Has this Rangers star become unsellable?

Has this Rangers star become unsellable?

Like most of the fanbase, we here at Ibrox Noise have been rather divided by young Josh Windass. Opinions within us range from loving him to struggling to comprehend him, and frequent ire at him.

So, we have to say, the ones among us who love him can count themselves as having a potential new member, as I have to say, he has become indispensible to this Rangers cause.

When Windass first joined, I was impressed greatly by his finishing and pace, but that was pre-season 2016 when Rangers rampaged through the mighty lower league opposition of the League Cup group format.

We even put out an article suggesting the team should be built around him, and that the lad had such incredible potential; over the following 19 months though there have been ups, and downs, and we admit to a level of fickle over him as is the prerogative of football fans. We are an emotional lot and we admit that.

But today’s display nailed it for us completely. Josh Windass has become absolutely undroppable, and if we proposed back in the day about building around him, well Graeme Murty clearly is.

There was something about Windass today that we’ve just not seen before – we connected far more with him than we’ve done before, and seeing him rattle in a hat trick was the least the kid deserved.

He always seems to be in the right place to score, in the right body shape to take the shot, and but for decent goalkeeping and imperfect finishing, he could have even bagged five goals for himself.

As my colleague, a rampant Windass fan Richard has pointed out too, the lad makes plenty of assists as well, with 8 and counting so far this season. So, increasingly he is dispelling the notion of playing for himself.

Today was the day we think Windass won over the Rangers support once and for all. He has had to play out his skin and score like his life depended on it, but it so happens he’s able to – he’s able to deliver at a high level and few have thrived under Murty like he has.

We do have slight concerns about the future of Jason Cummings – we love the lad but he will never fit in in Murty’s preferred formation of 4-2-3-1, and that’s a problem.

But, we just can’t complain if the team keeps winning like this.

Just…sort that defence out would you lads?

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  1. I agree on Windass, but we need to look ahead. We are likely to lose Morelos and Windass in the next 18-24 months. So can we then find the flexibility to adapt to build a side round Cummings? If he does well, we will then have to replace him.

    This is the future. I would propose a move for McBurnie in the summer, or rather now as he is in the last 6 months of his contract and we can offer him a pre-contract. I would also sign Hardie up. Give him a two year contract and a chance to prove himself. He is over 6 foot, so if he bulks up a bit could play up front on his own. Send him on loan to a bottom 6 SPL team for next season, see how he does when he has to struggle. If he does well enough bring him back. If he doesn't, sell him for what we can get. He is worth money, more than 2 years wages

    • Hardie has loads of development left in him but its up to him how far he goes in the game.
      He can work hard in the gym on his physique and individually on the finer aspects of his game after his club training is done, or he can choose to what a lot of other young players do with potential and do nothing.
      He needs games though and i totally agree with ScotsWhaHae, give him a new contract and loan him to an SPL club.
      At the very least Rangers should be looking to recoup the money spent on his development to date.

  2. It was only a few weeks ago when clubs were sniffing around Windass that many on this site were saying bite their hand off for £1m. Now with 9 goals in 5 games there would be an uproar. Would you sell him for £3m now?
    Which leads me to Morelos. If he can hit 25+ goals this season and get into the Colombian World Cup squad then the figures being quoted now will be very modest starting bids. Goals talk!!!

  3. Windass & Morelos are on fire and long may it continue, you’re forgetting the Buffalo with his assists too today. I agree with Rob above regards the two of them.

    Murty might play 4-4-2 in the Cup games but it’s going to be hard for Cummings to split those two right now.. It's a great posistion to be in right now with the squad and form..

    Still think we need another CB of quality, as still not convinced with Martin but I’m being mega critical ( not his best game today ).

  4. Regard Jason cummings fitting in comment we should be a team who dont have one formation the shape of the team should be flexible so we can adopt to suit what opposition we play against and also the manager should have the nous to change it in game time and adapt as required We had Warburton stating that all the teams in Rangers setup would play four three three therefore the opposition were told in advance how we would be set up and they knew how to counteract our formation the modern game is about flexibility

  5. We are now seeing Windass play in his proper position. Moreles and Josh seem to be beginning to hit it off with terrific input as a great 1st half performance from Murphy

  6. You really are a fickle bunch. From day one, and before that watching his pre Rangers videos,I genuinely had no doubt that Windlass is the real deal. But on this forum and others, many have (on the basis of very little…) condemned Windass. I remember, even after he'd scored a hat-trick, that some fans (fannies would be a more apt description) had a go at him for not chasing down a ball he had no chance of getting. Pathetic! He is, by far, the most skilled player at Rangers. For Gods sake be grateful for what we have i.e. a star – probably the best since the second Smith era!

