Warburton hints at return for Rangers midfielder


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has waxed lyrical about midfielder Nicky law’s contribution at Falkirk yesterday, following the former Motherwell playmaker’s long-awaited return to the side after injury.

Law made a second half cameo alongside Dean Shiels as a substitute and his manager has made a small but significant hint that the attack-minded player could be in contention to start against Hibs next Monday.

Warburton said:

“Nicky (Law) came on and made a real impression.”

Law has been a fringe player under the Warburton regime at Ibrox, after being ever-present under the previous three managers, making him doubly desiring to earn his place back – if his manager’s comments after yesterday’s loss are anything to go by, the former Bradford man might find himself in the first XI v Hibs.

A refreshing reshuffle would certainly not be a bad thing with a Rangers side which is currently looking decidedly stuffy and needs energised.


  1. We need to freshen things up badly. Too many players have a guaranteed start. Goalie, RB, LB, Keirnan, all three in midfield, Waghorn and Mackay. Not saying they are not good, but only a couple of jerseys up for grabs. Only Zelalem of those 9 doesn't always start when fit.
    An experienced CDM would push Halliday forward to compete, a striker would put pressure on the forwards. When 2nd and 3rd top goalscorers are your fullbacks, some people are not pulling their weight.

    Law may be the answer, I don't know. I still have faith in the hat. But he needs to work the transfer window, again. We could be in second place when it opens, in fact likely to be on our current form. CDM is priority 1, then a striker, then a RB. A winger who can score some goals would be good, I like Mackay but there is not enough goal threat with only Waghorn up front. AND, what is the point in possession, when it leads to corners and we can't do anything with them because we don't have any height!!!

  2. Law certainly did do more in the short time he was on the Park than most of the others in the team provided in 90 minutes and worst of them all was Shiels who added nothing to the attack and was at fault for Falkirk's second goal.

  3. For me Nicky Law is pants, he lacks heart the same way as young Aird does.
    What's needed is proper back-up for the full back areas and in my opinion we could easily be dropping our Captain as most sides attack us down his side of the field knowing that he is the easy option due to his lack of tackling ability.
    A new 'Bazza' would be great in our midfield and we badly need a proper striker. We could also do with a winger or two, for me I'd be looking through the English leagues for all of the positions. (Al63)

  4. Maybe we should be looking at Jude Law Mr king has lots of cash so a top actor would be very very positive. ..
    No slender. I ready

  5. Everyone has an opinion on what's needed to improve the team.

    2/3 players minimum just to ensure automatic passage from the Championship?

    Looking at recent performances we probably need more than 2/3 because it's obvious that some of those brought in just don't have the heart for the fight.

    Warbs is also struggling as he thinks he should be above criticism.

    The biggest problem will be funding any additions to the squad……Tavernier, Kiernan, Wilson, Wallace and Waghorn are all struggling.

    Although Paul Murray is saying that we will spend whatever it takes that just parrots what King said about over investment, and we all know how that's working out.

    Don't be surprised if Mr McCormick QC is not in the club's corner when the bell goes for the next round with SD.

    He won't be happy that Murray has hung him out to dry for the comment on the loan being repaid!

    He sure as hell just didn't make it up, someone must have told him, perhaps a GASL?

  6. The Accrington Stanley deal for the 2 players is now off the table.

    £500k up front apparently too rich for King/Murray, Warbs will be fuming.

    Over investment, spending whatever is required…………more PR crap.

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