2012 Rangers ‘deserter’ makes incredible admission about departure


Former Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty has admitted for the first time his regret over how he left and how he now believes he got bad advice in being told to leave.

Speaking about 2012’s nightmare spell for Rangers, the Hearts striker revealed that he would have stayed but for better counsel from wiser sources.

He said:

“I had great memories, great times, looking back on it now I’d have done things differently, I was a young lad and I maybe wasn’t given the best advice to move on.”

This is the first time a ‘deserter’ has essentially admitted they made a mistake and would have stayed if they had received better advice from people who probably didn’t know the best course for his career.

His former team mate Steven Naismith made headlines for saying he was happy with how it turned out, but Lafferty, who Ibrox Noise has always stuck up for, has gone the other way in mournful regret over what he did and whose advice he took

He is one of us and always will be.


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    How could he have took bad advice he went to Fraser Wishart the PFA union and Margaret Gribbons Unionline TUPE employment law, and she advised them with Wishart we were a new club, end of he ripped up his contract.

    • Alex, we think you've just quoted the bad advice. We weren't a new club. That's the point.

    • Alex, we think you've just quoted the bad advice. We weren't a new club. That's the point.

      I know what you are saying but how can you TUPE if we are not a new club, i am happy to admit we got liquidated mate my old man lost his debentures, he invested in the club, the club that was incorporated, if he was not so stubborn i would have took his case to court.he just shrugged it off, they all took the opportunity to bolt and did it legally, Green conned us with Ally and sold us a pup he took the 20 million and pissed off, too many of us have our heads in the sand, we need to man up and take whats rest back or we are getting shafted again, i am not in a hurry to renew whilst that clownshoe is in the boardroom.

  2. Shame they couldn’t transfer over and be sold like Davis and a few others. But in hindsight it doesn’t make too much difference since green and co made the money disappear anyway.

  3. we turn on our own while whyte ,green and others were ravaging our club and not a prosecution n sight. biggest sttch up ever, f*****g ubelieveable.

  4. The Club remains but its business entity is different.

    in all this my gripe lays with HMRC to this day, Why

    Well, why would you close down a company that earns upwards of 30M+ every year??? Really what was the point in all that? what did HMRC round up? 49M and not the 130M the papers where thrown around.

    and lastly, Green got the lot if i can remember correctly for 5.5M, a fee, the blue knights and so on where dragging thier heels to match. I bet now Paul Murray will be thinking what a monumental mistake that was.

    Its been one bad chain of events to another and it still fuckin hurts to the core.

    • Mate i manned up years ago, i went through company house for my old man, he invested in a contract in black and white for his club not a company, he would have told a company to feck off, he is not stupid he invested like others in the whole deal company house gave me a letter staing incorporated and its the same letter that made onto the web.
      mate we had to cancel a game with Kelty Hearts because we were not registered, how can we be the same, if we don't accept this we are going to be at the mercy of these tossers who pull out the WATP and no surrender when they want more cash, i am not going back my old man is, he says it is what is in his heart and cares not a jot, he is old school and still talks of bygone days. We are not waht we were and i don't give a shit saying it anymore, next week we are supposed to roll up and take pelters whilst the board will be sitting drinking with the hosts and lording up the sannies layed out for them, piss off had enough. The quicker we accept we do not neeed these cnuts and do what hearts did or something the better.BTW HMRC had no choice in the matter and that Bestard King had us knocking back the CVA remember that wee sly cnut, put us into liquidation telling us to boycott so he could pick up and play on our heartstrings and make money then piss off. He is not a RRM he is a connong shete.

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