Triple transfer boost for Rangers – fans will be delighted


Rangers fans have been given a triple transfer boost over the past 24 hours with the news of all season ticket monies being reinvested into the squad, while two new players look set to arrive at Ibrox.

Chairman Dave King has confirmed circa 35,000 season tickets have been sold/renewed meaning a minimum of £10-13M is to be invested in the playing staff and Pedro Caixinha’s overhaul of the existing personnel. This could mean as much as £18M outwith King’s and co’s own investment, although whether fans actually believe the above claims by the Ibrox chief is quite another matter.

It has been long-evident such cash was required to build the kind of Rangers fans expect, and maybe the rebuild is finally properly underway if legitimate eight-figure sums are being promised by the chairman.

It comes hot on the heels of two big transfer stories whose legs have grown since Ibrox Noise brought them to you over the past week:

Cagliari’s Bruno Alves has reportedly given his word to Rangers that he will give up Serie A for Govan, with negotiations supposedly underway between Rangers officials and those of the Sardinian outfit, and time will tell if Rangers can secure an agreement to free the former Zenit, Fenerbahce and Porto stopper from his Italian deal. A six, maybe seven figure sum may be required.

Caixinha knows the player tremendously well from their time together at the Turkish cracks, and the 35 year old Euro 2016 Champion would be a real coup for Rangers, and a brilliant addition.

Moreoever, Ryan Jack’s impending arrival at Ibrox, first brought to you here, looks more and more certain in the mainstream media with official confirmation that discussions with the player have definitely taken place. The 25 year old central defender is said to be the kind of hike in standard Rangers require, and while Rangers do have some modest competition from the MLS, Jack’s preference appears to be Rangers, much to the chagrin of the rest of Scottish football. As usual.

He would be a free transfer.

In light of Rangers’ diabolical existing squad, these two would be a huge improvement and the promised kitty from the boss forces the idea there really is money now.

We will see how much of this materialises.


  1. I would say bring it on for both as long as wages are ok then am good to go for them.

  2. Can't and won't argue with those signings as and when they happen.. Both very experienced with Alves having the better experience for a shot at the EL which will be sorely needed..

  3. Where did the story about Bruno Alves coming to Rangers first appear? I know The Sun had an exclusive saying it was all agreed, but since when did The Sun start printing the truth? Are there any other sources? Time will tell if it's just a ploy to sell ST. Alves is undoubtedly a big name, one that will sell tickets. But I don't think he's as good a player as he's made out to be. His tackle on Harry Kane at the Euros was not all that unusual, as he's not a great tackler (his stats back this up). He looks like a warrior, I agree. But looking like one is not enough.

    It could mean nothing, but here's an interview he gave in Italy 4 weeks ago (translated from blogcagliaricalcio1920):

    “I like Serie A and Cagliari a lot, I'm in love with this tournament. The rest depends on the president. I still have a year of contract and I will do my best, then we'll see what my future holds….I could not have made a better choice…the first year went very well, the second will be even better…..I love the climate, the beaches, I love the way of the fans….”

    Alves’ stats this season at Cagliari (from –

    Tackling – Weak
    Discipline – Weak
    Passing – Strong
    Aerial Duals – Very Strong
    Likes to play long balls. Commits fouls often.

    Rating out of 10 in last 10 games:
    5.36 (5-1 loss to Inter)
    6.48 (1-0 loss to Fiorentina)
    6.61 (0-0 draw with Lazio)
    6.77 (3-1 win at Palermo)
    6.13 (3-2 loss at Torino)
    7.69 (4-0 win at Chievo)
    6.77 (2-1 loss at Udinese)
    6.71 (1-0 win at Pescara)
    6.32 (3-1 loss to Napoli)
    7.14 (3-2 loss at Empoli)

    It would also be strange if Dave King approved of this deal, given his comments earlier in the season. Following the sacking of Warburton, King said that the signing of older players (like Hill and Senderos) was very much Warburton's idea, and (I'm paraphrasing) "went against our policy of attracting younger players with a sell-on value". I'm not convinced this deal is happening is all, but if it does happen, I'm even less convinced that it'll be a success.

    • Its a bit like Pedro record in his last seven games in the desert won 3 lost3 drew 1. Sound familiar?

