Rangers fans; divided by Clint Hill


Yesterday news broke through social media and the Scottish Sun that Rangers were making serious overtures in the direction of QPR’s recently-freed veteran defender, Clint Hill.

To call reaction to this news mixed would be a mild understatement – indeed, it completely split supporters down the middle.

Hill is a 37-year old warhorse well-versed in both the English top tier and its underling the Championship, and the stopper has had a more than productive career in his time within the game.

However, the arguments have started primarily over his age, with over 400 appearances in the sport among his achievements. The obvious rebuttal many have countered that with is the “Sir Davie of Weir” fallacy which basically says if you are going to dismiss a defensive signing based on him not being in the springtime of his career, look in the direction of Rangers’ assistant manager for the impact he made at Ibrox in his playing days, during the twilight of his career.

Weir joined Rangers in January 2007, aged 36, and went onto arguably become a legend of the Club, and played a huge role alongside initially Ugo Ehiogu then Carlos Cuellar, which led to Walter Smith’s Rangers being so defensively sound.

That argument holds up on almost every level, with the one flaw being that Weir was coming from Premier League cracks Everton (where he spent nine top-class seasons in England’s strongest league), while Hill’s legacy only sees one significant season for him at that level (QPR 2011/2012), while the rest of his playing time was in the Championship fighting relegation.

But of course Rangers, regardless of whoever it is, desperately need an experienced head in the centre of defence – someone to guide the rest and to read the game in a manner Danny Wilson and Rob Kiernan are frankly struggling to do as a partnership.

Rangers have done right by McParland and Warburton (and Weir) so far, and this signing, if it happens, is said to have been personally recommended by Joey Barton himself; ergo it has merit.

Nevertheless many Rangers fans are unhappy with the notion of his joining the ranks at Ibrox, so I will open it to the readership. Do you want Rangers to sign Clint Hill?

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  1. Don't know of this guy but I know Bougherra was a superb defender and is four years younger. Taking both may not be such a bad idea as the pairing of kiernan and Wilson are a defensive disaster as we witnessed in the cup final.

  2. Done right by Warburton and McParland….are you joking.

    Warbs asked for £10m to bring in players to compete immediately ……..the board said no.

    He refuses to believe a word in says.

    Do you think if we had a functioning manager that a 10 day trip to the States would consist of one game, one game, against Charleston Battery ffs…….at least McCoist went there with 3 or 4 games lined up……..be it college teams or whatever.
    There is something not right……not a word from Warbs since before the Cup Final?

  3. We need experience at the back and if he is on a 1 yr contract that would seem reasonable.From what i have read he appears to be highly rated by QPR fans in to his attitude and influence. I would worry slightly if he caused the team to play deeper due to his lack of pace but I assume the management team know what they are doing. Another younger CB either Ball or someone else then we would be well covered at CB

  4. The reality is that Davie Weir was a proven international player with top level experience in England and Scotland. Clint Hill doesn't have this. He is a journeyman who has only played 35 games in 2 seasons and isn't wanted by a mediocre Championship club. I would suggest he's not good enough,

  5. We need experience at the back and Clint hill offers us that! We need veterans to help develop the talent we have all over the park and with signing like Mr hill it's the missing piece, don't be surprised to see 3 or 4 very young players come in over summer now, smart move if Imo. WATP.

  6. What would be wrong with getting Carlos Cuellar back I think he is younger,better & would fit in quicker?

  7. Fobbed off with utter crap – Weir was the exception more than the rule – if it were that easy a lot of teams would just fill up with players older than 36 for minimum financial input and reap the rosy rewards – unfortunately that is not how it works.

  8. Are we just being linked with every 30 something defender? I wasn't overly impressed with the Steven Taylor or Kolo Toure stories but this is surely nonsense. If MW brings in these older players and they get injured we will be left with Wilson and Kiernon, The Magic Hat is smarter than that (hopefully!) Curtis Nelson from Plymouth (out of contract) is more of a Warburton type player, and Grant Hanley from Blackburn for £2-3m is just what we need, it will plug the defence and shut up the doubters, then all we need is cover for full backs, a proven goal scorer, and a goalkeeper.

  9. Be prepared to eat your words Rangers fans negatively talking about Hill … We said the same when he arrived at us but within 5 performances you will wish you have 11 Clint Hills. He won't play every week but will give your defense a leader and 100% commitment, enjoy and good luck!

  10. It's June 15th, and we are all set for midfield and wingers. Where are the back 4 cover, and a striker?
    Warbs is also MIA. Who is handling the transfers in his absence? This is a huge season for the Gers. Shouldn't Warbs be working hard to make this happen? You keep talking about our wonderful manager: what have the management team done so far to plug the huge gaps in our back 4?
    Warbs wanted transfers completed by next week. We have signed 2 players since the cup final….
    It just seems strange that today we are still far from completing needed new blood.

  11. Another QPR season ticket holder – even at 37 most R's fans are sorry to see him go as he was still one of our best players. If you want a player that will put his body on the line to defend and makes the description 'wholehearted' seem insufficient then your fans will love him as we got to.

  12. Get off Warburton's back. The man is allowed a couple weeks off on holiday like everyone this time of year so the fact he isn't doing interviews is fine. He will still be talking to CEO about deals don't worry about that.

  13. The key point is that he has been released from a struggling Championship side! Not interested and neither will Warbs be. Also, he's not missing he's on holiday taking a well earned break having made 4 new signings already, dead wood let go and targets identified. No doubts he'll be back refreshed and ready to get us back into Europe with a top 3 finish next year.

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