Warburton linked to Premiership vacancy


According to Sky Sources, Rangers manager Mark Warburton has once again been linked with a job down south, only this time it is the more lucrative Premier League the Magic Hat is on the shortlist for.

With Swansea manager Garry Monk today fired from his position at the Liberty Stadium, and Sky Sources claiming former Swans’ boss Brendan Rodgers has ruled himself out of the running to return to Wales, the shortlist for the Premiership strugglers has been whittled down to out of work David Moyes, Gus Poyet and aforementioned Ibrox’ boss Warbs.

The previous links such as Reading and more substantially Fulham would have been easier to reject such was the clubs’ position in the English second tier, but a bite at the Promised Land’s apple would be a different temptation altogether for a manager whose stock has been on the rise ever since he stepped into the field at the end of 2013.

He famously took to Twitter to angrily dismiss the Fulham story, and did likewise during the pre-Raith press conference, but this is an EPL club and a different animal entirely.

This is certainly a story to keep an eye on.


  1. i wonder if st jonstone manager wright is in the hunt seeing he pumped warbo,s world record breakers at the asbestos dome,hh

  2. I stated on here when the Fulham situation came to the fore that he's looking for a way out and I maintain that opinion.He took too long to squash the rumours for me,then took to twatter "under advice" to do it.His angry reaction at said Raith pre match confrence belied his normal calm demenour and spoke volumes.Throw in rumours of King bullshitting him in the summer over January funds,Ashley,tax shit,his family, certain players attitudes lately and it would appear his head has been turned.The press are being blamed but that's what they do, its their job,I'm not saying its right,the nazis said that at Nuremburg ffs!I hope I'm wrong but I think he's off.

  3. Mark Warburton strikes me as someone who values integrity, and, as we know, respect. We should respect his comments on the Fulham story that he is not quitting the Gers. If he does leave, then he has basically destroyed his credibility. I would be very surprised if that happens.

  4. Moyes & Rodgers have apparently knocked it back but there's been a few whispers about Poyet being the frontrunner. I love our manager Warburton, his commitment to youth & attacking football is a pleasure to watch. I genuinely don't think he would leave Rangers at the moment for a couple of reasons: I don't think personal financial reward would tempt him as a self made millionaire who turned his back on a higher salary he has earned thus far from football evidentially cash is not a factor. The other reason is I believe he wants to build a youthful side & achieve silverware & potentially European football & knows the fickle world of football would easily turn their back on him if he failed to deliver immediate results at Swansea. He prefers to coach & develop hungry young players rather than buy billy big times. He wants to develop his managerial ability & Rangers will give him the platform to do so. In 2+ seasons he will IMO take a position in a top half premiership club but not before he finishes his most recent project, he's single minded and he's staying!!! Cheerio to 6 in a row

  5. His head has not been turned??? King bullshitted him in the summer?? Didn't you go or hear reports from the AGM King has pledged there are funds available if required in January only reason he didn't quash rumours earlier is 1 because there was no concrete offers & 2 it's the clubs responsibility to release a statement on these matters!
    Anyway he won't leave Rangers as he has a platform to play attacking football with youth players & an opportunity to win silverware, challenge for Titles & test his ability in Europe.
    As a self made millionaire he is not motivated by better pay days, he has been earning less at Brentford & Rangers respectively than in previous career. I have no doubt he will leave Rangers in 2-3 years to take charge of a top half premiership club but he is an intelligent man who is well aware of the fickle nature of football & wouldn't get a chance to build a young attacking squad mid season in the cut throat nature of the English Premier league. He would much prefer being able to gradually shape the mighty Glasgow Rangers over the next few years, experience Old Firm matches & European football before testing himself among the elite.

    • agree with you "ranger"and would add the question…why would a manager at a club on the way up change to a club on the way down?…the longer he stays at Rangers,the more his stock will rise,enabling him to perhaps get to his real goal of managing tottenham hotspur…mr. warburton is not going anywhere for at least a couple of seasons

  6. I really hope Mr W is true to his word and stays with us. Is there any word when we can give our money to the Gers? I have now saved up nearly six tousand. I switched to permanent nightshift to increase my savings for the cause.

  7. EPL or not – Swansea? For real? They're a two-bit amateur side from Wales and have no right to be in the EPL anyway; much like we don't.

    As for leaving world club footballs most ever successful club to go to a side with less than 5 trophies?

    Talk sense muppet.

  8. If King goes down today once again dragging the club's name through the mud Warbs may well think it's time to get the hell out of Dodge.
    King, sorry Rangers, will have to pick up a £400k legal bill as a result.

    There is no war chest.

    There is no £5m to repay SD.

    Even King's lies are lies.

    If Warbs is as clever as some think he will have sussed King out and any realistic offer now would be welcome before the hat gets passed around again for December payroll.

  9. The Magic Hat's name is not one of the 5 managers mentioned

    Come on Bears. Get a grip. Use your heads!


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