Statistically, Rangers are the best team in Europe


Well it is unofficially official – right now, statistically, Rangers are Europe’s best team. With an incredible start under Mark Warburton showing no sign of letting up, Rangers’ stats are through the roof with plenty of clean sheets to boot. While the stats table do not measure ‘like-for-like’, the raw numbers are nevertheless pretty incredible – Rangers’ start to the season is literally simply the best in the entire continent and that is a testament to the brilliance of Warburton and the influence he has had.

Take a look for yourselves:

No one would delude themselves into believing Rangers are, pound for pound, Europe’s best team, but the stats do not lie. No one has scored more, and only four other teams are on a 100% win record. But none have scored anything like Rangers and this stat does not take into account non-league matches which would put Rangers even further ahead.

Simply the Best. And the numbers prove it.


  1. Yes but to put it in to perspective look where we are playing, Anyway onwards & upwards,
    Hopefullyt St Johnstone Will provide us with harder game we can then get a beeter feel for where we are.

  2. Lads,you're right let's get it into perspective,we're in the same division as last season,only now we're top and looking well capable for the job in hand…patience Bears.We're on the march.

  3. Yes, lets get real please and let us enjoy the journey ahead. I also feel we need tougher challenges to see where we are, hopefully St Johnstone will give us that challenge. I agree with Warbs, consistancy is the key for us, and its great to see that even after winning 3-0, our players are still unhappy about the performance and publically apologised for it,, great bunch of lads, simply the best!

  4. I for one cant wait for the ST Johnstone game. they are not exactly setting the prem alight think they have 8PTS out of 7 games & look like weak mid table opposition, This will be the chance to see how good [or bad] we are & lets see how the team plays & how Warbs sets them up.
    As i said I cant wait this is gonna be massive I just hope we batter em

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