Rangers’ prize asset to be sold this summer; reports


Rumours have surfaced online claiming Barrie McKay is to be sold by Rangers. The reports claim manager Pedro Caixinha has decided the 22-year old Scotland international has not done enough to earn a new deal, and Rangers will look for a quick sale this summer.

McKay has had a troubled time under the new boss, with unimpressive performances convincing many fans his heart was not in it, but his general displays this season on his maiden berth in the SPL have equally been patchy at best, and the claims have it that Rangers will seek a quick bid and sale to get the winger off the books.

McKay has stated he wishes to stay, but the delay in Rangers offering him a new deal had led many to believe one would not be forthcoming, and this sudden surge of reports that Caixinha has made up his mind hint that McKay may well be the latest high-profile casualty of the new regime following in the footsteps of veteran Clint Hill.

We shall see, as usual.


  1. Been to nearly every game this year and he has probably only preformed in 5 so that says it all not good enough. Bye bye Barrie hopefully get a couple of million and buy someone that performs and contributes every week …….

  2. Plays 1 minted game then plays 10 non exsistant. Hopefully get 2 million ? And fund weiss coming back

  3. Sorry lads, but I'd definitely keep Barrie. For me he's one of the few players in the squad who have genuine quality. If his teammates we're of a higher standard McKay would flourish. 4 years ago most Spurs fans were saying that Harry Kane simply wasn't good enough. And before him, West Ham fans hounded out a young Frank Lampard because he was deemed not good enough/was only picked because of his father. I think he's an excellent no.10, he's still only 22 and is in his first full season in the Scottish Prem.

    • Jorg

      He has to go, because he is the only player we can get anything for, he has to go to try and balance the books and to let the manager have a transfer kitty of around £2m to play with….should he go? DEFINITLY NOT.

      McKay has been in out and shaken about since his late teens, his performances have been the same and many seem to forget, even legends like Davie Cooper were never ALWAYS on it and never ALWAYS turning in sparkling performances, our memories think that but I remember spells when Davie was a bit player and not involved much, but he did have spells when he was on fire.
      Do I think McKay is of the same ilk as Coops, no I don't think he is….yet and sadly we will never know as the penny pinching, lies and spin continues. McKay has played under, probably the worst managers in our Clubs history, alongside the poorest standard of players in our clubs history, so is it fair to criticise and 'bin off' a player who has had nothing to play with, exception there would be Wallace who he had a good relationship with, and since Lee has dipped in form so has McKay…..that's no coincidence!! Wallace and McKay were the most talented players in our team every week, they could read each other and work for each other….because they were at a different level from those around them….and it showed in many games.

      For me, keeping talent you have, and bursting a gut to keep young talent you have, is the only way to stabilise and improve….sure we cant keep them all, but when our most talented player decrees and comes out and says he wants to stay, what do we do? …SHOW HIM THE DOOR….great move guys, looks like we are building for the future….or should that be, building for the next 6mths…young talent has to be nurtured then progressed to first team status, in our current mess McKay was promoted to first team status and never nurtured and advanced as a young player, playing under awful managers alongside the dross we have had….very disappointed to see the comments about letting him go…when you have as few assets as we do its protect them we should be doing.


  4. He and others need to go been nonexistent all season use the money to buy quality players who want to win every game not just collecting a paypacket

  5. I would like to see him played as a No 10, to see if he can influence a game. BUT, it really all depends on what he wants. He was offered a new contract and said no. He wants more money. Fair enough, but how much more? If it is too much. get him sold. If its not, give him a new contract, try him at No 10 and see what he has got. If we still don't want to keep him, sell him next summer.

  6. sell sell sell im we get 2 mill we will be damned lucky , anyone watching the u17 euro cup will have seen how far barrie is off that standard.

  7. To sell him would be nuts, he has lots of potential and we are not rich enough to let him go and buy better without spending fartoo much. I agree with the comment above about playing as a no. 10 or as a central attacking midfield, some of his best dribbling has been in the centre of the park. Hope he stays and develops.

  8. We need to keep him. I can see him in an Ian Durrant role (pre injury). As said above, he needs better players around him, who have the same football brain. Kenny Miller is the only person who is in that mould.

