Report: Eustace to be offered two-year contract


The John Eustace saga has been
second only to the Scott Allan one in Rangers’ summer window adventures.
While it is starting to look like
the Hibernian midfielder now will not be arriving at all this calendar year,
chances of the former Derby anchor signing up at Ibrox have increased
significantly in recent days.

Reports from Murray Park
suggest his fitness has reached acceptable levels, having been out for over
seven months with a knee injury, and that an offer to the 35-year old will
materialise over the next two days, allegedly committing him to Rangers till
summer 2017.
Manager Mark Warburton said:
“John is training well and he is back
with the group this week which is tremendous to see. He did what we call a very
tough level five session last week on his own and the data was really good.
John is a very good professional and a great mentor on and off the pitch and
hopefully he can have a role for us.”
The last time Warburton was this
up-front and positive about a prospective signing was Andy Halliday, and the
former Bradford midfielder found himself on
the payroll a few days later.


  1. As a Coventry fan, he was good for the sky blues, and as a blue nose I hope he is that much better, also it makes good sense for us to get Scott on a pre contract, if Hibs want to fuck about so be it, they will get fuck all there loss our gain, I trust and hope Scott is like a lot of us and have blue blood running through his veins and can wait to join us. hey already we can see the future and its orange, by god I'm 65 I would give my right arm to wear the GERS shirt WATP

  2. If Mark Warburton thinks John Eustace is good enough to do a great job for Rangers and possibly become the captain for this season, then that is good enough for me. I have great faith in W & W who seem to be getting everything right with this new Rangers team and particularly the way he has the team playing the type of football that Rangers supporters have long deserved. If John signs for us this would allow Scott Allan to sign a pre contract in January for nothing, and this would give him another year playing every week and getting better and more experienced by the time he pulls on the blue jersey he longs to wear. This would turn out to be a win / win situation and Hibs get a most deserved F–k all in their bank account! Hibernian charged us £2 million for that sh-t- Steven Whittaker who became my pet hate at Ibrox with his crap defending.

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