“Pedro’s Problem – can he fix it?”


Almost every article on Ibrox Noise seems to open with a sentence containing “Jamie Walker” these days. Believe me, it is boring us writing it as it is you reading it. But notwithstanding the obvious farce over the whole tale, the repercussions of not securing his signature are rather significant.

Indeed, the repercussions for not getting in a proper left winger are the real problem, and now Rangers’ left wing, rather than being sorted by a three-month long summer window, is even more troubling than it was.

Back in April and May, the solution to our troubles on the left was to look ahead and project the dedicated winger the summer window would give us, be it Walker or anyone else.

Now, the solution is to ‘hope’ that manager Pedro Caixinha can eke out something convincing that will last at least six months of the options he has.

And what are those options? Niko Kranjcar, Josh Windass, Declan John, and Aaron Nemane.

On paper, there are four possibilities, and that does actually reassure to an extent. Let us take a look at each in turn.

Declan John:

This 22-year old left flanker is a versatile sort. Signed with only a few hours left on the window clock, John is a Welsh international hailing from Cardiff City, and while only a loan deal, word on him is that he is, and I quote, a “solid if unspectacular player”. Initially it appeared he was being signed as competition for Lee Wallace, given the lad’s base position is left back, but he says himself he likes to bomb forward and get the crosses in, making him more likely to be deployed in the trouble spot of left wing. He is without doubt the closest thing we have to an actual left winger, but nevertheless, it still is not his absolute preferred position, or apparently his best. But he is definitely a utility option on that side, wherever he plays.

Aaron Nemane:

A 19-year old Man City Academy product, this winger is pretty highly rated and apparently has looked impressive at the unders. But how many times have we heard that before? The press release described him as ‘one for the future’ but he is only a six month loan deal so quite whose future is being referred to is something of a debate.

He could well turn out to be a sensational (short term) capture but there is some disagreement over whether he is actually a left or right winger – depends on what source you read. He will likely be versatile and capable of both – but overall the proof of the pudding of his ability to play for Rangers will be in his performances when given the chance.

Josh Windass:

You got to hand it to Windo (no idea if that is his nickmame, but we are using it) for 30 minutes in the first two or three league matches Messi could barely touch him. The lad has ability. The problem is he just has no consistency and fades desperately well before half time. That on top of his injury problems does not help his cause much and just when he gets a few starts, he gets injured again. The lad cannot maintain fitness, and when he manages to get some, his performances are patchy.

Fundamentally though, while he has pace, he is not a left winger. He is clearly a much more central player, and while his old man is dumber than dumb, he was correct in saying his son’s best position is in the three of a 4-2-3-1.

Niko Kranjcar:

Fitness and consistency again blight another option, this time Niko. His ability is without question, and while we have analysed the problems he is having with Scottish football and cut him slack over them, nevertheless whatever the cause is, he cannot maintain fitness or consistency, just like his junior team mate. And again, he is not a winger. Nowhere near.

So there ye have it folks, the four options. None really convince, but if we were forced at gunpoint, we would put our eggs in the John basket and hope he can deliver.

Who would you go with?



  1. If the players develop the way we are led to believe, then I would say Nemane first as he is a winger. 6 month loan, surely not brought in to bolster the Unders. If he makes it, extend the loan, I believe his contract runs out next summer, we could be his future.

    Next, Declan John. Seems to be a left sided player, be it defence, midfield, winger whatever. So try him out in both LB and LM positions (does he have the legs for left wingback?) and see how he does. If better than Nemane, play at wing. If not, but good enough, keep as cover for Nemane and Wallace.

    Windass is, as you note, brilliant for 30 minutes. So he improves that or he is an impact sub, be it on the wing or in the hole. Kranjcar's future is CAM or in the hole, or somewhere else.

    If you compare the team and squad to February, it is improved out of all sight. I mean, we have swapped Kiernan for Alves, Halliday for Jack, Holt for Dorrans. End of discussion.
    Onwards and upwards

  2. If windas is fit he starts. Then kranjar on for him in the 2nd half. It will keep the oppositions defender on there toes and kranjar should get a lot more room during the 2nd half, especially after windas has tired the defenders during the 1st half

    And 2ndly I think walker will sign in January. Once he signs a pre contract hearts may let him come earlyer for £250k which will be good for us

  3. I would try the young lad from Man City lets see what he's got before the OF game. Windass and Kranjar are the avaiable cover ..Young John should be given a run out against Dundee or the Jags to see if he has some ability but at left back rest Lee for the OF game

  4. TBH don't think John will need to be Roberto Carlos to claim the LB position all for himself.
    Windass or Nemane for me in front of John, plenty pace always causes problems.
    We're getting there slowly but surely.
    Win every game in September be just the Tonic!!!

  5. I don't understand why we don't play Wallace higher up, let the young lad slide in behind and let waldo bomb forward all 90 mins. He's far bether going forward than defending. Let the young man city boy have the last 25 mins the next game then give him a start again st the jags in the cup, that should allow us to see if he's worth a shot in the OF.

    I'm more worried about the midfield, dorrans and jack are too similar to work together. We need pena upto speed and integrated quickly so a partnership in the middle can be formed. I like dorrans, he has that dig we need in the middle and he's one of our own but he lacks the creative spark that we need in the middle, Jack has been great and will become outstanding no doubt about it.

    Miller must be dropped asap also to allow big herrera and wee alfredo to gel aswell. The big man won't bag us 25 a season but neither did Hatley and this partnership does have shades of Coisty and Hatley, something we have missed for a long time. I do believe we have a proper goal scorer in alfredo and as long as the final ball into the box is better he will score more than he misses.

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