“We expect Joey Barton to sign for Rangers”


Sky Bet have today suspended betting on Rangers signing high-profile target Joey Barton citing that it is ‘expected to happen’.

The bookie clearly has reason to believe that Barton has agreed to travel north of the border to Ibrox, so much so that they have suspended the market along with the qualifier that it is now, in their opinion, a matter of time before the 33-year old midfielder is announced by Mark Warburton’s men.

They said:

“This (bets on Barton joining) is not a market that we will be offering unfortunately Mark as Joey Barton is widely expected to sign for Rangers.”

Naturally just suspending the market itself alone does not always mean the event is inevitable, but the qualifier does suggest they know something the rest of us do not.

Whether it takes place, coupled with Barton’s seemingly very deliberate #WATP tweet last night, remains to be seen, but it would be a much-needed fillip after the weekend Rangers fans have had.


  1. I would be delighted if joey signs,also big Miles Addison would be a good acquisition.Watched him against Falkirk a no nonsense centre half ,just what we are lacking and can also score goals,would`nt imagine he would cost too much if Killie let him go.

  2. Barton is A good signing. We need a top class c.h. And a r.b. Plus a top goal scorer if we are to challenge Celtic.

  3. Hope I'm wrong, but to me Barton is a massive risk. I know he's shown leadership qualities at Burnley and Newcastle, but can he keep his ego in check when he gets robbed of the ball by footballing 'nobodies' in Scotland? The intensity of hatred aimed at him by opposing fans, opposing players and (probably) refs will be beyond anything he's experienced at Burnley and Newcastle. Will he play up to the Gers fans and put in some score-settling red card tackles in Old Firm games? If yes, is that what we need? He's older and wiser now, I get that, and hope he turns out to be a great player for us. But I fear he'll be another Moshni or Diouf when we need him on the pitch most. Kissing the badge/theatre doesn't interest me, I want a CM who changes games through sheer skill. He had a great season at Burnley, but was poor at QPR. Not convinced, but I trust Warburton.

    • Correct, if he thinks he has been under scrutiny from players and supporters alike he will not have seen anything yet until he hits Glasgow.

    • Well, here it is, Fact: Mr Joey Barton has only been sent off twice in the past five seasons. (Al63)

  4. After watching that dross on Saturday I would say it will be a long long time before Celtic are challenged – stability should be the priority so that challenging Celtic in the future is possible – please god not Joey Barton – the guy has more baggage than the Kardashians.

  5. I do find it absolutely hilarious, hypocritical, and selective that the clubs shocking and ill advised and poorly timed second statement that blames everyone but the hampden tea lady (while condoning those cretins from our side who thought it acceptable to charge the fiekd aswell) have conveniently glossed over the fact that Barton himself congratualted fellow Evertonian Alan Stubbs for winning the Cup while not sending commiserations to another Evertonian in David Weir or to condemn Hibs fans just like others that the club is so quick to point fingers at (most people not present such as the first minister in such a position of power should not comment on something she did not witness until presented with all the facts…its called being responsible and mature). This it seems is lost on both club and fans. Hypocracy reeks and is actually pretty hilarious if it was not so disturbing. Poor show and sour grapes by all (and that is coming from a 5th generation Rangers supporter). Time to take the tin foil hats off and be the bigger men instead of spitting the dummy. We had the moral high ground until sections of the Rangers support also entered the field and until the club released thst appauling statement which shot the club squarely in both feet. Let authorities do their job and only then if steps taken and punishments are not appropriate or forth coming should both the club and fans speak out in such anger. Too much teenage hate filled angst for me. Scotland really has turned into a bile ridden circus. As a proud Scotsman i am sad to say i am glad i no longer live there and my children are not exposed to this stoneage guff. After that circus yesterdsy and the fall out war of words Scottish football and Scotland itself have embarassed itself to the entire world and i fully expect it to have an impact on investment and interest in our game. Who wants to be associated with that??? Any chance of Scottish clubs joining the English leagues can forget it after that showing

    • I'm sorry that you feel that way, I hoped the days of division within our ranks were in the past, but I suppose that's the way it is with such massive support, as in you can't please all the people all the time, and we are the people even the ones you mention in your post, like some family members more to be pitied than scolded maybe, but hurting today just like you, me and all the other Rangers fans. Keep believing Tom make it 6 (generations) in a row for your family. WATP

    • Tom if you don't like it just leave it. You won't be missed. PS wish you could spell some of the big words you've written! Ignorance is no excuse for high handedness.

    • Ffs get a grip, the hibs fans kicked this off because they couldn't control themselves. So it's okay to attack and spit on rangers player's, aye ranger's fans shouldn't have reacted bit if there's thousands charging down at you and no cop's/stewards doing heehaw I'm not surprised gers fans reacted ( a minority) your sitting on a high horse here with this stuff. I bet if it was on old firm final celtic fans wouldn't have entered the pitch. Hibs fans are to blame here!

    • Ffs get a grip, the hibs fans kicked this off because they couldn't control themselves. So it's okay to attack and spit on rangers player's, aye ranger's fans shouldn't have reacted bit if there's thousands charging down at you and no cop's/stewards doing heehaw I'm not surprised gers fans reacted ( a minority) your sitting on a high horse here with this stuff. I bet if it was on old firm final celtic fans wouldn't have entered the pitch. Hibs fans are to blame here!

    • Never in a million years is he a Rangers man. Violent assaults on our players and staff due to the thuggish behaviour of Hibs fans and our board puts out a first class statement and Tommy Bhoy is apoplectic.How dare they tell it like it is. I would also say thanks to the Referee and linesmen who were in the thick of it defending our players from the Hibs neds,which unfortunately Police Scotland felt unable to do.

