Tactics: how Rangers now shape up

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

When putting a new team together you have to think of everything, for example, which tactical approach does Pedro want to use next season to compete with Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibernian for the title?

Once he has HIS own signed players and the full squad to choose from, I am sure he will sit down with all his management team to find a system that best suits what he has already assembled.

Like all managers, he will want to pick as many of his new signings to start in 90% of all the games. Sometimes tactics dictate who starts and who Pedro will bring on after 65 minutes or so to try and change the match, depending on how the game is panning out.

Pedro has stated that a team of Rangers’ stature should have 2 quality players fighting for every position on the park, if we are to raise a proper title challenge. By the amount of signings so far, he seems to be going for it. He wants genuine competition from all of the squad.

In fairness to our Board of Directors, they seem to be spending the cash to buy as many players that the manager has suggested with all his transfer targets and dealings. As far as we know, they haven’t stopped him from buying anybody that he wants for the team.

Against our most difficult opponents, I would prefer us to use 3 quality centre halves at the back to help bolt the door, especially in the boisterous away games; Bruno Alves, Fabio Cardoso & Danny Wilson

I would also use 2 very athletic and quick wing-backs knowing when to defend and when to attack. It is also very easy to become a 5 at the back in seconds if you work with disciplined organisation. Drill them extremely well and set them up in a proper systematic way.

I have a question for you tactical geniuses: if you play with wing backs, do you play with two attacking defenders, two deep lying wingers, or one attacking defender and one deep lying winger?

The correct answer could be: it depends on the standard of opposition you are playing against.

If you are truly concerned with the attacking prowess of your opposition; such as playing Celtic or Aberdeen away you should probably play with 2 attacking defenders (James Tavernier & Lee Wallace).

If you are extremely confident that you will be able to retain loads of possession then you could go with 2 very aware wingers (Daniel Candeias & Dalcio).

If you are not 100% sure how the opposition will play against you then you could go with one attacking defender & one winger (Daniel Candeias & Lee Wallace) simples!

Here’s hoping Pedro learned much from his brief foray last season into the SPL and deploys his resources in a way which deals with it better.


  1. Can't disagree with that analysis. Now that he has his players I just hope the manager has the tactical nous to get this group of players to perform as one strong attacking and defensive unit.

  2. I have a good feeling about this season, we have a manager that knows and trusts HIS players, a board that backs the manager. Now we just need to back the team from the go.
    But I will trust our manager to do what's right, the Scottish media could do but nothin but say alves is too old and past it, oh how they must have been seething to see him start and so well FOR one of the best teams in Europe 😂

  3. Im checking the news every 10mins looking for anything on the 20yr old Columbian. Two footed goal machine.

    Rossiter and Niko are back training too. Add big Peña and Ryan Jack and the midfield looks very solid with plenty options. Alves and Cardoso look like a match made in heaven "on paper at least"

    Alex Freguson always said to build a team you start with two solid Center Halfs them build the spine of the team. Thats exactly what Pedro has done.

    Buzzin is an understatement. Lets get Morelos singed yeeehaaa. In Pedro we trust WATP

  4. James Tavenier at the back?, that's us 2-0 down already before a ball is kicked!! Just seeing his name makes me nervous. He is such a liability at right back!

    • Aye Jimbo you ain't the only one sweating at that prospect… I'd rather go with the 3 CB's or play Bates at RB least he'd defend and keep it tight…

    • It doesn't take much for a player to drop back when not in possession bang 5.3.2 but still have a player quick thinking enough to counter to go 4.4.2…

  5. I just hope Pedro knows how and where and when to play players it was like every one who put there hands up and said they would join us then we bought or got them and it is still ongoing players wanting the best deal they can get £5k or £10k a week look this is all about being number 1 not second we all know this it is not going be a easy task Selltic will bring in two or three new faces so we like Selltic must win every game so that it comes down to four games and that means win two and draw one and that my friend means we are number one,it is going be a great season ahead one we will enjoy by the way was it not always like this.

  6. You're talking nonsense! Pedro already has his style of play, which, by the way is also Mourinho's style, and he has picked all these players to fit into this style! Where have you been?

  7. We WB I hope it is that easy, new team with probably 6 or 7 never having played together other than on the training field and we will win every game bar 2, I hope so, that is if our finances take the strain, there is some serious sh.. to come our way unfortunately. J

  8. I had to stop reading your article when you mentioned "quality centre halves" & Danny Wilson in the same sentence. He's a liability – only slightly less so than Kiernan,slow, no radar in the box & is found wanting so often. I'd sell him & take a chance on Liam Lindsay (Partick Thistle) or Andrew Davies ( Ross Co) as back up instead.

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