Another picture which paints a thousand words


Kenny Miller’s expression after the opening Dundee goal about sums up the sickening feeling in the belly every Bear will have tonight.

Another absolutely disgusting performance from a ‘team’ who simply do not deserve the shirt almost to a man (Jack and John overall put in decent shifts), and another loss to a frankly far superior team on the night.

Words fail yours truly on the depths this Rangers must sink in order to rise back to the grandeur we know we should possess, but right now it is sickening joke after sickening joke and colossal failures in every area of the club.

We continue to embarrass ourselves, tonight managing to make the worst team in the SPL and who had not won since September 30th actually look good, as they completely deserved their win.

If there was ANY doubt Graeme Murty was not the man, it is gone now. And if there is any doubt there is barely a player at Ibrox deserving of the salary and shirt, that too is evaporating dramatically.

God help us.


  1. This shite is a fuckin embarrassment to us true blue,no more at ibrox till theres a new manager,fuckin nightmare

  2. The team is being pick by Murty and …. Miller…. Miller has to much say in the team. He got the last manager sacked. Tonight we had Pena sitting on the Bench whole game and also had better players not even in squad. We had Bates where was Cardossa. Morelas needs another partner up front and it is'nt Miller. When Morelas dropped back or went out wide Miller was not in the middle. Miller is actually hindering Morelas. Miller is a 30 min or 60 minute player at best now and he needs to play in one position on the park.

    • Agree with your comment re Miller. Ive said for a while now Miller, Windas and Niko (when fit) should play last 30 mins after opposition defences are tired, Miller and Windas run at them Niko plays the killer pass to find them👍

  3. It way wrong to sack pedro, he had miller sussed,worst player on the park tonight ut spent most of the game moanig at everyone else to the detriment of the team & him self.there can only be one coach & its not him. Holt lightweight plenty energy but no power.this is going to take a lot more time & money than I thought. Other than that I’m lost for words. God help us next week.

    • I agree totally BY. A combo of our own online experts and media put the fear in the board. They should have stuck to their guns. They basically sacked pedro before he had a chance on the say so of a fuckin has been. Miller should have been out the door and any orher self serving fucks too

  4. If we have not got money then this is the type of teams we will have to go watch no better than any other team on there day some games we lose some we will win,we all could keep throwing in money to buy this one or that one but it is not going make much difference this is going take a lot of time to get back to where we were we are just one good team among another five or six but we could get beat by any of them from top to bottom,its like in the late 70s early 80s we where third or forth best same with Selltic,aberdeen and dundee utd where the bosses i hope we are not going go like that again a team of good players who could get beat by any other team,we have to stick together and understand instant back to the top is not going happen a sad night it is,

  5. The board are a joke rangers supporters taking again for a ride not to have a manager in place by now is shocking . King and Murray mister transparency , not a word Robertson, Pedro is the outstanding candidate for the managerial position it has put us backwards the squad to a man is not fit to wear the rangers jersey embarrassed by the bottom of the league. If this board cannot take us any further the sell up to someone who can 3rd best if we reach that high in the league is not acceptable for our magnificent supporters only 1st will be accepted.

  6. Surely this is the nadir. Stewart Robertson and Mark Allan should be fired. Their silence and no shows are intolerable. Whoever picked these guys should never be allowed back to Ibrox.
    The club is weak with its personnel and the stench from their trousers must stink with what runs down their legs.
    Off and on the park it is sinful what Glasgow Rangers have become.
    Its not a manager we need, it's a fkn hatchet man who cleanses this club of weakness from its very top to the fkn bottom.

  7. Remember when Caixinha dropped miller – who is crap – and everyone demanded he play because he's a loyal, real rangers man?
    Well he's playing and the losses continue because he was part of the problem. He's basically not very good. No players from rangers would get in the Aberdeen or hibs team and yet people are shocked that games are lost. Rangers. Are. Awful.

