Sunday, 22 April 2018

2012 Rangers 'deserter' makes incredible admission about departure

Former Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty has admitted for the first time his regret over how he left and how he now believes he got bad advice in being told to leave.

Speaking about 2012’s nightmare spell for Rangers, the Hearts striker revealed that he would have stayed but for better counsel from wiser sources.

He said:

“I had great memories, great times, looking back on it now I’d have done things differently, I was a young lad and I maybe wasn’t given the best advice to move on.”

This is the first time a ‘deserter’ has essentially admitted they made a mistake and would have stayed if they had received better advice from people who probably didn’t know the best course for his career.

His former team mate Steven Naismith made headlines for saying he was happy with how it turned out, but Lafferty, who Ibrox Noise has always stuck up for, has gone the other way in mournful regret over what he did and whose advice he took

He is one of us and always will be.

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