Steven Naismith? Don’t believe what you read…

Steven Naismith? Don’t believe what you read…

It is not often the media gets things wrong, is it (!)

Tonight Hearts have clinched the loan signing of Norwich forward Steven Naismith, in a deal which has had both Sky Sports and the BBC falling all over themselves to claim the Gorgie men ‘beat’ Rangers to his signature.

While Sky rarely get it wrong, this appears to be one occasion that is wide of the mark.

Ibrox Noise was split over the striker – some of us were desperate to re-sign him, some could not have wanted it less if they had tried and found the very idea divisive.

But let us make it clear – Hearts did not ‘beat’ Rangers to anything – Rangers chose Jason Cummings instead, a younger, fitter, quicker option.

This is not for yours truly to slur Naismith – I do feel he would have been a very useful signing, but if asked to choose between he and Cummings, as I did between Moult and Cummings, it would have been the latter both times.

The fact is Naismith simply begged Rangers to sign him. There is no shame in that. The guy wanted to be closer to his family, and we are not going to be hypocritical in changing our minds over our thoughts on him re: 2012 now that he has gone somewhere else.

And if we had wanted him, we would have signed him. It is as simple as that. He has been issuing come get me pleas for the past two months, clearly stating he wanted a return to Ibrox. It was not a mutual admiration society – Mark Allen, Graeme Murty and the board made their choice and went for the younger model.

And we are completely happy with that.

But the media would tell you otherwise.

In what world could Hearts beat Rangers on any level to anything? Rangers might not currently be the force we used to be, but we still have a much bigger budget, a much bigger stadium, much better players, and Hearts were even reduced to selling their star player for £300K.

No, Rangers looked at Naismith and decided he was not for us.

And decided Cummings was.

Case closed.

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  1. No one at the club has ever said they were looking at him. Only the Scottish media as usual. The fact that most of our transfers have been done and dusted so quickly says it all really. Once we are sure we get our guys

  2. Absolutely correct, but hey who gives a shit what the media say or think, they only interested in a juicy story regardless of truth.

  3. 100% agree Rangers board knew, as all bears knew the signing of Naisy would split the fans down the middle at a time when more than ever we have to stick together. Personally I would not want him near that famous jersey. what he said at the time was unforgivable, and his comments at that time will forever be used by those who hate us.

  4. spot on.. before Naismith left ..I thought he was a fantastic player.. but him possibly coming back left me feeling it wasn't right… glad we got Cummings ..he has a long career ahead of him

  5. Thank You!
    This Post Hits The Nail on the Head!

    If Hearts wanna take our injury prone ex player go ahead 😂😂😂

  6. Usual media crap and well said IN,before we came in for Cummings I wanted us to re sign naysmith but it's no brainer even though some sports journalist will now say that it could come back to haunt us for not signing him? But the bigger picture is that naysmith/Lafferty will do more damage against Them from the piggery,so ultimately it could turn out to be win win for the Most Successful Team In The World ….how good would that be.watp Helicopter 2005 😇

  7. He hasn't played football in nearly a year despite Norwich being fairly average.

    Hearts only have him on loan. If he is sensational then we could but him in summer. If he is useless then Hearts took a bullet for us…

  8. I couldn't disagree with any of the comments I liked Naismith as a ranger but he gave up the right to come back with silly comments and knows he fucked up tho player we should respect more than any other is Wallace and Naismith Boyd and all the the others should look at Wallace and see what being a ranger means play for jersey not the big bucks

  9. Spot on.
    Untill Cummings came he was in no doubt he was coming back.
    Glad we made that choice it would have caused devide amongst us all

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