    • Since when was Davie Weir an Evertonian? Because he played with them? Didnt know he was from merseyside. He's Rangers till he dies!

    • Didnt once say hibs fans were not out of order. The hibs fans who attacked rangers players staff and fans should be jailed as should those rangers fans. The abuse given by my so called fellow supporters here in light of a mature and well balanced view is a clear sign of the hate destroying both scottish football and scottish society itself. Disgusting. Also ridiculous that the first minister and others are vilofies by the club for congratulating hibs and not condemning the actions of hibs fans yet barton does same thing but is viewed to have not done anything wrong. Lmao. Hypocracy

    • Got to be honest Tom your starting to sound like a bit of a dick. We have been battered from pillar to post for years now. It's time we stood up for ourselves and I'm very happy it's finally happening

    • By simply pointing out the club state was wrong in the sense that that sfa and police did not condemn the hibs fans when stewart regan did directly after the game along with the police, that it is wrong for the club to exonorate rangers fans from any wrong doing (when there is for one example a picture in todays record of an adult rangers fan taking running boot at an 11/12 hibs fan in the head as he lays on the ground), and for pointing out that the criticism of the first minister for congrarulating hibs while not condemning the hibs fans when barton did the same but is viewed to have done nothing wrong…makes me not a rangers fan??? The fact that you havent even undersrood these factual points, misinterpreted my post and hit back with insults and abuse says alot about the issues blighty scottish football and society. Let me be clear…hibs did start it all, hibs caused all the violence, petrie should be sacked as sfa vice president and hibs should be fined and banned from scottish cup next year and those who assualted rangers players and sraff should be jailed and banned indefinitely from all football matches. However, i also have the sense to know that that we are not blameless and any rangers fan committing any violent acts should also be prosecuted. This isnt kindergarten. This isnt he started mammy so i did nothing wrong. Anyone who can understand this post is a cretin and clearly biased. I am capable of independent thought not just ugg ugg. Learn the word "objectivity" and drop the anger. If anyone had the balls to abused me or speak to me in the street then i would "up to my knees" in blood. Pathetic keyboard warriors

    • Thanks for that anonymous sir. I shall not stoop to your level and insult you back. Yet again ignoring anything said or attempting to discuss or debate…just spout abuse. Once again…a worrying trend in scotland. The only "dicks" as you put it on here are those who cannot debate without resorting to insults and abuse while hiding behind a veil of annonimity

    • I read all joey bartons tweets on Sat and far from being protected hibs…he backed the gers fans up 100%….even the minority that invaded the pitch!!…..so many"fans" on here with short memories!…sure we lost a cup final but who hand on heart 12 months ago would have thought we would be where we are today??….give the magic hat our backing and the good times will be just around the corner!!….I welcome you to ibrox joey…..no surrender!!

    • If you think joey Barton holds the same weight in responsibility to the first minister of our nation… Jeezo man, you were fighting a decent fight until you came out with that shite. The first minister sending flippant remarks about a sporting event when there's a serious disruption to law and order on our streets is beyond comprehension for me.. I can't think of any other 'civilised' society where that behaviour is accepted mate. Away and think this utter pap somewhere else. This website is generally full of well balanced gers fans.. No one on here condoning rangers fans who let us down the other day.. But I am personally getting sick and tired of rangers being a figurehead for ridicule. I feel like a second class citizen in this country of late..

    • Tom if someone saying sound a bit of a dick is abuse you've had a sheltered life. It was advice not abuse. Don't remember seeing the police being slated I the statement either and the fact you turn it round to anyone not agreeing with you being the dick proves my point.

  6. Not sure on this one, he's got an awful lot to say on twatter, how will that go down in the old firm goldfish bowl, but he's a good player more worried about him off the pitch than on it.

  7. Probably next to no chance of it happening, but I'd love to see us go for Dwight Gayle at Palace. On TransferMarket he's valued at 2.25 million, but not sure how accurate that is. The most underrated striker in the Premier League.

  8. We don't need Barton. He's just another mercenary who doesn't really care where he ends his career as long as he's getting paid. The majority of that side are nowhere near good enough for the premier league. We will be linked with everyman and his dog. The magic hat will come up trumps. We just need to lick our wounds at the moment and forget about saturday, we've won that cup often enough. Unlike them. WATP

    • just because the guy is pro ireland pro palistine wants to play for celtic and ia a bit of a nutjob he might be our savior

  9. Trust in Warburton, so far so good. Goal to get back to the premier league achieved, little �� a bonus. Bring on the next season. WATP

  10. There will be goals next season. Rodgers' defensive nous is non-existent, and Warbs' is showing similar signs. I just hope Barton doesn't become Warbs' Balotelli.

  11. Joey Barton is not the person most people think he is, he is intelligent (self taught), a player who thrives in highly charged situations he has matured and learned from his mistakes yes he will get a red card or 2 a season but Imo we have a leader!

  12. Again we have to take a step back & stop doing our headless chicken impersonation,
    We have signed the guy lets get on with it & see what he can do on the pitch.
    I am very hopefull he will be a very strong enforcer in the middle of the field & that is just what we need at the moment.
    Can someone tell me if the big guy crooks is a midfielder or a defender I have heard so much about him & I managed to get hold of an Accrington fan who says he can play both, so im hoping that he might be able to assist Kiernan & Wilson as they seem to be getting worse

    • Yeah I've heard the same about Crooks. I think he's 6ft 4 or 5, and supposed to be excellent on the ball for his height. Like most of Warbs' signings, can play in more than one position (as you say, CB and CM) so sounds good. Very highly rated by Accrington and his previous club (Huddersfield I think).

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