A cover up at Hampden Park


Even now as I look at that title, I think to myself that this resembles a spy flick more than reality. That it represents the staple behaviour of a communist regime rather than the democracy Scotland is supposed to be.

But the reality is that while some journalists and authorities have conceded (to some extent anyway) the sickening events of Saturday evening at Hampden, the majority have outright denied it, or, even worse in the embarrassing case of Rod Petrie, refused to condemn it.

Rangers issued the finest statement they have for many a year when they held Scottish football and society to account for its role in the fiasco – there is no one who would deny Rangers fans were also involved in the fracas – there are plenty of videos showing the extent.

But the truth is something a lot uglier – that the Hibernian ‘fans’, assaulting Rangers players and staff and threatening, fighting and goading Rangers supporters, have been either supported by the rest of Scottish football, or have been completely acquitted of any wrong doing at all.

According to some sections of the Scottish press, such as the Sun, Rangers fans were the guilty ones – that joyous Hibs supporters in elation ran the pitch, and those bad Rangers fans attacked them. According to First Minister Kim Jo…sorry, Nicola Sturgeon, absolutely nothing happened at Hampden and Hibernian should be congratulated for their triumph.

On a football level, I would reluctantly accept this; they were by far the better team and deserved their win. But for the country’s ‘leader’ to whitewash a riot of that nature and refuse to condemn the actions of Easter Road’s finest?

Then we have the football authorities. The SFA released a watery statement after the match, but did not have the basic decency to send an official into Rangers’ dressing room following the players’ understandable refusal to return back out to the pitch to receive their runners’ up medals. Instead the cowards sent Ryan Hardie in with them.

And one of their board members? Rod Petrie not only barely condemned Hibs fans at all, but effectively denied any of the malice in the actions. He refused to call their behaviour ‘disgraceful’, settling instead for ‘unacceptable’. And even then, he only referred to the pitch invasion. The assaults? He denied any took place.

A Daily Record source claims at least XI Rangers players were either spat on, punched or kicked in some way – in other words, every player in the team. This is not inconceivable.

And the BBC? They barely mentioned it at all. Jane Lewis, once of STV, has become well and truly a BBC puppet by goading Rangers fans on Twitter with a jest about how she was missing the ‘Hibsedit’ retweets.

The direction Scottish society is now going in is worrying. An attack took place in Edinburgh where a Rangers fan was knocked unconscious by at least three Hibernian supporters, and another in Govan where an elderly gentleman of at round 80 years of age was mugged and beaten near the Salvation Army hostel Saturday evening. The latter might not have been related to the chaos, but the timing was certainly suspect.

The most worrying part is the Scottish media’s refusal to actually outright condemn what Hibernian fans did. Just like they refused with Motherwell last year. No words from official broadcast channels condemning anything; but plenty in 2008 when a number of Rangers fans wreaked havoc in England. Barely any either when Celtic fans disgraced themselves in Zagreb for the umpteenth time.

But the narrative is just different when it involves Rangers.

And that is deeply worrying.


  1. If the authorities insist on declaring open season on Rangers and it's staff never mind it's fans, how long before deaths occur? Strong action must be taken against Hibernian before things really get totally out of control. Inaction will have serious consequences to the maintenance of public order. This really is a powder keg situation.

    • It's no secret that the establishment hate rangers. If you play rod Stewart's Maggie may backwards, you can clearly hear the phrase, "The polis and the SNP are out to get rangers" On a more serious note, get a grip folks… We are making fools of ourselves and the club with our tales of paranoia and conspiracy.

  2. Nailed it,one thing that gets me is the talk of sectarian singing like it's worse than an assault when the IRA supporters did the same in the semi along with sectarian banners,but all hush hush. Republic of Scotland isn't far away.

  3. No more than we expect from the BBC and the Scottish government ,they are both a disgrace .This would never of happened if it had been an old firm game

  4. Yes this is true if something is not done there is going to be deaths involving rangers supporters the hatred is now shocking towards us .

  5. Yes this is true the hatred towards rangers is now so shocking it is surely only a matter of time before deaths occur something has to be done.

  6. If miss sturgeon thinks it is acceptable to tweet praise for her other half & not condemn the violence that occurred in her own words, then as many bears as possible on first game of next season at Ibrox should march peacefully to her constituents office at 627 pollockshaws road to pass on our fears for our support that seems to becoming a common practice at end of season matches, I have no doubt now that we are back where belong in the shitest league in Europe that our support will be subjected to more provocation & probably more violence but of course our fans sing bad songs so we will probably get the blame for it, now let's put it this way what do you think the outcry would have been if our supporters had attacked stokes, I rest my case

    • shes been talking shite from day 1, like salmond its her way or no way, who votes the clowns in ???????? no me.

    • amazing how you seem to have selective memories , it wasn't to long ago that Neil Lennon was attacked in the street ,and had bullets and letter bombs posted to him and had to get bodyguards for his Children`s safety ,now that's hatred ,lets see if you have the balls to post this

    • nothing to do with selective memories the fools who did that went to jail so also the fools who went over the top on the park should do the same, so grow up you fool,,and stop talking shite.

