Would victory tomorrow clinch the title for Rangers?


On the face of it, few expected a trip to Falkirk in mid-March to yield much more than three points. When Alan Stubbs’ Hibs clawed back a significant gap earlier this season, it did seem that the title would be a close-run thing with the Easter Road outfit pushing Rangers all the way to mid-May. The Hibees seemed to be on a bit of an ascendancy while Rangers, if not utterly toiling, were not producing the same refreshing football and impressive results as before.

That all changed when Hibs proceeded to completely implode just under a month ago starting with an inexplicable loss at home to Morton, while Rangers continued to fight out win after win with improving performances.

Since then a theoretical five point lead (Hibs had a game in hand) has grown exponentially and tomorrow’s trip to meet Peter Houston’s men by the Ibrox side will see a quite staggering 17-point gap should the visitors prevail.

And that gap, of course, would be to Falkirk, not to Hibs, who now lie in a third-place purgatory (with, admittedly, a game in hand over Rangers) and are struggling to even clinch that runners-up spot to make the playoffs a little more negotiable.

Meanwhile Mark Warburton’s side could not sit any prettier – already boasting a massive 14 point lead, that will extend with victory to 17 and it is simply impossible to see how Rangers could be supplanted at that juncture as champions.

Yes, nothing is set in stone yet, and caution always has to be urged, but Rangers are comparatively the “PSG of the Championship” – the Parisians won Ligue 1 with 25 points last weekend, and while Rangers are not quite that far ahead, it is approaching the same ballpark.

Victory in 24 hours would leave Rangers having to more or less fail to win again this season to actually fail to win the title. Sure, this is a crude analysis and not backed up by maths but the principle is sound – an absolutely monumental collapse of biblical proportions would be needed, and frankly it would be unprecedented, for Rangers to fail to win the Championship following victory tomorrow.

Ibrox can taste the Premiership, it is on the very precipice now – time to sign, seal, and deliver the title.


  1. Nope because we have queens park at ibrox,raith at starks park and Dumbarton at ibrox,if we win them all we can clinch it against Dumbarton at ibrox,these are all hard games and they can put us on good stead for the celtic game

    • The earlier the title is ours the better
      On another subject best of luck to everybody trying to unify the support and put us in a position to support and monitor so as not to be taken for a ride again
      The fans are the club

  2. Title is Rangers…. The other teams won't go the rest of the season unbeaten.And so good to see that smug grin wiped from Stubbs face!!

  3. Would be great to wrap it up early, give young players like Liam Burt some game time and Hardie when he comes back from loan spell WATP

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