Can Rangers go any lower?

Can Rangers go any lower?

Tonight’s loss to Dundee was an epiphany. It is hard to know if this truly was the worst Premier League loss in Rangers’ history, because this club has had its fair share of shocking results in the past, but to all intents and purposes tonight may just have been Rangers’ lowest SPL moment of all time.

Rangers were well beaten by a comically out of form Dundee – a team who had not won themselves since late September. A team who had lost five of their last six matches and sat justifiably rooted to the bottom of the SPL table.

And tonight was a moment we have to wonder just how deep the rot at Ibrox goes now.

From the month-long farce where we cannot find a manager for love nor money, having been rejected already by Chris Coleman, Derek McInnes, Sam Allardyce and Giovanni Van Bronckhorst to name just four, the only managers who seem to be interested now in the gig are the ones who get attached to every going job like Tim Sherwood, Gus Poyet and Ange Pestecoglou because they cannot find employment and get fired all the time, to the absolute atrocity under the last manager Pedro Caixinha, to the increasing atrocity which has manifested itself now under Graeme Murty, it is safe to say we are worried now.

We are worried about the board’s fitness for purpose. We know the players are not. And there is absolutely no strategy to haul us out of this pit.

Because make no mistake, when you lose humiliatingly to Dundee and wish desperately that Scott Allan was your player, you know you are in dire, dire straits.

Kenny Miller is coming under increasing pressure too now, and you know what? After defending this guy for months, we have to agree. He has been utterly abysmal this season and keeps getting selected – it is true that he now has too much power at Ibrox and is not producing the performances to justify his exalted position.

For us, Miller Time is over. He can go. And he is by no means alone. Whether through mismanagement or whatever, there is not a single player in the Rangers squad who is remotely what we expect to be Rangers Class.

Declan John, with all due respect, is an English Championship reject and he is currently our best player – and for Ally McCoist and his chums to suggest Kenny Miller remains our most prized asset despite the fact he has been mince the whole season just slaps the face and insults the intelligence of Rangers fans.

We do not have a single prized asset. Not a single player in our team is worthy of the shirt, and that rot goes through to management then the board.

We are angry. Angry and frustrated. We have supported this team through thick and thin, but what has happened over the past two matches is endemic of deeper and more entrenched problems.

There does not seem to be an iota of hope with Rangers now, not even the belief a new manager could turn it around. Why? Because this incompetent board is the one picking the new guy.

They might even end up giving it to Murty after all.

We are absolutely sick to the teeth of the manure this Rangers team has become.

It is just an embarrassment.

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  1. Can Rangers go any lower?
    Yes. Yes they can. They are there for the kicking.
    On and off the park weakness runs into every nook and crannie of its being.
    Stewart Robertson, Mark Allan can fck off and take their Board of failures with them.
    There isn't a man amongst them.

    • Mate.
      Mark Allan never picked any players in the summer that was all Pedro. He's not long set up his scouting team, he must be judged after 2 windows.
      Everything else U say is on the money.

    • Robertson should have been sacked long ago but Allan wasn't in place so can't blame him for Pedro.

      I do agree we are soft, and everyone knows this.

  2. ok guys i hope you do not take this the wrong way i will hands up and admit i am a celtic fan i only saw this because my boyfriend left it on my laptop your problem is much more than the team the mob you have in charge are not interested in you or the success of the team rangers until you realise that the people in charge are only out to rob you and abuse your loyalty then nothing will change i say this not out of concern for your club im quite happy to see celtic win ten in a row but only that my boyfriend stops crying

    • i agree with the loyalty bit, as fans forced change in pevious times by voting with their feet as have celtic fans in the darker times.unfortunately the board knnw we will not standby and watch them suffer.

  3. we can get lower because we are rudderless, there is not 1 rangers class person at the club, be it board, or players, no leadership from top to bottom, years of being raped and pilfered have taken its toll, all down to one man David murray, when he was the owner he led from the top, making decisions that were not always popular but were for the good of the club in his eyes but he stabbed us all in the back when he gave the club to a charlatan, several others have followed through the door since and the ones we have in place now are not mutch better, shouting about how they were going to lump their money in but never mentioned at the time it would be loans and would have to be paid back to them, who sanctioned caixinha? who sanctioned £2.5m for pena? herrera 1.5m? candeias £1m, in any other buisness people are held accountable for such decisions, not at ibrox!!! all this pish that we are years behind celtic are nonsense, an abramovich type coming in with milions to spend could sort it in one transfer window with the right manager in charge, we just need to find one.

