnt about Dorrans Murty has got it wrong with lots of seletions . He had no plan yesterday ..at all . The subsotution of Halliday for Windass !! reeked of despiration and of a man out of his depth. Young Mc Corrie was being bullied all of the 1st half by Dembele .. Martin a f***kin disgrace stood by and let him be sacrficed ..Martin should nevere wear a Rangers jersey again.. he is not alone ! Windass was as usual ineffective . Rodgers had the uperhand right from the get go he knew the weakness and explioted it to the full ! The end of the season will be what ever it is .. not sure if we can hold the 2nd spot … The Board have already said they are going nowwhere and given the share percentatges it will be difficult to remove any of them .. especially those who have 18 Million in Soft Loans due … The 3 man selection for Caxinha started this mess . There are a couple of decent young players with potential at Ibrox Docherty Mc Crorrie and Young … but they need leadership and to play along side better players Murphy and Dorrans Jack need to step up as for Morelos Im not sure what we do with him now as we wouldnt get any interest ….The rest !!!!!

  5. Every Rangers fan I spoke to agrees with this article, not only is he the proverbial square peg in a round hole, he is also trying to get up to match fitness and as we all know Hampden can be a hard place to play if not fully match fit, but to ask him to play in this position is a grave error.
    Prior to his injury and at the Parkhead game McCrorie played well in this position and would maybe have been his best position yesterday as he had an awful performance as a centre half.
    I said before I saw the team selection yesterday, an experienced side had to be fielded, with Alves, Holt, Miller starting with McCrorie in the holding midfield role possibly with Holt beside him or Candias, Holt, Miller and Murphy in front playing a 4 1 4 1 formation or diamond, depending on how the game was panning out.
    These are only my interpretations, so don’t crucify me for my own ideas, I won’t comment disrespectfully to others.
    With this formation, after 60 mins depending how the team is performing introducing Dorrans to replace Millerwould be beneficial for him and Rangers.

    • I certainly don't crucify your thoughts. For what it's worth, I would also have started with Miller. Yes, we know he is at the end of a brilliant career but we don't have another player who could link attack with midfield – certainly not any of those on show yesterday. Re young McCrory, who I rate, he had a nightmare 45 mins – every bit as bad as Martin. When Murty took off Halliday (a right move in my opinion) I would have moved McCrory to defensive midfield and brought on Alves. Similarly, I would have brought on Miller AND Windass, at the start of the second half; for Candeis (who was been played as an inside forward ???) and Dorrans. Desperate times deserve desperate measures. At the end of the day, I only gave pass-marks to Docherty and Tavenier

  6. The worst bit is last week against Dundee dorrans was stinking and then on came
    Hailday who slotted in beside Docherty and gave us bite in the middle and allowed dorrans to go futher forward and we then tore them
    A new one. I expected the same yesterday and instead hailday is futher up and Dorrans and Docherty were together. Terrible tactics but that said our 3 big experience international players… dorrans, Martin and murphey were once again awol in a big game

  7. okay we lost but only to two soft penalties, a weak kick from Martin and poor defending for the first one (5 rangers players were around rogic). keep supporting until end of season when we get a lift with new manager and players. we need second place and the extra money it brings. next season, lets slowly but steadily build a team to match septic, a team that can defend first with lots of attacking options. i say slow because, there is a lot to be done.

    • I have taken my blue tinted glasses off m8 i suggest you do the same. At no point in time is that performance acceptable. How about building a team who will fight , tackle , defend , and give 100% for our club. A lack of quality you can accept. A young player learning his trade you can accept. A Rangers team lacking bottle , desire and 100% effort is unacceptable. We are suppose to be READY. This should be painted in our home dressing room.
      Bill Struth
      To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.

      “Our very success, gained you will agree by skill, will draw more people than ever to see it. And that will benefit many more clubs than Rangers. Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us. We will never hide from it. Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity.

      “No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the gallant pioneers.” WATP

    • It might've been two soft penalties and some sh*te defending that lead to us being 4 goals down, but the fact is, it could've been a lot worse. We were totally outplayed yesterday and the only 10-15 minute spell where we looked like scoring, was caused by them taking the foot off the gas.

    • If only the Rangers team and Murty had watched Motherwells performance on the Saturday, that was how a team fights for a result with limited resources.

  8. It's difficult to know where to begin… Rodgers is a good manager, too good for Murty as has already been proven. You knew Dembele would play, I knew he would play, everyone knew he would play so why did murty not prepare for this by playing Alves from the start instead of Mcrorie? You named the best suited starting 11 for this game, I knew what the starting 11 should have been, Everyone knew it should have been Alves and Martin in the centre and Mcrorie sitting in front of them… everyone knew except murty! He's insistent on playing players out of position! I've said so many times Dorrans isn't a fuckin defensive midfielder! What's so difficult about taking that in and playing players is correct natural position?? Martin was bad but even he is playing on the wrong side of the 2! There so much wrong with murtys management that I could be here all day! Absolute embarrassment! We need a real "manager" NOW!

  9. You can talk about formations, tactics, Murty and square pegs in round holes all you like – for me this game was lost the moment our players 'celebrated' being drawn against them.

    Had Celtic turned up 'half-assed' and produced the type of displays they have in recent games, including the 2-3 @Ibrox, we may have had half a chance. But no – we had to give them all the motivation they ever needed to turn up in a determined mood, and got our ass well and truly handed to us.

    Harsh lesson to be learned by the players here – shut to fuck up and do your talking on the field! Sadly they barely had to break sweat to dismantle us yesterday, and tbh I don't think we would have got past M'Well or the sheep lovers playing like that.

  10. Considering Dorrans played mostly as a deep lying playmaker at Norwich I would suggest he's not being played in the wrong position.
    His poor performances may be because he's playing in a two man centre midfield, where he most often played in a three.

  11. I'm totally singing off the same hymn sheet,as ibrox noise,regarding where our best midfielder imo,graham dorrans should be playing.Doza was superb against hearts in the 2nd half yesterday.He totally dominated the midfield.He has the killer pass in him and is by far more comfortable playing as an offensive midfielder,as opposed to playing as a defensive midfielder,without any shadow of a doubt,in my eyes.Have no doubt about it dorrans is a really good midfielder,who also has goals in him.

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