Toxic Scotland as demonstrated by Kenny McLean

Toxic Scotland as demonstrated by Kenny McLean

As many fans will know, Aberdeen midfielder Kenny McLean, himself a Rangers target for January, has asked Scotland/Aberdeen ‘fans’ not to boo Ryan Jack at Pittodrie should the Rangers midfielder take to the field at any point.

For a current player to actually plead with his own fans not to boo his team mate really does highlight just how despised Rangers are in Scotland, to the point of a level of toxicity we had hoped time and maturity would see dissipate, but are sad to have been wrong.

That Celtic have completely taken over in Scotland and manifested an evident anti-Rangers campaign throughout the country while making sure Rangers’ financial benefits to the country remain intact is a situation we find disturbing and unnatural.

And my reason for raising Celtic? Do you EVER hear players from any club in Scotland pleading with their own fans not to boo when it is a returning player from any other club outwith Rangers?

Ryan Christie himself is on loan at Pittodrie from Celtic – and is in the same squad – and yet that all strikes as a happy agreement and arrangement between two clubs happy to scratch each other’s back.

That McLean had to say it is really depressing:

“I would like to think Jack would get a good reception, though he knows he won’t get that from everyone. It wasn’t great when he left, but he served the club well, he was club captain and he won a cup with us. He did excellently for the team and the criticism he received was a bit unfair. He let the club know he was going to leave, same as another couple of the boys at that time. But he’ll be able to handle it. He’s playing at a massive club now and he’ll be used to expectations. He’s representing his country, so he’ll do as well as he can and he’ll have to deal with it.”

It shows how bitter Scotland has become about Rangers in a way it never used to be that players have to plead with their own fans not to boo their own players.

All Ryan Jack is guilty of is ambition. He joined a bigger club. I am trying to rack my brain to remember the last time a Celtic player, who had joined from Aberdeen, played at Pittodrie and the headlines were pleading with him not to be booed.

Nope. Does not happen. With any other club at any other ground. Only Rangers players. Wallace. Black. McKay. Because the agenda in this country is pretty obvious now.

“No one likes us we don’t care”.

It has always been the case, but it seems to have intensified in recent years to borderline parody levels.

All for Celtic’s benefit.

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  1. Every single day 3 septic websites have an Anti Rangers story their whole problem is for 6 seasons now we are going to go bust. Yet here we are alive and kicking it really does infuriate them all but hey we as always will take it in our stride that’s what seportes them from us.

  2. yip bang on corrupt to the core s,f,a its all about champions league money smelltic only club making money .s,f,a have ruined scottish football history for good the rangers fans have been punished for something they did not do .mr m, mr wh ,and a few others stole tens millions from r,f,c .and got off sscot free rangers fans pay our taxes have we got to listen to this forever ,rangers f,c need to move to england come on mr king and co get this sorted

  3. The ONLY way to hurt these clubs that hate us is for all our supporters to boycott their home games. When their finances are low then they would be glad to welcome Rangers supporters everywhere.

    • I also wanted Our clubs supporters to boycott away matches but now feel it's more important to be there cheering us on to Victory and acting as the 12th man,these clubs/supporters are Poison and would/will never be glad to to welcome Our supporters, They wanted Our club finished but We're still here Alive/Kicking and They Hate it Watp ��������������

  4. Been saying since we were demoted as soon as we're back no fans should finance the other teams by going to away games..starve them of revenue..let them feed off the sceptic manky mob. ..see how quick they're loyalty changes …Scottish football is dancing to their tune and now looks like fiFa is too supporters award yet up in front of eufa twice a season for breaking rules. ..beggars belief that award ..🔴⚪🔵

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