Friday, 1 September 2017

New signing: "I only know Rangers"

Declan John has made up for his slightly unfortunate forename by pointing out that while unfamiliar with Scottish football, the only team he knew was the Famous.

The 22-year old left flanker admitted he jumped at the chance to join Rangers, but that equally, beyond them, he did not know anyone in Scotland, including Glasgow’s other derby giants, Partick Thistle (!)

Speaking through official club channels he said:

“I’ve only really seen Rangers on TV and I know there is a massive derby up here, so I’m looking forward to hopefully playing in those sorts of games."

It is surprising to see how interested he is in Rangers travelling to Firhill, but who are we to judge?

He also knows Rangers with countryman Andy Dibble’s time north (to an extent):

“Someone tweeted me earlier to say that (Dibble played at Ibrox), and I didn’t know Dibs had played up here. I gave him a quick message and he told me this is a great club and I would really enjoy it.

Being serious though we wish John the best – and wonder if he is being viewed as a potential substitute for the failed Jamie Walker deal.


  1. As a Cardiff fan, I can tell you that you are getting a solid, if unspectacular, player. He has the incentive of trying to get back in the Wales squad too so I expect he'll work his socks off. Technically perhaps not the most gifted but if given a run of games that he never really got for us then he'll come good.

  2. good luck,Declan......hope your career expands widely,there is one thing you will definitely find out,that the Rangers fans are the worlds greatest...We Are The People!!

  3. "A solid, if unspectacular, player" who nobody else wants, claims to be only aware of The Gers & Thistle, (Either he has been on the moon or has the memory and awareness capacity of a goldfish) gets advice from Andy Dibble who was in goal for 10 minutes donkeys years ago, NOT EXACTLY INSPIRING IS IT?

    We spend a relatively high price (£?) for the still unknown quantity Pena, who when he has been given a wee cuddle, taken his mogadon and plucked up the courage to actually play has not impressed at all, while at same time we are as tight as 2 coats of paint when it comes to a Scottish, bluenose player, who knows our league inside out and would be much more likely, although as always not certain, to do us a turn on the park

    Is this The Rangers I am talking about?
    The same Rangers with more honours than ANY other club?
    The same Rangers where the VERY NAME was as good as a goal of a start?
    The same Rangers that would NEVER allow our club to become a glorified nursery for promising, though still mediocre at best weans from clubs down south/anywhere else,
    The same Rangers who lead the way in world football for OVER A CENTURY re-pride in our club, playing for the jersey and integrity?

    The elephant in the room of course is that our current inept manager is completely ignorant of what it does mean to be associated with The Famous and simply never will and is content for us to be just another shit, never get anywhere team that is happy with the odd second place in the league and runners up medal in domestic cups

    Theres no denying wee have been through seriously bad times since 2012 but the bottom line is that relative to the resources available to 99.9% of other Scottish clubs we should be a hundred miles further down the road than we currently are and the fact of all facts is that is not going to improve while that nugget is still here

    It really would bring a tear to a glass eye and has to change asap



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