Alfredo Morelos couldn’t care less, and fans aren’t exactly thrilled with him


Rangers put in a better shift today, if nothing magical, to secure three points against a stubborn Hearts, but it was the attitude and demeanour of striker Alfredo Morelos which got tongues wagging.

His ‘warm up’, if you can call it that, pre-match, when the 21-year old Colombian striker was named as a sub, consisted of lightly tapping the ball around a 20-yard radius in a manner which suggested he’d rather be doing anything else, and Rangers fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the impression he gave off.

Sour-faced in the dugout, and forcing himself grim-faced to take part in an otherwise cheery Daniel Candeias-inspired celebration for the second goal, Morelos continues to look as happy to be at Ibrox as we are to have him at the club these days.

We also wonder if the young man’s mood has been helped by potential loss of sponsorship, due to the absence of his trademark colourful boots replaced by bog-standard black ones.

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for the sheer moodiness and evident immaturity the lad showed today.


  1. Just showing his age. Nothing more really. Though Candeias celebration I thought was interesting. Straight to hailday who I thought helped a lot when he came on. Windas on the other hand was missing as usual

  2. Stop playing Windass and play Morelos in midfield. JC upfront.
    Morelos is more suited to a midfield role. It's so simple to understand.

    • Morelos doesn't have the movement, the determination, the tackling or the passing ability to play in midfield. How anyone can say otherwise is nothing short of ridiculous.

    • Agree 100%! Morelos in midfield! Give me a break. He can't pass the ball and chases around like a headless chicken. One player who deserved a lot of credit today but no-one mentioned is Holt. He had a breathable he keeps the ball moving, find spaces and is tirwless. Is it any wonder that Fire and had his best game in months. Holt's presence enabled him to take the handcuffs off and cover more ground, offensively, than we've seen of him to date. Those two, together in midfield, are a MUST for next weejend!

  3. I don't see that today. Morelos should have ven listing from the start. A straight change out from the utterly useless Windass. His stent at goo early doors was enough. His inclusion is our penalty. One man down. The celebration ofCandias was disrespectful. Ran past Murty to hug Halliday. Might well have been coincidence but it looked bad. A much better performance today and I wondered is Docherty the problem? Dorrans had such a better game and even better in the latter stages add he moved further up the park where he us most suited

    • Think u will find that candias tapped Murray on the side on his way to the bench!! The guy was trying to show there is a solidarity within the team unlike how the press have portrayed it this week!!candias has bn a stand out all season & proved with his celebration that he wants the team to succeed as much as himself & that's exactly what we need to see more of from every player!!

    • ur point stuart needs to be highlighted. most of the team is trying and they are behind murty if we have any chance o 2nd us fans have to help and support not bithchin abt shite that folk dont know the truth abt!!!!

    • Holt made the difference. That enabled Dorrans to cover much more ground, in midfield, than we've seen all season. It looked like he had removed the shackles that kept him rooted in a very deep midfield role. Either that or he ignored Murty and did his own thing. More please, alongside Holt, next weekend!

  4. Cummings scored a goal. Was about All he done. But it was Candieas that made it. Cummings has proved that he cannot do the loan striker running around like Morelos can

    • I must have been watching a different game. I thought Cummings played well and would have had two if not for an injury prior to his chance with just the goalkeeper to beat. Created breakthroughs on either wing as well as performing well in the middle. Did Windass's job as well as his own for the full duration he was on the pitch. How much more do you want from a guy who can't be matchfit. Dorrans at last getting there and oh what a difference. It takes a few games.

  5. Morelos is only interested on himself and playing for himself, team game mate, back to a smaller club for him I feel, gutted we missed the payday on that one!!

  6. It's looking more like we should have sold Morelos to China when we had the chance. Nobody is going to pay big money for a player with a chip on his shoulder.

    • That was fantasy Mr King would have bit your hand off for 5 million and on his last performances you'll be lucky if anyone even makes an offer oh and Pena is on his way back to pick up his 30000 a week

  7. The boy just wants to play and score goals plus he’s Columbian so he’s not got the happiest of grids at being benched. Yet he stillmanaged to get a shot on target in the short time he was on the pitch – even though Holt was screaming ( I’ll get back to his performance later ).

    Morelos is critised for missing sitters ( and yes a few ) but I think this is to divert attention away from Cummings open goal effort. I thought Cummings worked his arse off and took his goal superbly in fact. That said he should’ve had two today but his effort was still it was on target but straight at keeper. Windass was another disappearing act and often lazy during the game which highlights why he’s not liked.

    Holt broke up play well in the second half but his composure goes out the window in the final third – that’s why Morelos wouldn’t have passed. Holt could’ve had a shot at goal earlier but played a shite pass to Cummings wasting his own good play.

    Candias played a blinder today and Murty was happy with his player going to the bench to celebrate his goal with Halliday and co. Alnwick looked a hundred times more confident in goals than Foderingham and his distribution was fantastic even when he slipped. Couldn’t blame him for the goal that was just bad defending by Dorrans ducking. Dorrans I thought played better in the second half as very quiet in the first still to deep.

    A better performance but don’t be fooled Hearts were just as bad as us in the first half last wk. Morelos & Cummings upfront next Sunday it would give them something to think about that’s for sure 🤔

  8. Said all along we should have snapped the arm of the Chinese mob and spent the money back into investing a new squad, could have done so much more with 8 million as we won't receive anything close to that kind of offer again.

  9. There’s more Dirt fans commenting on here than the usual mugs on the Paper sites. Shower of obsessed pricks! Sort it out IN

  10. T H E R E. W A S

    N O. M O R E L O S

    B I D.

    a grumpy young fella. Send the cunt to my psychiatrist. Been going for tears and I would work my ass off for Rangers

    Oops I'm disabled and 60

    Still got out though. Psychiatrist doesn't agree.

    Where'd I put my teeth

  11. Just Sell Him in the Summer
    His Head is Gone!
    He doesnt give a shit about Rangers!

    Then the money we gt for him we can put towards a couple of CBs and McBurnie! ⚽👍💙

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