Just how important is Nicky Law to Rangers?


With 10 goals in two matches and the maximum six points secured, Rangers have surely turned their slump around and arrested the form slide which dogged them for some weeks.

However, as much as the win over Hibernian galvanised the team and renewed the confidence, the upturn in form also coincides impeccably with the return of Nicky Law.

Naturally this entire argument is conjecture, and completely open to debate, but with his energy and rather industrious cameo as a sub against Falkirk, Rangers have seen a bizarre and timely injection of drive and pace, all of which seems to have occurred with the disappearance of Gedion Zelalem to the bench.

That last 20 or so minutes at Falkirk followed by the 180 v Hibs then Dumbarton have all seen Nicky Law as a pivotal figure. This site had historically been one of his biggest critics under McCoist, McDowall and McCall, but he has slowly improved under Mark Warburton and some fans did call for his reintroduction to the team once fit.

He has achieved that now, and whether it is coincidence or not, the midfield’s pace is much quicker and has more purpose. It does not dally around looking for a pass – it gets absolutely on with it, and feeds the flanks or the front as swiftly as it can.

Law himself is occasionally guilty of careless play – one of his casual lobs yesterday was astonishingly casual and failed miserably, plus his shooting has become a lot less frequent and a lot more wasteful on his rare shots.

But otherwise his game does seem to have added aggression and industry to Rangers’ engine room, and for now he appears to have usurped Zelalem, who must be content with a place on the bench for the time being.

The Law, Holt and Halliday combination has clicked rather well it must be said, and Rangers have suddenly created a glut of chances and scored many of them.

Naturally, of course, there is a Mr Harry Forrester to come into the reckoning and it would be a brave man to predict who will lose their place.

That said, Warburton has professed that no one will just walk into the team, so if Forrester is to debut as a starter, someone will have to lose form.

Law appears determined it will not be him. And perhaps Warbs will shift Waghorn into the center and have Forrester out on the right wing. Perhaps it will be Miller who is sacrificed.

Conjecture at this point; but one thing is for sure, Law has certainly played his part recently.


  1. Nicky law I've always said like many other rangers fans has got the talent and there's a good midfielder in there although he's not done as well at ibrox as I thought he would have,when we signed him once his motherwell contract ran out I was over the moon and praised his signing as a very good piece of business,up until now for some strange reason law has only done it at rangers in fits & starts,I hope now we're going to witness the real nicky law by his return from injury and form,there's without question a player in law,what a massive bonus for us if nicky law is about to be at his best and prove to everyone to why we signed him in the first place!

  2. I agree Law was not even near my teamsheet last year. I still have major doubts on him and hope he can get back to his best, although I think he has much to do to pay back his previous lack of form. Forrester is a left winger or attacking midfielder so would be surprised to see him on the right considering Mackay's form and I think Temps' days are finally numbered(I feel for the lad but he is just not good enough to remain at Rangers).

    On another note: I just don't rate Zelalem, I think he is way below the level required and am a bit disappointed he is still at the club (will probably get slated for this but it's what I think). His intelligence on the pitch is frequently shocking and the amount of times I see him lose possession with a simple pass is far more than expected of someone of his supposed talent even taking his young age into consideration. I think our main issue on our front line was a regular dependable left winger, Oduwa is more like a Trequarista than a winger.

    I am also a bit surprised at the addition of Maciej Gostomski, at 27 he has only played in 135 competitive matches in Poland and has limited European experience. Cammy Bell is seemingly forever injured so I suppose as cover it's fine and I wish the lad well, he seems to have impressed MW so I guess we just have to trust his instincts.

    Where is the DMC and the defender we need? Still feel we are short here, hope young Murdoch comes back and stays at Rangers I feel he will be like a new signing for us.

    Hope this didn't come across negative just a bit surprised at the re-reinforcements so far, was really hoping for an experienced DMC to release Halliday to a more attacking minded role.

  3. Agree totally. Law didnt really deserve to drop out. But was always fav as he wasnt Warbs man. He has been impressive of late for sure and deserves to keep his place.
    In regards to Forrester . He will play on the wing and as much as McKays play has improved his final ball lets us down too often. So i see him dropping to the bench if forrester comes on for 30 and does well.

  4. "the midfield’s pace is much quicker and has more purpose. It does not dally around looking for a pass – it gets absolutely on with it, and feeds the flanks or the front as swiftly as it can."

    So much this!! It's no coincidence, this is why we create so many opportunities with Law in the starting 11. Look at when Zelalem came on yesterday; our zip in midfield was lost slightly (only helped by their fatigue) and everytime Zelalem is on the ball in front of their defence, he dallies so much that their defence have time to mark up and cut our passing lanes. When Law is on the ball, their defence is constantly having to move from side to side and think about the flanks as well as what's in front of them.

  5. I would keep Law he is a very good player on his game, and I think Warburton may be the man to get the best from him ,plus he knows he has to earn his place now

  6. Was at the Rangers v Hibs game and thought Law was superb along with holt and I was actually surprised when Warbs took him off!! Let's get off Laws back now guys a big part player now WATP

  7. I always thot Nicky Law gave 100% but because of a midfield that played the ball sideways and back more often than forward he had to drop deeper and deeper to pick the ball up. McCall dropped Shiels into the midfield and he played it forward always which allowed Law to get the ball and make runs further up the pitch. I thot he looked a lot better. Glad he's back

  8. Forresters natural position is left wing. He will play on the left which will allow mackay to play in his natural position on the right wing. Wags will play as striker so i would presume that it will be Miller who is sacrificed…. All depends on how forrester performs though

  9. The problem was never with law rather the team of the last 2 seasons let players down long ball from back to front cut out any injection or influence law had mccoist and mccall stuck with the long ball tactic hoping to cut out the 10 man defence problem with that was the teams never stoped defending with 10 men behind the ball i said it on here on twitter and facebook nicky law is an awsome player when u where all looking for him to leave at the start of the season hoping warbs would cast him aside the lads came oot and shut u all up and all i can say is its about time u stopped blaming law even last season he gave his all simple fact was 2 players couldnt carry the team even waldo looked abit lackluster last season and i seen vety little in critisismn goong his way everything that was bad at rangers last season was instantly laws fault and places like this that constantly picked on him a player that all he was guilty of was not carrying 6-7 wastes of space

    • Law shoulders the blame same as every other player last season, if we are honest he looked a bit suspect at the beginning of this season also, hence being dropped. He is a decent player but was very much sitting on his laurels thinking he was an automatic first choice. He seems to have this out his system and maybe now we can see the best from him.I hope so because the player is much better than he has shown (except in the odd game here and there)in a Rangers shirt.

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