  7. Need to use Cummings in home games in a 4-4-2 and keep him on bench for away games. Similar to what Walter did with Boyd – played up with Miller in games where we expected to dominate possession but dropped him in favour of extra midfielder if we needed to chase the ball.

    4-5-1 is working away from home, but at Ibrox we dont score enough.

    Agree Windass and Morelos both unsellable unless £20m combined which could be reinvested in 5 top players.

  8. Wow, 6 goals against Ayr and the second bottom of the league Hamilton, yeah, really champions league stuff!! Or maybe bottom of the league is his level?!!
    Until Windass learns to back track the runners and scores regularly against Shellic, then he will always be a mediocre player. Talk about bumming up an average player. He hides in the big games!!
    Martin sold us 2 goals yesterday, he had a poor game, dont know if the surface played a part in his game but he was woeful. I have said for years, we need two tall, solid, athletic centre halves that can header a ball out of defence and a threat at oppositions goal. Bates and Martin cannot do that,,did you see the sitter Bates missed? Heed like a ten bob bit! To concede 3 goals is very concerning! but its been like that for years!
    I'm glad of the 3 points, but guys, we are a long long way off to where we want to be! So stop with the over rating!
    Davie Boy, to call fellow fans "fannies" just because they have a different point of view than yours, is immature and a disgrace, clean up your act and have respect!!!

    • The manager has made it very clear he does not want Josh to back track. He has to be available to penetrate the opposing defence and take a quick ball from Docherty, Candeias etc. Last two games show this to be working. We have ball winners to do the job. If the opposition want to run at our present formation they are sure to lose many goals. Time will tell.

    • Try to understand your football mate! Windlass, in the current team, plays as a number 10 – do you know that particular role? Mmn, thought not. That role's prime consideration is to support the main striker: not do the job of the defensive midfielder i.e.Goes and Docherty. Otherwise you'll end up in the position where Miller was widely criticised, for floating around in midfield whilst he should have been supporting the striker. If Windass was played as a left sided midfielder your observation would have my respect. But its weeks since he's since been deployed and with Murphy in that role for the long term(and he does track back) your criticism of Windlass is somewhat invalid! BTW I always show fellow bears respect – some of them, however, would do well to show the same to our players – consistently!

    • Well said Davie Boy 👏🏼👏🏼 You aimed the fannies remark at those so called supporters who do nowt but give abuse to the players for their own failings in life… Windass has had to endure more than his share of 💩 from his own fans..

    • Davie Boy, AMcC,, If you watch Murtys interviews, his complaint about Windass, is exactly the same complaint I have of him. Now, if his own manager says he doesn't back track enough as well as other development issues, then he is watching the same games as I am, feck knows what games you both are watching!!

    • Describing someone as a number 10 also doesn't fully determine what role he is given.
      A modern day number ten is considered a player that finds space in between defence and midfield, turns to face the defenders, then penetrates through by dribbling or through balls. I'm pretty sure this isn't what is expected of Windass. I think he is more like a shadow striker, about running in behind the defence and offering a goal threat (similar to a young Wayne Rooney).

      Regardless Murty sets the tactics and the individual expectations for each role. And he will determine the best player plays that role based in form and what he sees in training. He will also ensure his training is to develop chosen individuals who he wants to play each role.
      As things stand Windass is picked on those merits by the boss, and in my opinion is performing well currently.

  9. Morelos is Unsellable
    Windass is Not

    £15m+ for Morelos
    £7.5m for Windass

    So your saying if a team like middlesborough or hull etc bid say £6m for Windass, we would just reject it immediately without even a second thought.

    Also feel sorry for Cummings at the Moment …its just nt happenin for him! 😕

  10. This isn't to do with the issues being asking , I love this site and Rangers rumours too but can be questions asked about HITC , I've never heard of them but they are posted on Rangers news everyday always being negative , can someone enlightenment me

  11. Stuart…
    HITC are newspaper column journalists the length and breadth of the UK.
    All the negative reports about the famous involves the record & sun.
    Go to the HITC page and get the assholes name!!!

    • I would say jtsgot worse the last few months. They are now looking for negatives to print, I think some are getting worried they are going to have to eat humble pie

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