Rangers star: “I don’t care what critics say”


Rangers’ defensive anchor Andy Halliday has dismissed the notion of any matches being ‘tests’ for his side, and is simply focused on the individual matches themselves and getting results for the team.

Speaking after the hard-fought win at the Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium in Dumbarton, Halliday expressed mild exasperation at the idea any one match or its result can prove anything about his team, and believes it is purely and simply a matter of taking each game, winning (hopefully) and then moving onto the next one.

He said:

“Easter Road, first game of the season ‘was a test’; Alloa on that plastic surface ‘was a test’; Queen of the South ‘was a test’: I’m hearing it every week and to be honest I’m not really bothered now.”

Clearly the young midfielder is revelling in playing for his boyhood heroes and at Ibrox and is unimpressed with notions of having to prove himself or the team having to prove themselves with ‘passing tests’.

However, in the best Freudian tradition, the holding player did let slip that proving people wrong may actually be a tad more important to him than he wants the world to believe:

“As I said we do what we do and look forward to the games and hopefully shut a few people up.”

It is clear this season’s Rangers are slowly but surely doing exactly that.


  1. Great comment could not agree more ,by the way I thought you were the best man on the park yesterday .Still do not know where these reffe

    Great comments thought you were the best man on the park yesterday ,just don't know where these referees are coming from some of there decisions are pure shite .Stick on penalty first minute turned away .Its great to say Dumbarton played well but when you play 10 back all the time it makes it boringWATP

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