    • Sure does, Bear. I read Scunthorpe are supposed to be after Waghorn? Perhaps we could ask for a swap deal involving their CB, Murray Wallace; 24 year old Glasgwegian (released from Murray Park as a kid) and he's just won Scunny's supporters POTY, players POTY and some other award. The right age, plenty of experience and seems to have the defensive ability we're lacking…

  4. what we need to ask ourselves is, is alves better than kiernen? it would be hard not to be, is jack better than halliday or holt? without a doubt! so by signing these two our team is improved considerably, now repeat that philosophy all over the park! its not rocket science, a just hope pedro is clever enough to do it but jury's still out.

  5. IMO tt would be even stranger if Dave King was actually telling the truth in his statement, let's be honest that would be a first. Am I the only one thinking that spending all our season ticket money on new players, sounds crazy? As fans we all want the best team we can possibly have, I get that; but with a pile of (soft)debt already and court cases coming out of DK's asshole, this clearly puts the future of the club at risk. How are we gonna keep the lights on and Murray PArk functioning if we blow all our income on new players? Short answer – more debt to the Three Bears who will be even more entrenched when what we need is for them to GTF! This is the last act of a desperate man, and will end in more tears.

    • I agree totally with the phrase "This is the last act of a desperate man" but think this, in the long run, is a positive and unexpected turn of events (not that I am anything like convinced he will be true to his word)

      Either way, it definitely indicates to me that DK and his shower of useless blazers have finally got the message that the days of abusing and taking for granted the exceptional and unique loyalty of Rangers fans are well and truly over and if they fail to get the finger out now they will be strung up from the lamp post outside the main entrance door (figuratively speaking of course!)

      Dangerous times, I agree, and ramifications could be disastrous but we simply cant continue in current circumstances, stand by and watch the manky mob getting 16 IAR, because we are going nowhere and the pace appears to be speeding up to get there

      Will their present cunning plan work out? I doubt it very much, and may well, as you rightly suggest, temporarily put us right back in the shite again while at the same time force the departure of DK and his power at all cost blazer buddies and hopefully force the currently "slammed shut door" open for new and competent custodians of our famous club to take over as current mob really, repeat really, do not have a scooby how to run a race night never mind a world renowned institution like ours

      Unfortunately we are where we are and in my opinion the immediate priority must be to get rid of current board, or is it bored, because their general inactivity, constant broken promises and inept approach to their duties certainly bores the arse of of me,

      Unless of course the Bears would be willing to accept 2nd or 3rd best every season? – NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

      Looks like the penny has finally dropped with these nuggets that the bottom line is and always will be that We Are The Rangers, We Are The People and WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT SECOND BEST – TAXI FOR KING!!

  6. I don't mind whether or not we sign Alves. You can't bring in a manager and not back him, so if PC wants him and we can afford him, he will get him older player or not. But likely to be an exception as an over 30.

    Can I point out that King saying all the ST money goes to the manager, or the club, doesn't mean a transfer budget of £10M. First you have to pay next season's wages out of it!

    Unlike many posters, I don't claim to know exactly how much money will be available or whether we are profitable. There will be, and there should be, no spending money we don't have. However, as advertising and sponsorship contracts are renewed, their value will increase. So we may well have a couple of million spare.

    Most buys will be frees and there is nothing wrong with that. There are good players out of contract. Scottish players who know our game and the scale of our club will want to come. Some may see us as a stepping stone – fair enough. Sell at a profit, repeat.

    Some will want to play for the jersey. If they are good enough, great. If not, sorry but the terracings are that way. Weiss sounds like he wants to come? Then its up to him to get his way here, free.

    I would rather have Naismith than Lafferty, but we don't overpay wages to either. They owe us.

    Onwards and upwards GSTQ

  7. Guys, you've swallowed the spin hook, line and sinker I'm afraid.

    Read it again "all season ticket money to be invested in the playing squad" – now consider the fact our wage bill is around 6m – 7m and if we need to pay players off to leave this could rise substantially.

