Warburton: “More players to leave”

Warburton: “More players to leave”

Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton has today confirmed Darren McGregor might not be the last departure to exit Rangers this window.

With 13 players now either released or sold since the window opened, and Warburton’s well-publicised preference for lean squads, the Rangers boss admits the-now ex-Ibrox defender could well not be the final player to move out of Govan before the end of the month.

He said:
          “One or two could be on their way out possibly, because players have to play. The important thing is balance, players in, players out. Making sure players have the opportunity to develop and continue their careers.”

Strongly-rumoured candidates for loans or outright release are Marius Zaliukas, Fraser Aird, and recently-demoted midfielder Andrew Murdoch, who has been speculated for a six-month stint at Cowdenbeath.

He continued:

          “So maybe one or two could leave. Possibly as loans, but also permanent moves.”

Aird and Murdoch, as stated, are two highly likely to be loaned out, while Zaliukas is a prime candidate for a similar departure to McGregor, and sources claim it was meant to be he and not McGregor for the chop today; the Lithuanian remains vulnerable to the exit.

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  1. Disappointed for McGregor as he always gave his all for the team , he probably asked to go so that he can play somewhere , he is that type .Zaliukas should have been first to go as he has been awful since the minute he arrived , but he is probably happy to sit and take his wages for doing nothing or wants paid up .A total parasite.I think Templeton will be on this list too …if he ever gets fit long enough.

  2. OK, what happens if we get injury, especially been in all the cup competitions,I think he needs another striker

  3. Zaliukas, aird, Clark and law should all have had their arses kicked out long ago can't believe McGregor got the shove before all of these chancers.

  4. Never mind players leaving it's more players in that are needed especially a out and out striker………

  5. I think Warbs has made an error of judgement on mcGregor and that may come back to haunt us. However if it frees up a good sal and the big guy left for free it makes sense if he wants to try and get another player in, alternatively give Eustace a 2 yr top up for his pension.

    • Agreed mate.Let's not fanny about.
      He's an honest big lump a journeyman,that's it.People must have short memories,he's rotten.We move on.

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