    • Caixinha was sanctioned by Mr Park the younger. The board was split the King/Murray side didn't want him but young Mr Park had the deciding vote and he said "it's my families f===== money so we are going with Pedro'…

      Hope you are clear now.

    • @Blue blue….maybe that's true about Park and Pedro but Rangers' catastrophic current situation is down almost entirely to the Murray era. Certainly various people from the Board down have messed up in multiple ways in the meantime but they've been in effect pushing a rock up a hill.

  4. listen guys i am a celtic fan i freely admit it but until your club changes at the top this will continue to happen King is taking you for mugs we have told you this for years i say this not out of concern for your club but only that my boyfriend stops crying on me

    • Be prepared to buy plenty more tissues for your bf.

      We need exactly what Celtic did 1994 or appx.

      A GOOD businessman with a focused target.

      Fergus McCann told what he was going to do. Upset every Celtic fan. But left having built a newer better stadium and team and Club.

      Sorry but our 'Rangers' men have no communication and have achieved nothing that WE are aware of.

      The AGM should be no fucking love in for Fans group heads.

      We have NO time for anything aside from stonewalled guaranteed strength of business sense and Captaincy on the pitch.

      Graeme Murty is a man of distinction in my eyes but this has been awful for us and him.

      He has produced our only shining lights in some young players who are severely mishandled.

      Billy Gilmour should never have WANTED to leave.
      Days of old he would still be walking in awe of the Senior players

      Now more chance of Senor Pena type dross

      AGM must be targeted


    • You are soooo right.

      But a manager is only the start

      Board and players required or we will be seeing crowds like in the Greig era when we had much better players

      We are not sinking
      We have sank

  6. The Board are now bordering on negligent in not bringing in a new manager to date. It could have hardly been a surprise to them that they had to sack Caixhina – so they should have had the man they wsanted lined up. Time for truth and transparency at Ibrox. What is going on and what is the financial position. The way things are going mid-table mediocrity is in danger of becoming the norm at Ibrox for many years to come.

  7. I have disagreed with comments from this site on a number of occasions in the recent months, but on this occasion I agree 100% with this post.
    This situation we are in has not been created overnight.
    It began 5yrs ago when we were thrown to the wolves and bowels of Scottish football( unjust in my opinion, but that is another topic/post for another day).
    But WE did miss an enourmous opportunity and probably for the first time in our history we had the blessing and understanding of our support to "BUILD" a team of between 6/7 youngsters from our academy that would've grew and been good enough to progress through the lower leagues.
    Yes we would not have won every game but I believe the fans would've bought into the process and vision.
    This did not happen and I will be first to admit that when we were eventually promoted to the top table I believed, like many that the team and manager we had were good enough to challenge, not win the league but challenge, alas with a hard heart "I was wrong".
    5 years away from the top table is more difficult than I thought and picking up where we left is not impossible but very highly improbable.
    The direction we "NEED" to take is what I thought a few months ago would be unacceptable and undoable but I now believe is "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY".
    We need to build a team of between 6/7 youngsters (Most from our academy) and support this process it is the "ONLY" way in these lean times that we will get back to challenging for honours and restoring our true portion as number 1.
    Make no mistake this will be tough,hard,unpopular(with some) but in my opinion it is the only option and 100% necessary but it needs patience and full support from us all.
    It should have been done 5yrs ago but the time is NOW.
    WATP since 1872.

    • Nope, you are wrong. We can't take losing one game so are we going to build a team with kids over 5 year… you are delusional. And we could have tried it 5 years ago either because we would still be there today if we had…We are Rangers not a kids school team !!