    I'm worried for next year too. I will give aped the chance to get it right in the market this term though. After the game at Pittodrie, I got panned on here for saying we were only papering over the cracks, I am now sadly vindicated cared for those comments.

    Fingers crossed though.


  9. Figures going about on other sites of £750-£1m for a quick sale. Am sorry but ther seems to b a list of clubs interested so why let him go on the cheap seems crazy to me players down south in the championship with a year on ther contract goin for silly money the manky mob name ther price n we re seemingly like we ll take half of wat he's really worth, £1.5 -£2m is peanuts to championship clubs wether people think he's worth that or not if clubs south of the border want him then he goes for wat they are willing to pay.

    • Celtic name their price because they have players on contracts that they want to keep, but will sell if it makes sense financially.

      Selling McKay because he isn't deemed good enough means the buyer is in control. There isn't a single club who would see a player with only 1 year top flight experience as a good buy.

      Look at Ryan Christie – probably won't make Celtic first team squad, let alone play and he's outperformed McKay over the season. So how much would he be worth?

  10. Sell him. It's not that ped doesn't want it… it's just that the wages Mckay wants is ott and doesn't deserve it

  11. If Barrie's sold, it's another dead canary in the mineshaft. We're driving canaries to extinction at this rate. King probably wants him sold, under the pretence that his salary demands are too high, so that it will boost our non-existent transfer kitty.

  12. If yur selling yur home n u want £100,000 for it n 4 people want it they up ther offer n highest bid wins so if ther 4 clubs interested they put ther bids in n highest gets what they want. IF Thers no interest u lower the price. As I said Thers seemingly 4 clubs interested so in that case rangers have the ball in there court. Makes no sense wat so ever for GERS to go we ll take half his value first to give us it gets him. Load of nonsense!!

    • i think your last 3 words summed up your thoughts…………he's worth 600k rising to about 800 with future add on's.

  13. So yesterday our chairman is offering all our season ticket money for new signings, today we appear lost in Peds decision to hold or sell a player. Seems to me we remain and will remainin the dark as to what is going on behind the scenes, there is one thing for sure, there is a lot more than we think we know and it is hurting us while King delivers false promises, show us YOUR MONEY as you promised Mr King, naw never mind just resign, the sooner the better. J

  14. Been in and out more times than Hokey Cokey. Plays 1 good game in 10. Simply not good enough. Needs 100% consistency to challenge Septic . Overall pathetic tbh. Irritates me the boy . To be a great Ranger you need to look committed. McKay looks more interested in what he looks like

  15. I agree with last comment. McKay needs to go. No commitment,no consistency, and most importantly, no passion. More interested in his hair, tattoos, and what T-shirt to wear. Getting paid good money for nothing. Get what you can for him. Surprised if any decent team would want him. His lack of interest in the game extremely sad. Could name many others in current team who need to go also. Yes, wee Barry would not be missed.

    • The sheer pettiness of some fans never ceases to amaze. Like the other players it's not lack of effort, it's lack of quality throughout the team and squad. Caused in no small part by the lies of a certain chairman.

  16. He's by far the best talent in our squad ,he's hardly going to look good in most matches surrounded at best by Sunday league players

  17. King is investing so much we are having to sell our best young Scottish player, even though he wants to stay.

    We should be getting him on longer deal, try to get more out him and then sell him. Not doing it on cheap to find transfers because our chairman is a shameless liar.

  18. Aberdeen Football Club has tonight confirmed that one of its most senior employees has gone missing in an apparent abduction. The authorities are keen to speak to the driver of a light-coloured Leyland Mini (registration number B1 EAN) which was seen driving erratically in the Pittodrie area and seen later speeding south on the A90.

  19. If it comes to it that we do decide to offload Barrie MacKay, for once ensure we do it for the right price. How often do we discard players, sometimes in recent times due to other factors, but get a good price and a sell on clause added into any future transfers. I would estimate a figure no less than £1.25m to £2m and as most punters here have to realise how inept and anonymous he has been in many games this season.
    Imagine we had had future transfer clauses on Ross McCormack, Steven Naismith, Nikita Jelavic, etc, at least we had one transfer clause on Charlie Adam, but none in future transfers.
    It is worth having a transfer clause on all players irrespective of how much we let them go for as it could lead to any players slipping through the net becoming greater players.
    Getting back to Barrie MacKay, he is only 22 years old, we have seen at times his potential, so should he leave and suddenly hike up a notch in his performances, should he leave, we must guarantee, we as a club ensure we never lose out financially.

