Suggestion box: Hal Robson-Kanu

 Richard Fillingham

27-year-old, Hal Robson-Kanu, the former versatile Reading player and current Welsh No. 9 Internationalist, is available on a free transfer as of now, and is using the Euro 2016 tournament as the shop window for himself and his agent to earn Hal a place in the Rangers new first team for next year.

He scored the winning goal in Wales’ opening game yesterday against Slovakia in Bordeaux, when he came on late in the game in the 2 – 1 win. Their next game is against England on Thursday afternoon at 2pm to see if he can score another goal to do himself another big favour for teams trying to earn his signature. 

In fairness to Hal, he never actually uttered those words about Rangers, and I think they were a figment of my imagination, but God loves a trier. He could of course, do a lot worse than join a team of the highest quality, like the ‘Gers, and I am sure he would really enjoy playing in front of the greatest fans in the world every week, and would be a terrific asset to our challenge in the Premiership next year. He can play on the wing and also play anywhere in the forward positions.

Our remarkable manager, Mark Warburton and Head of Recruitment and Chief Scout, Frank McParland know all about Robson-Kanu of course, from his time spent with Reading. He is a very versatile player, who can also play in many different positions and that would suit the Rangers management completely. He can also play the lone striker role because he is quite mobile and can always keep defenders occupied. It’s an important role that requires a lot of running, but he is more than happy to do that for the team. It’s an unselfish role he enjoys playing, but it is a tough and lonely game to play and not many players can do it so successfully.

If he does come to Rangers he would score more goals than normal, as Rangers play a fast, all out attacking, plan A style of play, that always suits all the forward players, in the side.

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  1. I would happily welcome him. I'm sure the manager is running the rule over a number of candidates.
    My more immediate concern is the lack of sightings or quotes from our manager. I've never seen a man look so distraught at the end of a cup final, not at the loss, but at the concern for his players. Since that I have not seen or heard a peep. Fingers crossed he is just on holiday and chilling in the background.


    • You just amswered your own question Ian, "lack of quotes from our manager"…"Fingers crossed he is just on holiday"

  2. We definitely need another striker that is for sure. But I don't think it'll be Robson kanu honestly. I've seen him play a few times he's a hit or a miss plus being a free could definitely get better money in England

  3. Will you stop referring to Mark Warburton as 'Our remarkable manager' Let him be judged on what happens this coming season.

  4. If Warbs pulled the trigger on Durant he should have told him in person or at least pick up the phone.

    It's no way to treat a legend.

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