    • WOW!!!!!!!!! If I'm "DELUSIONAL" because I believe that we should have BUILT a team consisting of between 6/7 youngsters, a team that would have progressed and been full of players who knew the true values of our institution.
      Then I am 100% guilty.
      But what bracket would you come under that supposedly supports the sub standard, overpaid dross that has worn our famous blue jersey.

  8. Dundee, Hamilton, we can lose to anyone……….
    2 of the worst results & performances in recent years. All goes back to McCoist's strategy of bringing in expensive duds to ensure winning titles against diddy teams. A young team may have taken a year longer to get Rangers back to the "top flight" but by now we'd probably have had a far better team than we have now.

    • Mccoist got us up the leagues with a shambles of a board and back page shannenigans and redundicies sackings the whole lot, and he did it in a dignified way, brought through Barry mckay Lewis mcleod,
      Super Ally

  9. Sad to say it but six points behind celtic makes pedro look like a world beater. Maybe he wasn't as bad as most of us thought. Why didn't the board take their time with pedro still in the position and maybe waited until now to appoint. We have a split dressing room and I remember when the early season transfers were made the worry from some of us was., what happens if pedro leaves, who would want to take control of a team in Scotland who don't speak the language, the bedding in period, how much of our money have we actually spent. It would now appear that we are indeed fucked. We're skint from spending 10mil in summer. Our team has not settled, we can't find a replacement manager and our investments haven't matured. The biggest risk of all was investing everything and pulling the trigger to quick. I know the position and opinion regards pedro but if his remit was to finish second I believe he would have done. He was also lost culturally but was beginning understand our ways. I think we got rid too quickly and we all wished for this at the end tbh but in hindsight we should have stuck by pedro until Xmas, the guy never got a fair crack of the whip.

    • Respect your opinion but strongly disagree about Pedro as he is partly responsible for money spent on players that don't deserve to wear the Blue Jersey and Robertson/other board members should have followed him out the door for appointing him in the first place,Get Alex McLeish in now to steady the ship on a rolling contract as this is now turning our great club into a laughing stock all over World… watp ��2005

    • Agree in hindsight pedro should not have been hired. My point is the guy got 6 months, he had a clean up job to do. Pena/herrera defo mistakes though I do have a soft spot for pena, I think he has something about him, maybe as striker. Pedro bought players he knew with international experience but Mexicans don't travel well. So no doubt critical mistakes. My point overall is that pedro did have us in the fight for 2nd but since his departure we have fallen down again. Maybe he had a point regards Miller, as stated in the article he has to much influence. Seeing the season out with pedro would have at least secured 3rd place and Europe. I agree he had to go but with the squad being half his players it might have been more sensible to bide our time rather than having this uncertainty and the financial implications it has brought. Who knows maybe he would have turned it round. One things for sure, we are worse off now without him than we were with him. I dread to think we're we will be after a double header with Aberdeen. Lose those two games, who in their right mind would take the job?

    • Agree with Dave , McLeish on a rolling contract with Alex Rae and toughen this team up so that at the very least they're getting stuck right fucking in and giving it 100% . Get rid of some of the wasters who are not fit to wear the jersey and get the likes of Moult , McLean and McArthur in and a few right hard defenders . Sick of watching our team getting bullied all over the park , that's not the Rangers i've followed for fifty odd years !

  10. A few months ago Dave king said in an article that there were Exciting times ahead for our Great Club,if this is True where are these/ when is it going to Happen, will it be after that lot win 10 or more in a row and does he/some other board members really think that we will accept this shambolic behaviour.. No,
    Please give Our Great Clubs Supporters This so called Exciting times/news Now
    And if he can't/won't then I think he has pulled the wool over all our eyes and more…..watp ��2005

  11. The board must, at the very least, come out and update us on whats happening. We are at gutter level folks and every other team can smell blood when they play us.

    The next 2 games against the sheep doesn't look good for us!! I hope to god big Bruno is fit to give us half a chance at the back.