    • Rangers didn't sell McCormack or Naismith so there couldn't be any future transfer fee. As for jelavic, he was sold and rangers received £300k when he later moved to hull.


  20. But four clubs will know what they going bid for him the going rate for a player that has not played in any CL OR EL Games will be around 1 million or less but who would you pay that 1 million price after his manager Pedro said has decided the 22-year old Scotland international has not done enough to earn a new deal.

  21. Sure Barry has been inconsistent this season – unlike Caixhino who has been consistently crap and tactically naive. Madness to sell him as he is one of the few players we have of genuine potential and quality. Then again it's madness to let Pedro decide on anything. A joke of a manager who'll be gone by Xmas.

  22. Agents talk they've also got contacts all over the game, if u scratch my bck al scratch yurs not always about the ability of a player n one man who knows the player talked him up and really rates him was warburton so if he goes on his beliefs of wat he's seen first hand of wat mckay can do then u wud imagine at a club like Forrest who got between £40-£60mil for saving themselves in the championship wud trust ther new managers judgement n cud easily pay £1.5m plus. It's like if hibs go to Motherwell to buy a player he's worth £100,000 but if GERS want him he's now worth £500,000. So with the mega money in the top two divisions down south if they show interest in our player the price inflates cos they have more to go around n won't mis it.

  23. you just have to wonder how good this player could be, with 6 months of brendan roger's coaching and tutorship………………a 10 to 20 million pound player if not more

  24. I would sell him. He's just not been good enough or consistent enough. He just doesn't look interested either. Yes he has potential but half the time he looks like he doesn't even want to be there.

  25. Pedro,needs to get his head down and start working with the players he has six games in and he wants one of our best players out,yes Barry may want some more money so give him it,sort out the players we have move on ones who need to be moved out then bring in a few more new faces that will help what we have,Pedro is like a kid in a sweet shop some they like at first look then throw them away and then want more and more,Pedro needs to add a few players maybe three or four not a whole sqaud grow up Pedro baby steps before you throw out some great players for nothing like there worth and bring in some poor replacements.

    • John…throw oot some great players for nothin'… who wid that be…? we've a team and player paucity I've not seen since Martin Henderson and Jim Denny…!! …I tend tae agree wae the above whose thinking revolves buildin' a team around what little talent we have …and that ain't a lot presently… Mckay when he performs ( stop for a minute guys…he's been asked tae carry the desires of all of us at a time of unprecedented financial constraint) stands out as having our most potential re. future sell on value. We should imo nurture what little we have.

  26. Very promising performance. Aidan Wilson, Bates and Barjonas – outstanding.

    Alnwick 7
    Tavernier 6
    Bates 9
    A Wilson 9
    Beerman 7
    Holt 7
    Barjonas 9
    Toral 8
    Windass 7
    Miller 7
    Waghorn 8

    • Good to see Ped played Barjonas from the start today who has done really well and will get better. Alnwick was a surprise switch and a good call on Peds part tbh. Be interesting to see what happens during the silly season with in & outs at the Club. The young team will only get better 🇬🇧

    • Definitely, 73. Barjonas looked so wise and composed again. With a good pre-season, he's staking a claim to become an automatic choice next season. Aidan is very assured as well. He doesn't panic, and always seems to get into the right place at the right time. Looking positive.

  27. Keep him for sure. At this moment, he's our best player.
    Sell now for 1 or 2 or next year for 5 or 6?
    The only player we have that Brendan would be tempted by. Go figure…

    • He's only got a contract for one more season. If he's not sold now then he can sign a pre contract in six months and leave for nothing…that's the point.

  28. Modern football players have all the power & with only 1 year to go on his contract Barrie will decide where he would like to go, then its up to the clubs if they can hammer out a deal. At end of the day he can stay for another year then ask for double the money in wages compared to this summer. When other clubs know the manager wants him out for whatever reason they will try there luck & offer as little as possible with addons, best case scenario is £750,000 rising to £1.25m… In countries like Scotland we need to sell when players have 2 years left to give club a stronger position in the bargaining process.

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