Rangers must re-visit £600,000 target


Anyone watching Kilmarnock’s entertaining draw with Hibernian cannot have failed to be impressed with the enterprising play of Northern Ireland’s English-born Jordan Jones.

Following the transfer window debacle a few weeks ago, the pacy flanker/midfielder did not make his way to Ibrox, instead remaining at Rugby Park after both Steve Clarke and Kris Boyd berated Rangers for only offering £300,000.

While at the time their response really was a bit over the top, anyone who saw Jones’ incredible goal in that match must attest the lad has something, and something Rangers could use.

Graeme Murty has only Jamie Murphy as a viable option on the left – we will cover Michael O’Halloran in a separate piece, but for now, the 28-year old is Rangers’ main and really only major choice for that area, and that needs addressing.

Clarke was vividly unhappy with Rangers’ offer, and while we were hardly impressed with his response, on reflection, if Rangers were to go back in for the lad it would be correct to offer closer to what he is worth, which would be circa £600,0000.

Jones is out of contract in summer 2019 and Kilmarnock are already at risk of losing him for considerably less than his value, and it is evident the 23-year old has his eyes set on greater ambitions than Killie.

This is an opportunity for Rangers to supplement the squad with a high-quality addition, a promising player with an eye for goal who can provide support for Jamie Murphy and even competition for him – as brilliantly as the Brighton loanee is doing, we cannot let him get complacent with it.

This summer Rangers should continue to hoover up the best players in the SPL – they did a fine job recruiting Greg Docherty for starters, and Jones should be the next on the list.


  1. We have a better prospect in young Glen Middleton plus he’s a bluenose IN so for that reason naw. He didn’t come here to play in a development team, he’s wanting first team fitba so will be very hungry to succeed at Rangers.

    He had a good game against Hibs but that’s been about it so far. Defo wouldn’t go for Jones at 28 he’d be a squad player at most.. What re sale value would there be in him?

  2. If my memory serves me right did you not tell us the Jordon jones wasn’t worth the initial bid of £300,000. Also that Rangers should Be looking at players from s higher level not SPFL! Amazing what a goal can do, we should have paid the money in January instead of trying to get the lad for nothing. Could be the difference between us winning the league from they tramps this season 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. Amazing what scoring a cracking goal can do for your reputation. Jones may be a decent player but he definitely doesn't score enough so he doesn't have an eye for goal as IN said. I think £300k was a decent opening bid which we would probably have increased but for their attitude. Maybe we could go in with an improved offer in the summer but not for more than £600k as he is closer still to leaving for nothing. Remember we would likely be buying him as a back up to Murphy.

  4. "it is evident the 23-year old has his eyes set on greater ambitions than Killie" Show me one article that proves that statement. The boy has continually said he is happy at Killie as they were the team that saved him from the scrap heap. He will only go if and when Killie get an offer they cant refuse. There no longer a team that's millions in debt and will take any sort of offer.

  5. No, No, No
    I would be looking at other Options
    I would not be shopping at Killie
    Dont Rate Jones at All
    Killie Can Go Take a Running Jump! ✊

    But if we are talking about buying up young SPL Talent …John McGinn?

  6. Jordon Jones was responsible for the win Killie had against Celtic, he had a great game and more since.
    Thought he was a blue nose ?

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