  8. I fear we will never fully recover from what's happened to the club it pains me to watch the team I was so proud to watch growing up become such an irrelevance in a piss poor league. Fucking sick having to listen to those great unwashed beggars gloating. Wake me up when it's over please

  9. Totally agree with most comments,our great club needs cleansed from Top to Bottom and am struggling on which players I would actually keep at the club because I touched on it after the Hamilton defeat that these players are no better than most/other teams in this league or lower leagues, no fight/passion and Shameful…. Over to you Again Dave king £££ watp

    • I am sure Butcher would see this as a four or five year project and see it to the end by bringing on the young lads two thirds must be home grown Lads and butcher would be one who could do this.

  10. Agm q1
    Why hasn't it taking this long to appoint a manager ? Q2 why have you not appoint a manager ? Q3 when will you appoint a manager ? Q4 appoint a manager. Q5 please just appoint a fuckin manager. Q6 If you are incapable of appointing a fucking manager then you need to get to fuck out of our club asap enough now fucking enough !

  11. We're fucking shite we're fuckin shite we're fuckin shite …. sack the board ! SACK THE BOARD SACK THE FUCKIN BOARD. KING GET TO FUCK

  12. Learn u fannys pedro should b there cein wot he hus got and learning stop talking about rangers press punters tell king 2 fuk of midnights

  13. There's a part of the main article that says 'rise back to the grandeur we know we should posses' come on! There's a very basic issue that needs to be addressed, management! Not team management, but company management! There are to many hangers on from the Murray era, King and the other are might. The only other person I'd be comfortable is Park. I don't know what can be done but the Real Rangers men that are being screwed are us, the paying public! How much can we put up with this gang of charlatans! Words fail me! But We Are The people!

  14. Never in my wildest nightmares did i think a board could hide when they are supposed to stand up.
    The AGM had BETTER reveal good actuon. Not promises, Action or we are fucked

    I hope for all our sakes i am wrong. But i dont ser us getting back where we belong.
    No management
    No players
    No Board
    No Sponsorship

    The Dans will end up like the Greig years. Emptying the stands. And Dave King. Paul Murray

    Craig Houston Ha
    Cheis Graham ha
    Pricks in my eyes
    Angry doesn't sum it up
    We are in am unforgivable mess
    King GO NOW you utter bastard

  15. Said last week before KO that Murty's team selection was pish and his tactics were also pish. Makes me wonder if hes the man who should be running our development squad.

    Miller, Windass, Holt & Herrera all need to be shown the door nowhere near good enough to pull on the jersey.

    Morelos should be dropped my arse, as soon as he left the park not 1 ball stuck up front and nobody ran into the channels. He needs to play every game with Moult 6 yards away.

    Few people have been saying Mark Allan should get bagged, he knows his stuff and can not be judged untill he's had a transfer window.

    Feel as if my heart has been ripped out today I'm totally heartbroken!!

  16. I really hope the silence from the board is indicative of something positive to be announced at the agm. We need new investment and ideas at this club, starting with DK et all handing power to someone with money. The manky mob have proven that it is
    Possible to make a profit in Scottish football if you have a decent team on the park so hopefully someone can see some potential in this bomb scare. Barring this happening we are fecked

  17. Here we go the Miller blame game as I've said before the same people that never got over mo Johnston signing are all out against this time it's Miller look for any wee thing on his back!!.
    Bring bck Pedro now Thers a laugh so fickle some supporters.
    This is the boards fault for signing two untried n tested duds of managers cud carry the pressures of GERS on ther shoulders, I've always behind the board but they have to get this right no room for error n they must carry the can n dig deep for the best manager possible n give him money to spend on players worthy of wearing the blue jersey.
    This is a new low last night before the game I said we wud get beat, it happens. That isn't GERS of old being confident going into every game. That's how far we ve come bottom of the league team n Hamilton are ther abouts shocking.
    How many players from last nights game wud have got in the pre liquidation team. My opinion is none, even more worrying.

