Pedro Caixinha – wait for Rangers’ new manager set to continue


Rangers’ new manager Pedro Caixinha’s impending arrival in Govan has been laid subject to a bureaucratic hold up, say Sky Sources tonight.

The 46 year old whose move to Ibrox has been given the go-ahead by his current boss, Qatari outfit Al-Gharafa’s president Sheikh Jassim bin Thamer Al-Thanid, now finds the deal apparently being delayed due to complications over termination conditions of his existing contract, which will certainly not overly appeal to Rangers who are desperate to get the ‘transfer’ sown up as soon as possible.

But it appears the wait must go necessarily on for Rangers’ next manager to take his mantle, although as yet the delay’s length has not been specified. But once that red tape is negotiated, the ex-Panathaikos assistant will be free to finally ratify his switch to Glasgow’s south side and begin the colossal task of turning Rangers’ fortunes around.

We await with baited breath.

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  1. Lets hope the delay becomes insurmountable and we get someone who knows the Scottish game because Pedro just won't cut it at Rangers.Why Smith McLeish or Gough did not conduct interviews instead of the accountants is beyond me.

  2. I think it has been so prolonged that not many give a shit. What happened to appointing the DOF position as the priority? More turnarounds than the Hokey Cokey. Just the job for a bullfighter. Er…. we were a football club.
    I suppose there is a commercial side to this. We could all buy Rangers Sombreros from the Rangers store and rise as one from the stands shouting OLE' OLE' if we cross the halfway line during games. If that sounds daft its no worse than we have witnessed in the last few weeks.Its not funny, its embarrassing.

  3. I honestly cant believe this one, well yes I can but I really don't want to. There are no grounds and nothing that I can dig up on the net to say this man has achieved and will achieve at Rangers….once again Dave King shows his true colours and opts for, he may be a wonderful guy and a great coach at Qutari Tier whatever….but can anyone honestly say this is the move we have all been waiting for?

    The guy isn't fit for purpose and all King is doing again is laying us wide open to ridicule and shame….wake the fuk up guys…boycott King and that bunch of clowns by not renewing your season books….this is what his message was…Starve the Club of cash ….well now is your chance to make a stand and stop this fukin circus once and for all….I can see them and hear them already….mocked ridiculed and scraped off the sole of a shoe like dogshit…. welcome to Dave King's Rangers…. I hope all of you who have backed him and hung on his every word are proud of your achievements…and don't give me that pish about him saving the club….if this is saved god fuckin help us….a very very sad time is just about to get a whole lot sadder….it may even be terminal this time, you reap what you sow…and never has that been more true than RFC 2017….the laughing stock of Scottish, British,European and maybe even World football…..


    • Wow yeh let's cut all money to the club. And who's gonna want it if we go into administration again? 👏

    • For me this is Kings last chance. He's failed to honour any of his promises, despite the ridiculous claims to the contrary.

      The whole recruitment saga has been probably the worst managerial hunt iv ever witnessed. For a start the club clearly stated the intention to hire a DOF – where is he, has the plan been changed/abandoned/forgotten about? Where is the communication?

      Only the most optimistic of fans can be anything other than deeply worried that we are giving the job to a person of such little experience. He possesses none of the qualities outlined in that plan that has been abandoned/changed/forgotten. He has none of the experience outlined in that abandoned/changed/forgotten plan. He also is not the 'rangers' man the fans clearly wanted.

      Then there is the public pursuit of Wilson and his public rejection, layered on top is the fact that it was he who stated we should hire Pedro in the first place. Why have we done this? What of the other interviewed candidates such as the now available Mitchell- will he accept knowing he was second choice and working with someone else's risky management pick? I wouldn't, his reputation is at stake.

      The attitude that doesn't matter or we didn't need one in first place is irrelevant- the club stated loudly and clearly that it was the number one priority, and essential to their plans.

      Then consider reports that the board will be picking the assistant not the new manager or the missing director of football.

      In any other businesses, handling a situation so poorly would cost those responsible their jobs.

      If the new management thinks they can coach the same group of players and make anything other than minor tactical improvements then they will fail quickly. The whole squad needs route and branch change- now back to those optimistic fans, who truly believes we will get the level of investment required?

      Hands up please.

