Rangers fans’ poll: does Nicky Law deserve to start?


Ibroxnoise.co.uk has covered this before, and after the impact he made on as a substitute v Queens at Ibrox it seems worth revisiting Nicky Law and his worth to Rangers.

The fact is, for now, Dean Shiels has been selected in that position, but Law would have been devastated v Falkirk to find himself benched by Mark Warburton in favour of the former Killie striker, and again yesterday.

If anyone feels like they have something to prove, it is Law – and he came on with gusto, gathering praise from most fans for his contribution and energy – and there is no denying he helped to improve the tempo and urgency once on.

His passing was efficient, and his energy obvious. But rather than this site ramble on about his merits or otherwise, we will leave it to you, the good readers to decide: should Nicky Law be a Rangers starter now, or has he not earned it yet/ever?

Over to you.

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  1. Not voting, I am not decided on him yet.

    Start him against Livi in Tuesdays game, see how he goes.

    I dont see him getting a new contract so he's just working to redeem himself and sell himself to potential new employers.

  2. I'm not voting either because the question is wrong. At the beginning of the article you ask "does he deserve to start?" then you poll on "should he be considered for a start?" – two completely different questions if you ask me. In my opinion, a resounding No to the first and a resounding Yes to the second.

  3. I voted yes. He deserves an opportunity after his electric play on Saturday. It's not the first time he's given us quality minutes either. I would actually be surprised if he doesn't get a couple runs out with starting 11 in the near future. Theroy being that with more minutes he'll build on his solid performances of late. Warburton said best 11 play, I think he's earned a go.

  4. Law ain't good enough. Never has been. Shiels is the better player but only slightly. To be honest, i dont see either of them having a future at Ibrox. If Warbs strengthens in January as expected, i can see both Shiels and Law moving on

  5. The boy has given us a few of of his best years, Granted for a price but I think we really need to stick with these guys who have brought us through the divisions. If you play against lower teams your quality of play will certainly drop and under the last regime every player looked so depressed on matchday. Give Law his deserved chance under Warbs to the end of the season and then assess

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