  12. in 5 years there should have been reorganisation for spfl football. better players gradually introduced going up the leagues. div 3 dross players, div 2 dross players, championship hyped journeymen, SPFL dross0ntap. Ive said since 2012, flattering to deceive.mid table spfl. no better than killie, Dundee, hearts, motherwell, Hamilton. not one player would get in aberdeens team and they are perennial runners up. King -fake leader, Robertson -who? Murray – the name tell you everything. cant name anymore ……..the invisibles. AGM will be a shambles, double header against Aberdeen will define the season. Mr Murty post match interview v Dundee was like a wee by who had been mugged of his sweets by big boys. Lip trembling, eyes watering . I half expected him to say I want ma mammy.

  13. Team for Aberdeen game as follows.


    Back 4
    Tavernier, Alves, McCrorie, John

    Central 3
    Jack, Dorrans/Barjonas, Holt

    Wide man in free role
    Krancjar or Windass

    Front Two
    Herrera and Morelos (Herrera has never had a chance to support a No.9 and this is best part of his game)

  14. WE ARE SCREWED BOYS! Keep playing Miller, Herrera and Holt! Who fucking saw talent in these 3?
    Might be time to start the boycott. Not showing up at Ibrox is the only way to get this board to get the finger out!

  15. We are no better than any other side in SPL- we may have a couple of better players, but not by much, but overall we are not a better side.

    Who to blame and what to do is the big question. It's not one person's fault, it's a collective failure at every level of the club on and off the park.

    That being said, I have been warning since King took over that he is as bad, if not worse for the club than Mike Ashley. Other members of the board may have good intentions but they neither have the money or the ideas.

    Step one to saving this club from a second administration is removal of King and listing on a stick exchange to enable shares to be traded. Only then can an outside investor buy in and secure the controlling stake they would want.

    Please understand this: the resolution at the AGM blocks this and enables King to swap a loan debt for shares – at an absolute rock bottom price.

    He has starved the club of funding so we are dependant upon him and allowed the club to spend beyond its means so that we have absolutely no choice but to take the loans.

    I ask this, where exactly is the money going? Who is being paid what? How much did we actually spend in the summer? Why does nobody know this beyond guess work?

    What's the plan? Is there a plan? Why sack Pedro when clearly there was no plan b? Why if things were so bad was there not a plan b? Was sacking Pedro really a thought out decision or a knee jerk reaction?

    Why is the board silent? Why do people keep backing a board that is absolutely guaranteeing 10 in a row?

    Honestly I can see Aberdeen giving us am absolute pasting. Perhaps twice, then that's second place looking beyond us before Christmas- they could be 12 points ahead.

    Those backing board. Wake up!!

  16. Ok who is going to take the place of those really backing the Rangers with real cash …Hello Hello …there is no one @@@! Anybody with a modicum of business accumin would touch Rangers till it is balanced and at least breaking even ..Given this years accounts it is not far away and going forward financially it can be done

  17. Bears. As bad as it is this is not the time to panic and hurl abuse at the directors box. The AGM is Thursday and we need to give the board the opportunity to comment on everything thats going on. I am sure a lot of our concerns and questions will be fully answered.

    Remember. We actually have a solid foundation now in place at youth level, scouting and the new Director of Football in place.

    The missing part of this vast jigsaw is a manager of quality and that, I'm sure, is about to be addressed. Admittedly I would have thought that we would have had someone in place by now but I am sure there are very GOOD reasons for this and we will have an answer to everything in the next few days one way or another that hopefully will put a smile on our face for the remainder of the season and win us a Scottish Cup.


  18. It's high time the board get their finger out and appoint a manager before we end up a permanent managerless club as no one will won't to join our poison Challis of a club.Someone has got to get to grips with the first team and give them a kick up the preverbal and let's start winning before we become an even bigger laughing stock of the premier league and I say that with a heavy heart come on Dave sort things out if you have not got the funds get someone in who has but start running our club proverly and treat your fans with respect.Help the team but put someone in who is goto kick some butt and waken them up before we end up in the championship again next season .

  19. First thing what we must do is stop buying in over 30s players and paying them big money they could never get any where else,we should have told Pedro buy in from the Scottish teams that we play week in week out,we do not want to pay £1million for a Scottish player when we paid out over £4million for three players who are no better than we had here,also we need to bring on our young players so its start again we take the hit and now go and get the Lads that will take us to second and will only be handful of points off Selltic we can grow stronger if we do this NOW

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