  4. Many comments on Ibrox Noise come from fans who have followed our great club for years if not decades. They express themselves with no little candor and no matter their view can be respected for it. The continuing comments of GordoRFC however are peculiarly malevolent and certainly venomous towards King. Calling for boycotts and for us not to renew season tickets does not sit well with me. Our club is at a crossroads. No doubt about it, the club is on life support and it is the fans who provide it. To discourage fans support at this critical time is fanciful and downright stupid. It is no time for us to be reckless. Our adversaries are emboldened by it. Stay loyal to our club. When we get through this tunnel the sun will be shining brightly on sunny Govan once again. Be there.

    • Sorry guys you clearly don't understand what king is doing to the club. He is every bit as bad for rangers as Ashley.

      I hope the new management is successful however it's hard to be too optimistic. Coisty has done a lot wrong, but his comments about investment are true. Without massive investment the job is impossible- and King has not invested the money he promised, it's now or never.

  5. Pedro,will get here that is for sure eh i hope so, he must be a good manager we can not get two bad managers in a row,he will be judge on how many wins he gets but most of all if he can beat Selltic.

  6. A nonsensical and completely unnecessary decision from this dysfunctional board. They gambled and lost with Warburton and now they are possibly taking an even bigger gamble with Pedro.

  7. Lets give the guy a break and give him a dogs chance…… at least he is looking at another Centre half which is already better than Warburton. He deserves a chance before being flung on the scrap heap.

    • If you can see that something bad is going to happen, it's usually a good idea to do something before it happens.

      That is how many fans feel, myself included.

      I hope we are wrong and I hope that I am typing an apology in a few months time, but don't think I will be.

      I am one of few fans who can say honestly that I saw through Warburton from day one. I have same feeling here.

      Without major investment (not going to happen with king stranglehold)any manager is going to find job impossible

  8. Oh to hope this was all a very elaborate diversion ploy and as the door of the dressing room swings open in walks Walter on Sunday. Wishful thinking

    • That would be good…..

      Perhaps he could bring messi, ronaldo and griezman in as our new front line (we can but dream).

  9. I'll go on record here and state, that I believe, if this man does in fact come to Ibrox it will not work!
    I agree with GordoRFC that we are the laughing stock of football and I know this because the BBC takes great pains to report on anything negative about our club and we give them the fodder to do it. Pedro would fall into this category for me.
    I wanted Frank de Boer. Maybe we can't acheive that, but this guy?

    • I don't see many (any) fans who are actually championing this guy. I think the appointment will fail dramatically. Likewise, I agree that we can do much better than him.

    • Sad thing is FDB was interested in speaking to club but wasn't considered.

      That's the kind of move we needed, along with money to spend.

      Reality is King is strangling the life out our great club and getting defended by people who either can't or don't want to understand.

  10. A McC you comments on Gordon RFC are well meant but way off the mark. Let me think, when did Mr King last make a believable statement, when did he actually follow through with his financial promises, when did he actually congratulate the fans for their loyalty and financial support (in particular season ticket holders) and lastly, what , since he walked bactk through the door of our club has he sorted, the youth set up, the current squad, even our best are miles off the pace, our management or management structure, our merchandising or our stadium,. Thats it, his ability to dissappear is becoming absolutely breathtaking. J

    • Sadly the fans defending king do not recognize the damage he is doing to both our short term and long-term prospects.

      If he stepped aside then investment would be possible, however as long as he runs club at a loss we are dependent upon his short term loans- which are simply a way to increase his share without having to offer shares to other stakeholders and outside investors.

      Hear this truth!

    • King will not invest serious money until the board get 75% of votes they need to get a rights issue. We have the legend that was McCoist for frustrating the board by not voting. This was the man who was issued free shares and is one of the stumbling blocks to opening up Rangers to major investment. King will not put serious money in until they reach 75% simple as that

  11. I'm happy to give him a chance. He deserves that at the very least. Yes, so I don't know anything about him. That doesn't mean he's worse than those I do know something about. It's all about how he approaches the institution of Glasgow Rangers, not just the football and no-one can predict how that will go.
    Best of luck to you, Pedro.

    • Look, if he's appointment goes through then we will all have to back him.

      That should not stop vital questions being asked.

  12. Look…He's passionate about football.
    Don't we fn love that!
    Bring it fn on and bring the 'other Glasgow team' down!
    I reckon Pedro is gonna kick fn ass!
    Vote for Pedro!

  13. But dont you see, Pedro might be great but we still have something rotten in our core called King, holding us to ransome in a deceitful way, put simply, he is and will continue to ask us for money as in reality he wants his back without putting any in "aint that right Mr King" J

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