  18. We have a team full of middle of the road, lower league journeymen so what does everyone expect? We signed Ryan Jack, and made it sound like we had secured a real catch. A guy who warmed the bench at Pittodrie. Pedro was awful, but he did have one good quality. He knew we had no money so he started playing the kids. That's the only way forward now. We keep hearing how good these young players are, we've seen glimpses, with their sub appearances. Lets give them a shot. Could it be any worse? Supporters would accept some defeats if there was a goal in sight, IE give the young ones experience and let the team grow. Miller is done as a 90 minute player we can all see that. If you play Holt you need a powerhouse in there with him. Not Ryan Jack who's idea of midfield enforcer is to watch the game from the changing room after being sent off. Morales is suffering from a lack of confidence but he can become good again. I go back to my original point though, if you shop in the lower leagues of England, and the free transfer bins in Scotland, your team isn't going to have a level of consistency that can challenge for 2nd or 3rd nevermind the title. We have no money, the board are lacking in class, and honesty, and the supporters are waking up to the fact that once again we have been conned. There is something deeply wrong behind the scenes and I don't think it will be too long before we find out what it is. So many managers taking a peek under the bonnet and walking away from the job… there must be a reason.

    • Who has walker away from the job? I'm not aware it's been offered to anyone (or even formal discussions) which is part of the problem.

      Agree with comments about our system. I've said for a while now that we need a midfield centre three instead of two because our options are lightweight.

      I know it is disjointed but play 4-4-2 with one winger who can switch flanks and pick and choose where to play. The middle three stay tight centrally.

      It's actually quite similar to our 90's team when McCoist played up top with Hateley and the midfield was McCall, Ian Ferguson and Ian Durrant with either Huistra or Mikhailachenko the only wide man…

  19. Emotions are high after the last two bad results that’s a given for any bear…Nobody ever said it was going to be easy coming back into the league.. While I still think Murty is doing his best with what he’s got – he will learn from this he must.. Who gets the job and when nobody has a Scooby Doo either.. The Board has gone radio silent once again but after last night I wouldn’t be surprised if a statement comes out…Bottom like we’ve become a joke and nobody fears playing the Rangers home or away… This can’t continue

  20. Thank god this is SEVCO ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and not Rangers….I couldn't bear it if that's was our Grand Old Team,,,,,,,,,

  21. Listen,the next manager we get we must keep him for three or four years we need a manager that will put our home growing talent on the pitch forget about the £20/30 thousand a week player put that on back burner for now,we need to bring forward our young Scottish lads the home growing talent who will give there all for the club yes we will need some older players but two thirds must be our home grown talent,we will have games where we win draw and lose,but we all must get behind this new manager and stick together and move forward as one on this project it would take time but we will get there,we should have started a project like this 5 years ago our team could have been full of home grown players our own stars we could have been talking about,we wasted all those years now lets put this right.

  22. Soon to be 12 points behind Celtic and it could be 18 behind and 12 behind Aberdeen if things go against us in the next two games. The board could very well have cost us second place with thier indecision.

    Maybe we’ll have a chance against Aberdeen as they’ll go for it, we need to start taking our chances. Hopefully Alves and Dorrans will be back, Windass is a waste of a shirt and I don’t rate Wilson. Miller tries, but can’t score, same with Morelos, who I think is a great player, we were much poorer in the second half without his hold up play.

  23. We must find out why we are losing 6.7million from 29 .6 million and that's easy count the board members then count their wages against the running of our proud establishment and again to pay the board us loyal fans are going to be asked to stump up and fund another share issue it's a fucking joke and Jim traynor should be explaining what's going on as head of press my advice real fans reject share issue until board appoint a manager worthy of the leadership of our great club .WATP no surrender.

