When Celtic pundits just can’t help talking about Rangers

By Richard Fillingham

Last week we had to listen to former Celtic stars John Hartson and Chris Sutton tell everybody that Rangers had no chance of beating Celtic this Sunday in the semi-final, playing on a poor, newly laid pitch at Hampden Park. Today it is Craig Burley’s turn to spout out the same old rubbish about the clash this weekend being another ‘total embarrassment’. After Celtic beat Championship team Morton 3-0 and Rangers hammered Premier League team Dundee 4-0 in the last round of the Scottish Cup, the two famous Old Firm rivals were paired against each other in the semi-finals, stoking the bitter rivalry yet again.

The teams have met only once in the last four years due to Rangers’ fall to Division 3 and Celtic coasted past a very disappointing Rangers side 2-0 at Hampden Park over a year ago. In fairness, the Ally McCoist-built Rangers team were even worse than normal in that game.

Now things should be entirely different with this new Rangers team being totally revitalised under our new management team of Mark Warburton and David Weir. We have just won both the Championship and the Petrofac Training Cup, whilst Celtic have been very unconvincing throughout the season under their current unpopular manager, Ronny Deila. In Celtic’s last league game at Motherwell where they won 2-1, the Well goalkeeper Connor Ripley was truly dreadful at both Leigh Griffiths’ goals.

The first one was an extremely stoppable average shot from the edge of the box and the second was straight at him and yet he let it squirm between his hands and his legs; it was hugely embarrassing, and the look on the Motherwell players’ faces told you what they were thinking. Scott McDonald scored once and had a perfectly good goal disallowed by another wrong assistant referee decision, when TV pictures proved he was level when the ball was passed to him and therefore onside when he actually “scored”.

Celtic have also struggled to beat several teams they would normally win easily against, leaving the fans to be disgruntled to such an extent that thousands of them are deserting Celtic Park in their droves. You can visibly see all the empty spaces now.

Have any of the three totally biased Celtic ex-players taken any of the above facts into account when they have given their ‘expert’ verdicts? I doubt it, but of course, they were all top internationalists and they are possibly correct – but let’s hope not, and roll on Sunday.


  1. Wat an absolute load of bollocks burley is talking nobody is interested in the old firm apart from in glasgow that how papers in all corners of the globe since its been confirmed we ll b bck at the top where we belong have been singing the fixtures praises n are looking forward to there return. Aw and he ll no b watching it unless he puts it on by accident my arse. Hinks he the big cheese cos he played down south. After that crap he wrote the day a hope he neva get the chance to write another column again you have players who have play for both clubs and played at an even higher level in massive derby games in spain italy turkey n they say this is the biggest,best n most fears of them all n he cums out way that today well seen he played way chelsea wen they wer a run of the mill premier team that was jst happy to stay in the league n win the odd cup like a middlesbrough. Go down south n dont cum bck.

    • I don't like anything that comes out of Burleys mouth but on this occasion I have to agree with him. A Celtic team that has struggled to win the league with very little opposition and a Rangers team that is playing week in week out against part-timers. I think it is a bit embarrassing to think that folk are actually tuning in to watch a quality football match. People will tune in because of the hatred.

  2. Aw these manky mob supporters giving smith pelter for saying what he n 99.9% of gers fans feel after every one of them gave ther tupins worth n alot more pot kettle black. Thats how we feel n thats it hapined to us no one else. Standing up n being counted on behalf of all gers fans thats exactly wat smith is doing as he has the privelege Of being able to put it out ther thro the media. Well done sir walter honest and transparent if they dnt like it tuff. WATP.

  3. Burley,Sutton and Hartson three septic legends who couldnt hack it in English football Hartsons best remembered for booting a team mate in the head Sutton is as good at being a pundit as he tried to be a businessman(bankrupt)and Burley best remembered for having nae front teeth and being Georges nephew thats what makes them legends in the eyes of the tims really really sad

    • Yeah ignoring the fact that Hartson was a british record buy for a teenager when Arsenal signed him and Sutton was the most expensive player in English football when Blackburn signed him and he helped them win the top prize in England but hey don't let the facts get in the way of your argument.

  4. Sutton & Hartson. They are the pot calling the kettle black.

    Remember the film companies Liewell set up for you to avoid tax?

  5. Plenty Rangers players saying the same thing Peter lovenkrands andy Halliday tavener Jenny Miller even mark warburton think it will be a close game but Rangers Hav been the ones shouting how ther going to win not celtic

  6. Griff for the first goal and a scoreline of 5-1, 6-1, or even 7-1, that's the summer holiday paid for, then some.

    Not too happy with the odds though, best I can get for the 7-1 scorecast with Griff first goal is 500 to 1!

    Bring it on.

    • Rangers to win 7-1 and Griffiths to score first, I'll have what you are having!! As much as that would be amazing I'd settle for 1-0 scrappy goal off the referees arse…!!!

  7. Who cares what burley hartson or Sutton says will meen nothing on the 17 they r putting more pressure on septic there's no pressure on the Gers the main thing for uz was getting up win or lose I'm still a happy Gers fan all the pressure is on Ronny I'd love to win this tho what a buzz it would b nocking them out I just hope our player turn up on the day I think we have a great chance we have winners all over the pitch we r more hungry there's more passion on our bench than in there full squad that's what I think gives uz our best chance it is more than just a game warbz better get that in his head it means everything betting them

  8. This is THE game that will open the eyes of the world. We MUST show and beat septic.
    If we do,then the world will know we are back for sure……Good luck Magic Hat, and to all the Rangers players…remember its all about the RANGERS..!!

  9. We don't care what the Pundit's say
    What the hell do we care
    cos' We only know,
    that there's gonna be a show
    and the Glasgow Rangers will be there…WATP

  10. If it's a 4 or 5 goal margin we mustn't let it ruin our season.

    The Championship is in the bag as well as the Petrofac, the mhanks will never ever be able to emulate that feat.

    Add in the titles picked up on the journey and they are green with envy.

  11. I can't see it being 4 or 5 they only managed 2 the last game and we have got much better all over the park and they r playing rubbish there not consistent we r but I do worry about our defending but with ball sitting in frunt of the back 4 will defo help if we show up confident we have a great chance we r much fitter than we were the last time it's a great test and I'm glad we get a chance to see how we do especially against them then warbs can build for next season send it on WATP

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