    • I assume you are referring to fans of both clubs ,when you say the should be inprisoned , or are you being selective with regards the team they support,

    • Barton also congratulated hibs and did not condemn the hibs fans. Fact. Why is it ok for him to do it and not the first minister?

    • Get a grip a yersel Tom and away and wind yer neck in,Hibs casuals storm onto the pitch,spit and kick the brown stuff outta the Rangers players and your main concern is a tweet from Barton,Jeez.Should the First Minister after all not be more concerned than Barton that yet again Police Scotland has shown once again that it is not fit for purpose in protecting all its citizens from cowardly scum.

    • It was direct reply to the original pist regarding sturgeons tweet and you are clearly going to far. Why the anger towards me? It is not my main concern, thats a poor assumption on your part so dont hide behind your annonimity and speak to a fellow supporter like that for having an opinion. Simply pointing out the inconcistencies daming one party and not the other for the exact same action. You are an angry little idiot

    • Another inconsistency i would point out is our club stating all 11 players where attacked. However, it wad rumoured that Kenny Miller was knocked out…his wife replied angrily "kenny wasnt even touched, people need to stop telling lies". That being said, those who did assualt players and staff need to be prosecuted and jailed. In events like these people need calms heads and make the right decisions not act in anger, which you are showing towardd your own fans for agreeing with you but also realising inconsistencies, that people are being speaking in anger rsther than logical thought and while i agree there is bias in positions of authority against us, the scale of the conspiracy stories on here is getting ridiculous and wuite franky you are all starting to sound like the paranoid mankys from the 9 in a row era who believed there was a rangers conspiracy against them…queue abuse from those incapable of any thoughts other than anger. Ugg ugg duuuuh

  7. Rangers should hand back there Runners up medal s and tell them to stick it were the sun dont shine and they should boycott Easter rd next season and ban Hibs from Ibrox as well Moody Blue.

    • Sure they did not have the dignity to come out and accept them on Saturday when the pitch was cleared. Top marks to Kenny Miller though for showing some class by going into the Hibs dressing room and shaking everyones hand.

  8. The British government have to get involved in this ticking time bomb as Scotland is now under republican control !! The SNP, police, sporting authorities and press have all shown quite clearly that they will accept this HATRED towards RANGERS and anyone or anything that classes itself as BRITISH !!

  9. On self-defence – though it might not be PC to mention it, where were our ultras/ICF on Saturday? As soon as the first player was punched at full-time, we should have had an army of 500+ hardcore ultras sprint onto the field. Fit, strong lads who are organised and can give a full-on response. When your family is getting beaten up, the response has to be there. Grey-haired fat guys – admirable as their defence was – are not the ones to deliver the message.

  10. they need to hammer the club and fans for this, also the police where just a joke standing looking on, as for sturgeon she should get on with running our country into the ground shes doing a great job of that just now,,she never got my vote and never will,,

  11. Hibs have firmly nailed their colours to the mast throughout this season from Scott Allen to no guard of honour to Hampden, they blatantly can't even show us the most basic respect, so moving forward they should be treated accordingly, as our enemies not just opponents, we should try to get them kicked out of UEFA and SFA cup as well as a ban on their "fans" travelling to away games, we should also insist that the SFA act with the same vigour they used against us and hit them where it hurts as they did to us. WATP

  12. If you have the misfortune to read the Mirror article today every one of the pictures used (of which there are several) shows either Rangers fans indulging in violence or fans wearing no colours. To the casual observer it would appear Rangers were the dominant numbers on the pitch on Saturday, and the only ones dishing out doings.

  13. A republican government in Edinburgh that don't like a scottish football club with a Unionist heritage? No surprise there, but in demonstrating the leadership and transparency behaviour of a banana republic, the SNP are letting the whole Country down.

  14. Until rangers realize that every game is not a re-enactment of the battle of the boyne, 1690 nothing will change.

    • Until the rest of Scottish football fans realize when they play rangers the game is not an re-enactment of the battle of bannockburn 1314 (since you like numbers) then nothing will change

    • You're on here calling us bitter lmfao, you probably can't even see the irony (google it), get a life or at least an education, away ya numpty.

  15. The reality is that every powerful office in the land, political, legal, and administrative is now being ran by people who have been promoted and installed for their beliefs as opposed to their abilities. These people are all working towards a common agenda which spreads way beyond football. However, their hatred of Rangers and all that Rangers stands for lets the mask slip, showing the reality of life in Scotland – a country where people are demonised and victimised for not following mob rule. In fact, mob rule is acceptable to these people, as their acceptance of the shameful scenes at Hampden proves.

    • why don't you make an appointment with a psychologist , you really need help, paranoia can be serious Lex

  16. As a Gers fan who has previously voted SNP I can i say right now that i never will again . As for Petrie , this bigot must be kicked out of the SFA , or they can never be regarded as a fair and unbiased organisation .

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