Does James Tavernier need a rest?

Does James Tavernier need a rest?

It would be no lie to suggest few Bears knew of James Tavernier when the English right-back was linked to Ibrox this summer.

Sky Sports’ Jim White broke the news that he and fellow Latic Martyn Waghorn were both on the verge of a move to Rangers, but the majority of supporters merely said ‘who?’.

A couple of months into his time at Govan though and fans took him to their hearts; aided and abetted by some absolutely ridiculous goals, including a mazy solo run at the Excelsior Stadium v Airdrieonians and a quite bewildering array of astonishing free kicks, Tavernier soon became monikered as the “Blue Cafu”, owing to his pace, overlapping runs and those aforementioned goals.

Unfortunately, like any footballer, it would be no unfair criticism to suggest Tav is currently a little off the pace – his crossing (never his best asset) has really struggled for consistency, and his formerly sharp and incisive dribbling has looked a little stale and gasping for ideas.

Quite simply, it appears he could use a rest!

Ever-present, or nearly, Tav had been a quite exceptional asset to the team up till the middle of October, but since then there has been a question of fatigue.

He is still scoring some revoltingly good goals – the free kick v Alloa on the 7th of last month was just stupendous; but his general all-round play has not quite had the sparkling impact it did earlier in the season.

If Tav is just in need of a little rotation and taking a few matches out, which is entirely understandable such is the glut of football he has played this season, the question is who to sporadically replace him with – the only other ‘dedicated RB’ Warburton has is Fraser Aird, and his position still remains something of a mystery. The Canadian has played at RB and RW this season.

Subsequently a major reason Tavernier could remain installed at RB, regardless of form, is Rangers are ill-equipped to replace him adequately. All the other RBs Rangers were linked to (Reece Wabara, Ryan Fredericks) either failed trials or ended up elsewhere.

Indeed the same problem exists on the other side too, albeit Dominic Ball has deputised at LB reasonably well.

Food for thought.

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  1. Don`t know what games you are watching,three players trying to crowd him out every time he gets the ball,no way should he be left out

  2. We have a great right back who is also very good at left back but he is out on loan to falkirk Ryan sinnamon seen the boy few times & he has impressed every game, now does tavs need a rest no we never had a game at the weekend that should be enough of a rest

  3. harsh mate his cross for clark's goal the other week was great a think we need to be more direct in the final third with more cross but sometimes were putting great balls in and theres no one attacking it with too many round the edge of the box, but the only critism of the team is a lot a times we make too many passes after doing the hard bit and getting in good areas instead of putting the other teams defence under pressure by running at them or trying the final ball or shot earlier more a just think we make it a bet easy sometimes but we'll get there soon a think

  4. Think this is another example of the overly critical element of our support looking for something to moan about. It's got so bad that I actually wear earplugs to the games to drown out the pish I hear from the fans around me. Moan moan moan moan moan. Go and meet a nice girl, take her out for dinner, maybe you'll get lucky and she'll let you take her to bed. Enjoy life.

  5. Tend to agree with Scott Clark. Typical negative attitude and far too early…….some fans also illustrating it from the stands. That's where your focus should be as the risk is these people will undermine all the good work to date and the players confidence.
    Give Tav a break. We need to get behind the team and individuals who might be having a lull in the level of their early season form…….but it's still good to watch.

  6. Get a proper right back in n get tavenier pushed up to the right of the front 3 he'll get more goals create more chances for the strikers, win more free kicks around the box n win more penalties. A recon changing this one thing could be a potential league winner n cud b as get as an extra 10 – 15 goals the rest of the season. WATP.

  7. We are top of the league with three point cleat and a big bag of goal difference! Tavernier and waghorn have lifted this season to new well as all the other lads,We will be back in Europe in a season or so :-)……. Positivity

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