    Therefore if season tickets raise 10m – 13m then there will only be around 3m to 6m for new players…

    It's still a decent sum, and I believe could be enough if they snap up good bosmans but let's not kid ourselves that there will be 13m spent on new players…

  8. The Alves deal has Mr. Bean written all over it…
    (I don't know what that means either)

  9. So if this is true all season ticket revenue will be spent on player transfer/wages. If so, what's gonna fund everything else? A simple solid question. If season tix revenue is 12 Mil. Who funds the rest?

    • Will be a mix of sponsorship, match day food and drinks, a pound or two from retail (literally)….and then probably a couple million on soft loans again.

      It can be done as playing staff if about 60% of the clubs costs and season ticket income is probably around 60-70% of the clubs income.

  10. Surely if you take the average season ticket at £500 and sell 35,000 this is £17.5 million and I would say probably £20 million.
    But Im only a Brigton boy wit a calculator.
    Id have Naismith back for the right wages

  11. Ibrox Noise one ex loan player who for the life of me we have never been linked with is Kyle Bartley… He's been a stand out for Leeds this season and knows what the Club and the SPL is all about.. In truth a few players at Leeds could walk into the Gers team – Liam Cooper a clever CB and Liam Birdcut a tidy DM both Scottish as well and young.. Why are Rangers not even looking at these boys with Europe as a carrot.. Let's face it they mont make Europe with Leeds anytime soon

    • I hate to agree with you again. Lol. Hard to believe Bartley is still only 25, and apparently he's been a sensation at Leeds this season. A good chance he'd be interested in returning here, and I'm sure the likes of Cooper/Bridcutt would welcome European football/possibly more chance of Scotland caps too.

    • Lol aye very good mate..Pretty certain he went to Swansea after getting shunned at Arsenal and is just on loan at Leeds at the moment.. Don't think Leeds have made it permanent as of yet.. He'd be a stand out in the SPL for defo.. This is where Rangers need the Head of Football sorting out asap…

    • Definitely buddy, if we had things sorted at Ibrox I'm pretty sure he's a player we could attract.

  12. Sorry but anyone that believes any of Kings promises has a terrible memory as they are getting fooled by the same trick for the third time. Gullibility is also a factor.

    King is essentially using emotional blackmail to sell season tickets.

  13. Afraid Chris Sutton might be right about Pedro. I want him to succeed but he's been here for 9 weeks and he's had fights with players, the media and another manager. Yesterday he took the bait from a tv pundit with his "Charlie who?" comment. I thought one of the reasons we got rid of Warburton is because he was thin-skinned?

    I hope this throws some light onto Stewart Robertson's vetting ability (I'm certain Robertson wasn't aware either of Pedro's "My Celtic Brothers" video message). But what's also worrying is that Pedro's setting himself up with his trash-talk e.g. about how we're going to have a much improved team next season "believe me", that our performances will be "totally different", that he's not interested in buying players who are "a 7 or 8 one week, then a 4 the next week", that we're going to be challenging for the "no.1" spot, and we're going to be "a winning team" etc. The media are going to pull him up on these. I feel for the guy, but it only confirms again that the Rangers job is not for everybody.

    Wonder if one of Ryan Jack's reasons for coming to Rangers is because he has a strong hunch that he'll be joined here by his old manager by the end of the year?

  14. Lol, sure is 73! Quite excited by the possibility of seeing Serge Atakayi make his debut tomorrow. From what I've seen in his youth games, he looks like he could make an impact. Small frame, but as strong as an ox. Plenty of pace. Hope to see Barjonas on from the start too!

    • Aye you're right about Atakayi he's also a grafter Jorg. Tracking back into his own box and putting tackles in late on during the last OF encounter..Barjonas has got to be on from the start if he's not then Ped won't have learned from the Sheep game.. Be a hard game against the Saints the morra mate

    • Definitely bud, the youngsters can give us some hope that better times are around the corner. Be interesting to see how the team performs after a difficult week of PR for Pedro too!

  15. My only hope now is that Ped knew he had nothing to lose in the 9 weeks before summer – playing kids in big games being a way of forcing a bigger transfer budget and managing supporters expectations post Warburton. If i'm wrong and he has been trying to put out the best team he can…then he won't last 'till Christmas

  16. Isn't all of this just a little OTT ? Rangers have a long way to go and confidence is always good providing it's genuine and not just whistling in the dark. Only time will tell.

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