The Jason Cummings dilemma


Most readers to the site will know just how highly we rate Jason Cummings. We’ve said it time and time again, and we viewed him as the best signing since 2012. We still do.

The thing is, as is obvious to anyone with eyes, Cummings is not in favour. The lad joined Graeme Murty’s Rangers with a view to becoming a regular first-team fixture and it has not happened.

We covered this a few entries ago, that it could be a problem, and the fact is as long as Murty persists with his 4-2-3-1 formation, Cummings will play second fiddle to Alfredo Morelos and will have to make do with a place on the bench.

There are a number of ways of looking at this.

Firstly, the player himself must be astonishingly frustrated – he did not come to Ibrox to park his backside – even fans (like us) got excited about the signing, assuming he would be a fixture up front. He instantly became a favourite, and his debut cameo at Ross County could not have gone better. But he has been more out of the team than in, making do mostly with sub appearances. He left Nottingham Forest to get first team football, and is not really getting it.

Secondly, the undoubted fact that Morelos is (mostly) doing it up front – the lad is the SPL’s top scorer and it’s hard to drop a player in some stellar form. The odd poorer game aside, the kid is delivering. How do you drop a player in this kind of mood?

The only solution right now is the 4-4-2 Murty tried to decent effect at Somerset Park. Pairing the two of them is a reasonable answer but while the manager has confirmed he’s open to doing so, why change the 4-2-3-1 while it’s clearly working? There is no obvious reason to alter a currently winning formula.

It seems to us Cummings has to wait. He will be antsy as hell, yes, and will be endemically annoyed at barely getting to play, but right now, as big fans as we are of his obvious ability and thrust for the game, we have to accept, like he does, that unless a particular fixture calls for a pairing up top, Cummings must content himself with being a squad player.

But longer term is of course where things get interesting. Rangers are very likely to cement the signing this summer, and with Alfredo Morelos certain to move on, it removes an ‘obstacle’. Cummings will surely become first-choice striker at that point, an inexpensive yet capable replacement for the Colombian, and as long as Murty tweaks the formation just a tad, we will finally see the Jason Cummings we signed.

For now though, fleeting appearances aside, we must accept him as a bench player.

It is an extremely unfortunate situation, but we cannot argue we don’t have quality cover for Morelos.


  1. Yip, got to agree Morelos is the highest goal score but he is also the highest miser of chance after chance every match. That for me is the real issue with the kid and Murty is obviously showing him loyalty. Maybe that loyalty is to keep him in the Chinese eye which I hope is the case. We should take their next offer and bank it. On Saturday Cummings or even Kenny Miller would have score some of those chances and we cannot continue to miss chance after chance…certainly not in the selic match! We are grinding out results and if we took more chances life would be a lot easier for the team. It will be the same tonight, packed defence and we need a sharp shooter…try Cummings tonight Mr Murty.

    On another front Mr Murty you are showing way to much commitment to Windass. He was criminal against Heart…we should be calling him 'miss Windass'!! He has had more support from the boss than any other player in the squad!!

    Finally, do not give Alves a place in the team. He bottled against selic!!

    • Do you want to manage the team and call all the shots. Give morelos a break ffs he is only a young lad he is learning his trade. In another 3/4 years he could be world class.

    • Miss windass, alves is a bottler and Morelos misses too many chances? Only thing that's criminal is your "support". Hopefully you don't go to Ibrox with that mentality!

    • Blue.
      Miller or Cummings instead of Escobar WTF is that about?
      Not Windass greatest fan but as long as he's hitting the onion bag how can he be dropped

  2. We have to play Cummings…he has to play with Morelus also( for now).
    Cummings WANTS to be here, Morelus doesnt…..thats why Murty should play them BOTH..
    until Morelus leaves.If that means changing our formation then we should adapt that.

  3. It is very frustrating, was desperate to see him play for us and guarantee a long term contract. As you say, Morelos can't be dropped, he's playing well even if he doesn't score. However, with the upcoming old firm game I'd start Cummings tonight to give him game time, rest Morelos then play 2 of them up front against Falkirk. The 2 of them will be bursting to impress to be upfront against septic. Options for the gaffer! WATP

  4. The thing with these two lads – it's all about potential. I hope Cummings works out but so far, he's proved only that he can play in the Championship up here. The step up to the English Champoinship is massive from the SPL, so dropping back a bit might help him enormously. But he has to convince the gaffer that it's worth changing a so-far successful formula and that he's worth it – nobody has a right to play. I've never been sure with the attitude of Morelos but he usually puts a shift in, has been scoring and has previously only played at an even lower level than Cummings. Nice problem to have – I'd like to see more of JC but am quite happy with how it's being handled so far…..

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