Rangers fight back, and the media hates it

Rangers fight back, and the media hates it

Following a previous entry which argued the case of a systematic targeting of Rangers within Scottish football circles, the situation has become even more embittered, with two notable ‘journalists’ both losing their jobs at The Herald following a-now famous incident involving Graham Spiers.

In short, Spiers clumsily accused an ‘unnamed’ Rangers director of bigotry, and claimed the board was effectively turning a blind eye to the problem within the support.

Naturally, these are scurrilous libel, bordering on slander, and Rangers strongly objected to it. The newspaper apologised for the content and when Spiers then opposed that, they fired him.

His friend at the Herald, blogger, ‘journalist’ and ‘Phil’s editor’ Angela Haggerty ‘stood with solidarity’ alongside him (what is this, Vietnam?) and she too now finds herself without employment.

This follows BT Sport firing Stan Collymore some months ago after yours truly started a petition objecting to his employment there, and the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin being banned from Ibrox leading to a Pacific Quay boycott of Govan in support of him.

The moral of the story? Rangers and our fans are fighting back against victimisation in the press and media, and they do not like it. For too long Rangers have been used by these individuals as career fodder – exploiting and attacking Rangers’ travails for air time or clicks or paper sales, and Rangers are now biting back.

And the tone of indignation and moral outrage from this lot when it happens? They try to make Rangers out to be the bad guys. Again.

So, in summary – call Rangers the baddies and bigoted and other such nonsense – that is ok. But as soon as they defend themselves against it they are the baddies and bigoted and other such nonsense.

The hilarity and hypocrisy is plain to see.

The Guardian’s story today covering the affair sadly gives Spiers another platform to spout his nonsense, while Haggerty drones on Twitter about the world being against her.

There are many more anti-Rangers hacks out there who have feasted on Rangers’ problems for too long to give them ammo (Tomo, English et al) – but it is pleasing to see at least three taken down a peg or too.

There is a tangible defence taking place now – and it is good to see.

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  1. As the 2nd most successful club in the world we will always be targeted. I find it incredible that certain journalists will endeavour to put us down…

    I believe we have some decent support down south with our recent English recruitment. If we can continue to build bridges down south especially with the influencial English media we should be in a good place for years to come.

    Remember Warbs was a great manager unfairly sacked from Brentford so many down south will have natural support for him and for the Gers.

    Hold steadfast against media slander and we'll put Rangers and Scottish football back into Europe.

    And on another note… I totally agree with the shrewd spending done by King and Warbs. We can nurture talent within Murray Park and fully utilise the loan market.

  2. Hahaha were to start well let's go with this, the obsessed of the club that was founded by the biggest peado organization in the world are threatening to boycott the Sunday Herald,fellow bears if you don't buy the Sunday Herald buy two this Sunday, now Angela haggerty says some twat called neil McKay at the Herald had her back 100%, Mrs McKay think your man had her arse as well as her back going by her tweets, Stan you got put on your arse you got put on your arse superally he put you on your arse, Graham speirs what can you say about this guy well how about you are a fuckin sacked journalists see what a did there you thought a was going to call you a fuckin twat

    • To anonymous at 17.45 thanks very much that's the nicest thing I've been called in a couple of days, how about this though you still support a team that was founded by the biggest peado organisation in the world & just in case you are Stan collymore,woof woof bet your a watcher when speirsy is pumpin Angela up strathy park, tell you what though the Klan pumped your mob the day ya fuckin twat, oh the Klan ur huva a party the Klan ur huva a party the Klan ur huva a parrrrrty & your a fuckin twat

  3. great to see us fighting back and getting our pride back and as for the above comment needless to say we all know what he is

  4. The best thing we can do to hurt those journalists,,, is simply keep winning! We will prevail and they will be yesterdays news!,,

  5. thanks for the information ibrox noise…these kind of people have forced us into biting back…how they can then try to blame us is incredible…good to see a bit of poetic justice…WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

  6. Does anybody think magic
    should go back for lewis mc leod ?
    4 next season. I would like a fan poll
    on this.

  7. If you want further proof to support your comments have a look at the very popular SNP supporting blogging sites "Wings over Scotland" and "Bella Caledonia" who regularly demonise and express their contempt for Rangers and their fans. Bella Caledonia are frothing at the mouth about poor Spiers and Heggerty, they are even going to run Ms Heggerty's Sunday column for her. They seem to miss the point that both these journalists deliberately undermined their employers attempts to avoid legal action against them. The BBC via Mr Wilson have also thrown in their pennies worth tonight. " Nobody likes we don't care" never been truer.

  8. Fair and unbiased. Thats all we ask. For too long our club kept silence when under attack from all sides. Now we defend ourselves and quite rightly. The dross that lost their jobs are zeros. We move onto the next one as we can be sure they will step forward. Bring it on. Forever blue.

  9. Gonna rant sorry. Why the fuck would a government,press,SFA, SPL, BBC that are all anti unionist/ Rangers not want us dead? Can't anyone see the connection over the last few years? All these "institutions " are full of tims or nationalists.

  10. Roy Greenslime at the Guardian has a real hate on for us too. He used to write for a hard left Republican publication (with Philth), and is allied with the latter.

    I suggest everyone report him to IPSO.

  11. The press and the dirty unwashed are obsessed with us. Rangers are the only show in town and they can't stand it.

  12. Let's look at the facts, Rangers took the SFA to court over an illegal transfer embargo and won, then the SFA get threarened (possible blackmail) that if Rangers were not severely dealt with then Scottish clubs may be omitted from European football, is it not ironic that two of the big names in the recent corruption scandal did not want an FA taken to court, my question is DID THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE?..
    My reply to Blatter and Platini is that when an illegal act has been comitted against you or your organisation in this country then you have the right of defence in a court of law.
    These are facts and if journalism wasn't biased then there would have been an uproar at the time by the journalists after all it's thier job to report on facts and not fiction, sometimes fiction can be classed as slander,

  13. These two idiots sacked themselves for what ever reason.Rangers did not get them the bump. Speirs was asked to back up his allegation about a Rangers Board Member & TBB and couldn't, so The Herald legal dept said, Should Rangers decide to go with Legal Action The Herald were not in a strong position to defend their/Speirs's statement. So when Speirs undermined the apology he had to go. In any job it is gross mis-conduct! and as for that Bigoted Horror! questions should be asked as to how she managed to get a job there in the first place given She has "mickey mouse" journalistic qualifications and the sectarian baggage she carries (Philth 3 names), plus on an appearance level she is so ugly, even her dildo wears a blindfold. So to sum up Speirs lied, it was challenged, he was found out, had to apologise, undermined the apology putting his employer in danger of legal action, was therefore committing Gross Industrial Mis-conduct & was rightly P45'd. The Hag supported Speirs under the "Freedom of speech" argument (which would have been fine if Speirs hadn't been lying) so was guilty of the same offence as Speirs. It was Speirs's own conceited belief that he could say anything he wants about Rangers unchallenged,that was his downfall (pun intended).The Hag is just so bigoted and hateful where Rangers are concerned, she is incapable of rational thought, if it's bad press for Rangers it must be true! she really should have stuck to writing truancy notes for her sectarian, bigoted half-wit of a brother that is her true journalistic level.

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