  24. If the board get their way at the AGM the club is finished.

    For goodness sake can those backing them wake up to reality. The board are treating the fans as a bunch of mugs.

  25. It's been explained. We had to pay off Ashley to get out the deal. We have paid £10m on transfers and have substa tal increase in wage bill. We have also had increase in maintenance, and recruited a scouting department.

    The directors are not taking a salary.

    Reject the proposal at the share issue if you like but anyone who does this is only voting for more of the same and it makes it more difficult for board to sell up to new investor.

    I'm not happy with the board and agree we need to hold their feet to the fire but I also think we need to vote through the proposal and then see what their plans are before we push to get rid…

    • Spot on BT . Please just read the accounts for fuck sake !@!! KING has given Rangers more loans to exist along with other investors (Three Bears ) out till 2019 in total 15 Million Plus !!!! YES the appointments of Caxinha and Warbs a fucking shambles but there is no one waiting in the wing guys .Nearly 600000 in Retail returns in 4 months …we can do this …

  26. I see you didn't publish my offering today.I have a comment to make about that I'm an older person Ive kicked a football in the street with jim baxter Ive looked on jock stein taking his team to the European cup final ive seen rangers man and boy do great things and I never will forget any of it ! but sadly most of the younger fans don't have these memories nor the experience of any of that success which is part of the football family essence and even celtic are part of it for all the years I can remember how big a part it played in all our lives and its a tradition in our country a way of life etc seems we,ve all lost our way today in that respect and its turned into one big joke but I,m still laughing because whats important to me is the memory of it all and no person can take that away from me its a pity so many of you have forgotten what its really about and you know the colours don't really matter anymore it was being there and being part of it that mattered most and the way its going it looks like you lot are going to miss that bus forever.

  27. I have posted my thoughts many times in this forum and one thing I always say is that we all have our own opinions, but whether we agree or not we should always back the club; Rangers.
    If we sum up all the various comments from fans here, I would assume we all want the same thing, a successful team on the park. I have my doubts weare not going see this for many years and for many reasons.
    The Board: King holds control of the club and whether we like it or not is the major funder of the club using his money and other investors. Others on the board are directors who either invest themselves or for other silent or anonymous investors. Solution: Replace the board with someone who has the finance to do so and buy out King an Co.
    New Manager: Plenty names being touted, I won’t list them, as we all know who have been placed at various betting by the bookies, in my opinion, ALL mediocre. Solution: I have no solution here, I know of no available manager good enough to bring Rangers back to ant sort of level to win the Premier title.
    Player Pool: Nowhere near the standard required, not one of our players would get into the Celtic team pool and I defy anyone to suggest we have a better squad than any of the top six teams, maybe even the whole league. Cause: Two dreadful managerial appointments. Mismanagement of players, would Garner, Waghorn, MacKay and the loan players we have let go, Dodoo, O’Halloran, Forrester and Halliday, etc. make us a better side if they were still here, with the likes of John, Candias, Herrera, Pena, Cardoso, etc. having been brought to the club? Solution: A decent manager to work with what we have, let go or bring back players we have control of and maybe get us to the end of this season in a respectable position and to recover some of our deeply diminished pride.

    There is no silver bullet, no knight in shining armour to get our club back to former glories, whether we like it or not, the fate of Rangers football club is until the present board either starts pumping millions into the club or a new owner/board is in place we are grounded. No fan based protests, demonstrations or boycotts will change things.
    One thing is certain, this present board has to appoint a manager who will get us back on our feet or we will see a return to the abysmal support we had in the late 60’s and mid 80’s.

  28. WHY would any one want to buy out king and co first thing you do is vote them off the board they can still invest money,after we vote in who we want to run the club,lets say 45 thousand season Ticket holders if we sell them at £450 a head totals around £23 million or so in season Ticket sales not got a clue who all gets paid and how much they get that needs worked out but that £23 million is a good starter point of fans money for us, we are a huge club after all.

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