Is Pedro hinting at the end for McKay at Ibrox?


Pedro Caixinha has today hinted that the Rangers future of Barrie McKay is bleak. The Rangers manager was speaking after the unveiling of his latest capture, Portuguese winger Daniel Candeias, and suggested McKay is not one he sees as part of his blueprint.

He said:

“I think we need more width in the last third, and we need more aggression in that part of the pitch. We need to be more aggressive attacking full-backs, attacking spaces, arrivals, having associations with the strikers and to put more crosses in. That is what we are looking to have in our attacking side.”

Damning enough when you consider the players in the side said to distinctly lack aggression. McKay would most certainly fit into this category, while crossing has been his weakest suit for long enough. However it is what Caixinha says next that could be the next nail on the coffin:

“Football goes beyond tactics and technique. Football is all about human relations and when you can get the human relations right and you know you can count on them, everything becomes easier.”

There have been questions raised about the relationship between he and McKay, with suggestions there is not much of one at all, and on the day Rangers finalise a new winger in McKay’s position Caixinha’s rhetoric seems at odds with McKay.

But the final nail appears here:

“It has been a busy week for everyone! We are delighted with the signings we have as all of them are our first options, and it’s very good things are going like that.”

So Candeias is a first choice signing? Where does that leave Barrie?

True, we could be reading way too much into it all, and yes, McKay finally showed up for training after missing last Monday’s return, but it is one to keep an eye on.


  1. Barrie has had a lot of chances to move up in this Rangers Team ..but I'm sorry to say he has not delivered . If he had showed his desire and talent to Caixinha I'm sure he would have kept him to try again , I hope we can secure some money for him and wish him the best

  2. Well if so Pedro better get this right only one shot then you are out gone forever i do hope you get it right but if wine is good then so let us drink it together but with no second chances.

  3. Mckay is done i would say, just doesn't have the aggression that Pedro demands and the Gers require unfortunately. Dalcio, Candeias already in and Walker on his way. There are a lot of deals being done behind the scenes with the current players going, because they are going to smaller or a lot smaller teams its not big news so we are not hearing about it so much. One thing is for sure, every Rangers player that leaves this season will never play for a club the size of the Gers again.

  4. It's a long season and there needs to be options. I still think McKay can turn into a really good player. If he's playing with other good players and the onus isn't on him so much to deliver, I think we'll see a big improvement.

    But if Pedro has seen enough then it might be goodnight Vienna as far as Barry McKay is concerned. Attitude might be the key problem here.

  5. I think you mis-interpret Pedro. When he said "First Options", he is meaning first options on his list of transfer requests. I'm sure he has second options if he didn't get the players he really wanted at first.
    As for Barry, yes, he has the talent, but no, he was no where near consistent enough last season. We need a winger to play his best at least 34/38 games. Barry is very much lightweight and gets brushed off the ball and bottles out of tackles. That said, I would like to think he would improve under Pedro and would like to see him stay, we can have 2 wingers as both would need competition in training.
    Only one thing though, Barry has only one year left on his contract, therefore we could lose out if he goes on a free next season. Only time will tell.

  6. Everything that has been said today is true,anybody who knows anything about the game can see that he is a skillful player but his final ball is crap and he has no bottle whatsoever.

  7. Whatever the future holds for Barry, his goal in the semi-final will remain one of my most abiding memories after fifty odd years of supporting The Famous.
    It is unfortunate that the timing of his arrival on the scene coincided with all the subterfuge that surfaced over the last five years. To his credit, he toughed it out, came through the loan spells and eventually fought his way into the starting line-up. For a young man, this displayed exceptional signs of fortitude, and courage, not to mention loyality.
    Something which was sadly lacking from the likes of Naismith, Lafferty, MacGregor and Whittaker when they suddenly realised the shit was going to hit the proverbial fan.
    I admit he appears lightweight, but there is reasonable cause to persist in his development, not least of all because he is Scottish.
    Whilst I am as excited as the next fan with both the speed, and nature of the summer signings, it is vital the team retains a national connection.


  8. I was hoping that Pedro would help to improve every player at Ibrox with his coaching skills, and young Barrie in particular is a lad that really does need good coaching.

    He undoubtably has the basic talent, but requires the proper direction and a better idea of good tactical play and I thought he would get it from Ped the Ted.

    At first I thought he got the job for that reason, but it is because of the Portuguese and Mexican contacts.

    If Barrie wants to stay at Rangers, he should sign a one-year-extension-deal to stop him leaving for nothing next year.

  9. Mckay lacks guts and determination,he is easily knocked off the ball as well,he won't be missed.

  10. I think the writer is missing the point big time… Barrie was our only winger last season the wee man was our most creative player by a mile and It's probly more likely moh & waggy who if you remember both played RW last year are the ones to make way. I think we will build our team with McKay on the left as last season. All this about him being too light weight is nonsence he is 22 years old he will bulk up slightly in time. Their is a video of mckays assists and the mess waggy, garner, Halliday etc make of trying to score on YouTube, stick it on

    • Greg, if he stays then he MUST be played on the right. The boy has a trick or two and a bit of pace. He can beat his back and get to the line. Then it STOPS. He cannot cross a half decent ball with his left foot. Even his left foot passing is dodgy, He cannot shoot with his left.
      Some right sided players CAN play on the left. Barrie cannot.
      Sure, he had some good games there at times and did some good things with Lee Wallace. I'd even say that his presence there helped Lee Wallace look really good and effective at times.
      That's fine. But it does not help McKay's game playing out of position all the time. Besides teams picked up on the Wallace runs eventually. They also knew that McKay was coming inside, onto his right foot 99% of the time and reacted accordingly.
      Wingers have to be unpredictable in that way. They MUST be able to cross the ball effectively from the wing they play on. Coming inside should be surprising the opposition, not doing what they expect.
      He can still step inside, from the right wing. Play a telling pass, or set himself to smash a right foot shot into the top corner. Like he did against Celtic last season.
      I'd keep him on a reasonable two year contract to see how he goes. But he can only play on the right. If not? Sell him on.

  11. By all accounts Candelas is more of a winger with pace rather than an old fashioned winger who can dribble to the bye line. Seems more of a replacement for O'Halloran. McKay didn't have the best of seasons last year but remember he was the one player Rodgers sought out after the first Old Firm game at Ibrox and he paved the way for Perdro's dance at Firhill with his late intervention from the bench. All in all his performances and impact was far better than Caixhina. I think Barry is confused under Caixhina (and let's face it his tactics have often been confusing). Warburton clearly wanted him to play an certain way and Perdro wants him to play another way. This takes some time and adjustment. Honestly I think Caixhina's man management skills are questionable. McKay is the most naturally talented player in the squad and Caixhina should be putting a friendly arm around the lad and working out how to get the best out of him – not selling him off on the cheap.

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