Rangers’ Player of the Year – your winner is…


With it approaching that time of the season, yesterday Ibroxnoise.co.uk ran a poll for regular readers and general Rangers fans to vote their preferred Player of the Year.

The results, as promised, are as follows:

In reverse order, starting at fifth place:

With 6% of the vote, your fifth place choice for Rangers’ POTY is Kenny Miller.

In fourth:

With 10% of the vote, your fourth choice is free-scoring workhorse Martyn Waghorn.

In third:

With 18% of the vote, third place went to midfield maestro Jason Holt


With 19% of the vote, the outstanding Barrie McKay was your runner-up.

But your winner with a staggering 35% of the vote:

Lee Wallace.

Thank you to everyone who voted, a slightly unexpected result but a very eye-opening one – the captain is widely regarded not just by Rangers fans but in football circles in general and while it might have been a gamble for him to stay in 2012, it is one which has paid dividends.

We will see if the official club vote reflects this one.


  1. Most improved player has to be Kenny Miller. Has anyone noticed how good his first touch is these days?

  2. Well done Lee !!!! I personally voted for wee Barry McKay as his personal development this season has been nothing short of amazing. He is a force to be reckoned with marauding up the wing. His value must have gone up £1M in five months. I think that young Hardie and Jordan Thompson will also flourish next year. Well done to the Hat and Sir Davie Weir WATP.

  3. I agree with Lee Wallace but in saying that the whole team, the manager and all his staff, the fans are all players of the year. We have all stuck together and now we will get our rewards.
    On the park, Lee Wallace , our captain, our leader, stayed with us so he fully deserves to be the man.

  4. I didn't vote but my choice would have been Lee Wallace he has been so consistent since start of the season a great leader and outstanding as Captain. Super Lee Wallace

  5. a great player well done lee,and a big well done to all the team keep it up, also a big well done to mr king and co for what he has done for our club every rangers fan must be so proud of what hard work has been done to get our club back to where we are well done the rangers family,, WATP

  6. Great choice as winner as he has been Mr Consistent since start of season. Outstanding captain Super Lee Wallace

  7. I voted for Lee well deserved not just for this season but for everything he has given us fans since he joined so no surprise for me and well done

  8. I voted McKay, but our captain has been superb this season. You really could pick ANY player from this squad, and no-one could argue!

  9. waggers for me he has earned his [untimely] break at the moment & I cant wait to see him in action against So called Bigger teams in the prem next year, Exciting times, Has anyone else noticed that Celtic Fans & there Ex-Players seem to be queing up to say thye will batter us [no change there as there always having a go] but I think I can smell a wee bit of fear, mebbes im wrong….

  10. You have to give it to Wallace. But waggy has been brilliant and wee McKay also. Pretty much the whole team has been consistent for near enough all season. Next season that is when we are going to see how far we've come on . Just hope to fuck Ronny Delia is still there if he is we'll be okay I tell you .watp

  11. Player of the year The Magic Hat he has been the perfect fit,pity we could not vote for him

  12. I really like Wallace. Been very consistent this season and has been there through all the troubles (…doff my hat) but in my own personal opinion he hasn't been the best full back at Ibrox this season and therefore isn't my PotY. The Blue Cafu takes that crown. Goals, assists, dynamite free kicks and decent defending.

    Bit surprised he's behind Wallace and very surprised he's behind Holt.

    1. Tavernier
    2. Waghorn
    3. Wallace
    4. Miller
    5. Halliday

    It's all about opinions…

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