Rangers Trust & Rangers First to merge


Two of the largest Rangers supporters’ groups, the Rangers Supporters’ Trust and Rangers First are on the verge of merging into one, it has been proposed.

Members have been contacted to vote on the move, with general opinion from members of both being positive for the amalgamation to be pushed through.

In years gone by there is no doubt that a massive problem splitting Rangers fans was the sheer number of groups speaking on behalf of supporters, with factions and divisions punctuating any notion of unity, but this move which seeks to meld together arguably the two largest groups would be the first step towards one unifying voice which speaks for the greatest number of supporters.

The Trust boasts 6250 members and 1,725,009 shares in Rangers through its Buy Rangers fan ownership scheme, while Rangers First proudly proclaims 13,867 contributors through its subscription service and a colossal 2,865,487 shares in the Club making it Britain’s largest fan ownership scheme and the eighth largest shareholder of Rangers.

This move can only be beneficial to the Club, to the support, and to the route forward of having one unifying voice for fans by way of the largest (only) fan group.

A statement read:

“Every Rangers Supporter will be welcomed as a member of the new group and the members and contributors to Rangers Supporters Trust and Rangers First will also become members. We would also want to create a structure to recognise the contribution of the Rangers Supporters Association and its member clubs, as well as overseas supporters. Further consideration needs to be given to the mechanics of how this is set up and the transitional arrangements which will be required. Until this is completed, we would ask all those interested to consider becoming a member of one of the existing groups. Rangers need your support and we believe this initiative is the best way to marshal it behind our team and those and those striving to ensure its success.”

Anything which aids the continued recovery of the Club can only be a good thing.


  1. this is the second start for the gers we must unite and ensure that what happend in the past stays in the past we will all be together under one blanket and with every month passing more shares being bought we will have a club that the supporters have a say in WE ARE IN FOR THE LONG HAUL NOT A WEE SPRINT W.A.T.P

  2. Looking at it logically, having one group IS the way forward.

    Unfortunately, in this situation there are still people involved with RST who can be trusted just about as far as they can be thrown 🙁

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